OC Blue Whisky Price in Delhi- 2023 Updated List

If you’re a connoisseur of spirits or simply someone who enjoys a good drink, Officer’s Choice (OC) Blue whisky has likely crossed your path. Offering a unique blend of Scotch malts and premium grain spirits, OC Blue whisky is indeed a popular choice in India. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with updated information on the 2023 prices of OC Blue whisky in Delhi and provides a comparison to help you make informed decisions when buying your next bottle.

Firstly, let’s understand what makes OC Blue whisky stand out. It is produced by Allied Blenders & Distillers (ABD), India’s third-largest spirits company, and boasts a refined taste that’s both smooth and satisfying. The high quality of OC Blue Whisky has not only won it the hearts of millions of Indians but also garnered international recognition, adding credibility to the brand.

Now let’s dive into the detailed price structure for OC Blue whisky in Delhi. Please note that these prices are as per the 2023 listings and may vary slightly based on the retailer.

OC Blue Whisky Price in Delhi [2023 Updated List]

Brand + Volume Rate in INR
Officer Choice Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky (90ml) 45₹
Officer Choice Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky (180ml) 90₹
Officer Choice Rare Whisky (180ml) 70₹
Officer Choice Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky (375ml) 185₹
Officer Choice Rare Whisky (375ml) 145₹
Officer Choice Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky (500ml) 250₹
Officer Choice Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky (750ml) 370₹
Officer Choice Rare Whisky (750ml) 290₹

Analysis of the Pricing

When you look at the prices, you can easily see that OC Blue whisky is reasonably priced, making it accessible for regular consumers. The smallest available size, the 90ml bottle of OC Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky, is priced at 45₹. This makes it a pocket-friendly option for those who want to enjoy a premium drink without burning a hole in their pocket.

The 180ml bottles of OC Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky and OC Rare Whisky are priced at 90₹ and 70₹, respectively. This again demonstrates the brand’s commitment to providing a quality product at a reasonable price.

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For the 375ml bottles, the Deluxe Grain Whisky costs 185₹, and the Rare Whisky variant is priced at 145₹. The 500ml size of the Deluxe Grain Whisky is priced at 250₹, which provides value for the quantity.

When it comes to the 750ml bottles, the Deluxe Grain Whisky costs 370₹ and the Rare Whisky variant is priced at 290₹. These large bottles are perfect for parties or gatherings where more people can share and enjoy the whisky.

Factors Affecting OC Blue Whisky Prices

The prices of OC Blue whisky in Delhi depend on several factors:

  • Base ex-distillery price: The maximum retail price (MRP) printed on the bottles is set by the manufacturer Allied Blenders and Distillers based on production costs, brand equity, taxes, logistics etc. Delhi vendors have to sell at or below the MRP.
  • Import costs: OC Blue contains some imported Scotch malt which affects the pricing due to import duties and foreign exchange rates.
  • State taxes: Delhi charges excise duty, import fee, and VAT on alcohol which is built into the MRP. Tax rates may change during state budgets impacting prices.
  • Vendor margins: Retail stores, bars, restaurants keep margins to cover overheads and profits. Bigger outlets get better deals from distributors.
  • Location: Liquor prices may vary across stores based on rentals, local taxes, permit fees etc. Prices in malls/hotels will be higher.
  • Discounts & Deals: Big format stores run promotions on OC Blue during festivals, etc which brings down prices temporarily. Bulk purchases also attract discounts.
  • Seasons & Demand: Whisky demand goes up around festive seasons leading to temporary price hikes. Prices correct during off-season months.

Price Comparison of OC Blue with Other Whisky Brands

It is useful to compare OC Blue whisky prices with other popular brands available in Delhi to make an informed purchase choice. Here is a price comparison with bestselling whisky brands in August 2023 for a 750ml bottle:

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Brand Price
Officer’s Choice Blue ₹370
Officer’s Choice Rare ₹290
Royal Stag ₹340
Imperial Blue ₹310
Haywards Fine ₹320
McDowell’s No.1 ₹400
Blender’s Pride ₹525
Black Dog ₹1350
Chivas Regal ₹2500
Glenlivet ₹ 4500

As evident, OC Blue is very competitively priced compared to other regular and premium whisky brands. It offers great value in terms of taste, smoothness and price. The rare OC variant is the cheapest among the lot. Premium Scotches like Glenlivet cost almost 10X more than OC Blue in Delhi.

How to Find the Best OC Blue Whisky Prices in Delhi?

Here are some tips to find the best deals on OC Blue whisky in Delhi:

  • Compare prices across different stores in your location. Local liquor stores may offer good discounts.
  • Check prices at Duty-Free stores in malls if you are making bulk purchases. They have lower taxes.
  • Buy during festive seasons when stores run special promotions with temporary price drops.
  • Opt for larger pack sizes like 1-liter bottles which offer more value per ml.
  • Register for loyalty programs by big box retailers like HyperCity, and Spencer’s to avail member discounts.
  • Look for OC Blue deals on online alcohol delivery platforms like Living Liquid. They have offered.
  • Purchase when new stock arrives in the market. Older stock may have higher retail margins.
  • Keep an eye out for temporary price cuts by stores due to excess stock or approaching expiration dates.


Officer’s Choice Blue whisky caters to a wide demographic of consumers by offering a range of sizes at varying prices. It’s apparent that the brand has successfully maintained a balance between quality and cost, ensuring that a wider audience can enjoy its products. Whether you’re hosting a party or planning a quiet evening, there’s an OC Blue whisky for every occasion and budget.

Do remember that while enjoying your drink, moderation is key. Always drink responsibly. The prices listed in this guide are as of 2023 and may change over time. Always check with your local retailer for the most accurate and up-to-date prices.

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So, here’s to enjoy your Officer’s Choice Blue whisky. Cheers!

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