Monkey Shoulder Whisky Price in Mumbai [2024 Updated]

Monkey Shoulder is one of the most popular blended malt Scotch whiskies in India. This smooth, easy-drinking whisky is made by combining single malts from three famous Speyside distilleries – Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininvie. Monkey Shoulder gets its unique name from the strain maltmen endured turning malt by hand, which caused their arms to hang down like a monkey’s. Let’s take a look at the latest Monkey Shoulder whisky prices in Mumbai for 2024.

Monkey Shoulder Whisky Price List In Mumbai

Here are the latest Monkey Shoulder whisky prices at stores across Mumbai:

Brand Size Price
Monkey Shoulder 750 ml ₹3,100
Monkey Shoulder 1000 ml ₹4,000

The standard 750ml bottle of Monkey Shoulder is available in Mumbai for around ₹3,100 at most liquor stores. The larger 1000ml bottle is priced at ₹4,000.

Prices can vary slightly across different stores and locations in the city. Reputed stores like Living Liquidz, HipBar, and Rhythm House stock Monkey Shoulder at competitive rates. It’s also easily available at duty-free stores in Mumbai if you’re looking to save on taxes.

Factors Affecting Monkey Shoulder Price In Mumbai

The price of Monkey Shoulder in Mumbai is impacted by several factors:

  • Import duties – High import duties on imported spirits like Scotch whisky make them expensive in India. Monkey Shoulder attracts a 150% import duty.
  • Taxes – Alcohol taxes in Maharashtra are among the highest. VAT, excise duty, and additional retail license fees are added to the base price.
  • Supplier margins – Importers, distributors, and retailers add their margins to the base cost, which further increases retail prices.
  • Dollar rate – Since it is an imported Scotch, fluctuations in the dollar-rupee conversion rate also affect Monkey Shoulder’s cost.
  • Location – Prices are higher at pubs, restaurants, and hotels compared to wine shops. Airports attract higher taxes.
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Price Comparison With Other Cities

Here is how Monkey Shoulder whisky prices in Mumbai compare with other major cities:

City Price of 750ml Monkey Shoulder
Mumbai ₹3,100
Delhi ₹2,850
Bangalore ₹3,250
Chennai ₹3,400
Kolkata ₹3,200

As you can see, Mumbai has relatively higher Monkey Shoulder prices compared to other metros like Delhi and Bangalore. This is predominantly due to higher taxes in Maharashtra.

Among the metros, Chennai has the highest prices for imported liquor because of higher state levies. Kolkata also has slightly elevated pricing.

Delhi offers the cheapest Monkey Shoulder prices thanks to lower VAT rates and retail margins.

Price Trends Over The Years

Monkey Shoulder whisky prices have gradually increased in Mumbai over the last 5 years in line with inflation and the rise in import duties.

In 2018, the Monkey Shoulder 750ml bottle cost around ₹2,600 in Mumbai. The price has increased by around 15% over 5 years to reach ₹3,100 today.

Some key reasons for the steady rise in prices:

  • Import duties on Scotch whisky rose from 150% to 160% in 2019.
  • GST implementation led to higher tax incidence.
  • Currency fluctuations have impacted dollar-denominated costs.
  • Regular rise in distributor and retailer margins.

Overall, Monkey Shoulder still offers good value in the premium blended Scotch segment despite the price hikes. It’s well worth the price for its smooth, mellow taste perfect for cocktails or sipping neat.

Price Forecast For 2024

We forecast Monkey Shoulder prices in Mumbai to remain stable in 2024 with minor fluctuations possible.

No major hikes in federal or state taxes are expected this year. A stable currency and steady supply conditions will help maintain the status quo.

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Inflationary pressures may force marginal price increases of 3-5%. However, competition in the affordable whisky category will limit drastic changes.

Hence the 750ml Monkey Shoulder bottle should be available around ₹3,100 to ₹3,200 in Mumbai throughout 2024.

Tips To Buy Monkey Shoulder At Best Price

Here are some tips to buy Monkey Shoulder at the lowest price in Mumbai:

  • Compare prices across local retailers before purchasing.
  • Buy during discounts and sales when stores offer lower rates.
  • Opt for army canteen stores if you have access, to save on taxes.
  • Buy larger 1-litre bottles to get better value.
  • Purchase duty-free on travels abroad.
  • Join retailer loyalty programs for deals and promotions.
  • Buy from Delhi on trips and carry back legally if possible.

So that’s a detailed overview of Monkey Shoulder whisky prices in Mumbai along with trends. Follow the tips outlined to grab the best deals. Let us know in the comments if you need any other whisky price information for your city.

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