Officer’s Choice Whisky Price in Kerala 2023 [Updated List]

Kerala, the southernmost state of India, is known for its lush greenery, serene backwaters, and flavorful cuisine. But apart from its natural beauty and cultural heritage, Kerala is also home to a bustling alcohol industry. One of the most popular whisky brands in Kerala is Officer’s Choice, manufactured by Allied Blenders and Distillers. This whisky has a stronghold in the Kerala market due to its affordable pricing and smooth taste.

In this article, we will look at the latest Officer’s Choice whisky price list in Kerala for 2023. We will cover the prices of different pack sizes available in the state along with a price comparison with previous years. Read on to find out the current rates of Officer’s Choice whisky in Kerala.

An Overview of Officers’ Choice Whisky

Officer’s Choice Whisky is an Indian whisky brand owned by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), the third-largest spirits company in India. It is distilled and bottled at the company’s facility in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

Some key facts about Officer’s Choice Whisky:

  • Introduced in 1988, it is one of the oldest whisky brands in India
  • Made from grain spirits using a unique blending and maturation process
  • Currently the largest-selling whisky brand in India with annual sales of over 32 million cases
  • Popular for its smooth taste and value-for-money proposition
  • Initially launched as a premium offering, later positioned as an affordable whisky
  • Endorsed by major celebrities like Suniel Shetty over the years

Officer’s Choice whisky has a distinctive taste profile with hints of vanilla and honey. It is a blended whisky, meaning it is made by blending different types of whiskies together. This allows master blenders to achieve a specific flavor profile that appeals to consumers.

Now let’s take a look at the latest Officer’s Choice whisky prices in Kerala.

Officer’s Choice Whisky Price List in Kerala for 2023

Here are the current prices of Officer’s Choice whisky in Kerala for various pack sizes:

Pack Size MRP
180 ml ₹130
375 ml ₹240
500 ml ₹380
750 ml ₹780
1000 ml ₹1050

The above prices are inclusive of all taxes and retail prices as applicable in Kerala. Let’s analyze the price changes over previous years:

  • The 180ml pack used to cost ₹120 in 2022, so there is an 8% price increase this year.
  • The 375ml pack was priced at ₹210 last year, representing a 14% price hike.
  • The 500ml Officer’s Choice bottle earlier retailed for ₹340, showing a 12% rise.
  • The standard 750ml pack was priced at ₹720 in 2022, indicating an 8% increase.
  • Finally, the 1-liter pack has seen a 10% price jump from ₹950 last year.
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So overall, we see a price increase in the range of 8% to 14% across different pack sizes of Officer’s Choice whisky in Kerala this year. This is due to factors like inflation, rising input costs, liquor tax hikes, etc. However, the price rise is not very steep, and Officer’s Choice continues to be an affordable whisky option.

Next, let’s see how Kerala’s prices compare with other states.

Price Comparison of Officer’s Choice Whisky with Other States

Officer’s Choice whisky is priced competitively in Kerala vis-a-vis other major markets:

  • In Karnataka, the 180ml pack costs ₹140, while the 1-liter pack is priced at ₹1100 – both higher than in Kerala.
  • In Tamil Nadu, the 750ml pack retails at ₹820, compared to just ₹780 in Kerala.
  • In Telangana, the 375ml pack comes for ₹280 vs. Kerala’s ₹240.
  • In states like Haryana and Delhi, prices are higher by 15-25% for similar pack sizes.

Several factors account for the lower pricing in Kerala:

  • Kerala has relatively lower liquor taxes compared to many other states.
  • Transportation and distribution costs are lower within Kerala due to smaller geographical areas.
  • Local manufacturing at Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) ensures steady supply and availability.
  • Kerala offers high sales volumes, leading to cost efficiencies for the brand.

Thus, consumers in Kerala get Officer’s Choice whisky at some of the most reasonable rates in India. Let’s now understand why the brand is so popular in the state.

Why Officer’s Choice Whisky is Popular in Kerala?

There are several reasons why Officer’s Choice has carved a niche for itself in the Kerala whisky market:

Smooth Taste Profile

Officer’s Choice has a smooth and mild taste that appeals to Kerala’s consumers. It does not have a very strong or pungent flavor like some other whiskies. The unique blending process gives it a mellow profile suitable for regular consumption.

Food Pairing Versatility

Kerala cuisine makes extensive use of coconut, spices, seafood, etc. Officer’s Choice pairs well with these local dishes due to its easy-drinking nature. It complements the strong flavors without overpowering them.

Value for Money

For regular whisky drinkers, pricing is often the key consideration. As highlighted earlier, Officer’s Choice is very competitively priced in Kerala, making it excellent value for money. It is affordable even for daily consumption.

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Brand Legacy

Officer’s Choice is now three decades old, making it a familiar and trusted brand in Kerala. It has earned user loyalty over the years through consistent quality and strategic marketing.


With high demand in Kerala, Officer’s Choice ensures strong distribution penetration even in small towns and villages. Easy availability expands its consumer base.

Thus, Officer’s Choice whisky has tailored itself to the needs and preferences of Kerala’s consumers, which explains its top position in the state.

How have Prices of Officer’s Choice Whisky Changed Over the Years in Kerala?

As a decade-old brand, Officer’s Choice has seen gradual but steady price increases in Kerala over the years. Let’s see how prices have changed historically:

  • In 2000, Officer’s Choice was launched in Kerala at an MRP of ₹175 for a 750ml pack.
  • By 2010, the 750ml pack price had increased to ₹400, a 125% price jump in 10 years.
  • Between 2010 to 2015 price rose from ₹400 to ₹550, a 38% increase in 5 years.
  • From 2015-2020, prices went from ₹550 to ₹700, reflecting a 27% rise in 5 years.
  • And in the last 3 years between 2020-2023, there has been an 11% increase from ₹700 to the current ₹780.

The price hike over the years can be attributed to:

  • General inflation trends leading to rising input costs
  • Increase in excise duties and sales tax rates on liquor over the years
  • Expansion to newer markets beyond Kerala leads to higher marketing costs
  • Premiumization efforts by the brand with the introduction of new variants

However, the makers have tried to ensure Officer’s Choice remains affordable by capping price hikes. This has helped maintain its reputation as a value-for-money whisky. The price rise in Kerala has been steady but gradual compared to other states.

Future Outlook on Pricing of Officer’s Choice Whisky

Looking ahead to the future, here is what we can expect regarding Officer’s Choice whisky’s pricing strategy:

  • Marginal price hikes – Prices are likely to increase slightly year-on-year, in line with historical trends. The brand may consider inflation and rising input/operational costs. But large price jumps are unlikely given its positioning as an affordable whisky.
  • State-wise pricing – Prices may vary across different states based on factors like local taxes, transportation costs, competitive dynamics etc. Kerala prices are expected to remain competitive vis-a-vis other big markets.
  • New product launches – Parent company ABD may launch premium variants and limited editions under the Officer’s Choice brand. This can improve overall brand image while the regular offerings retain their affordable pricing.
  • Competitive benchmarks – Prices will be set keeping in mind competitor offerings in the state like McDowell’s No.1, Imperial Blue etc. Officer’s Choice aims to maintain its value proposition versus rivals.
  • Strategic discounts – Temporary price cuts, bulk deals, promotions etc can be introduced occasionally to boost sales volumes and counter competition.
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Thus, while aiming for profitability through calibrated price increases, Officer’s Choice will ensure minimal disruption to its positioning as Kerala’s leading value whisky. Affordability and smooth taste will drive brand choice for price-conscious Kerala consumers now and in the future.


Officer’s Choice whisky has carved a distinctive place in the Kerala alcohol market over the last three decades. With its smooth taste, food-pairing versatility, and affordable pricing, Officer’s Choice dominates the regular whisky segment. As seen in our price comparison, it offers among the lowest rates in India, tailored to Kerala’s price-sensitive consumers.

While prices have increased gradually over the years, it has retained its value proposition. Going forward, its pricing strategy will be guided by inflation, costs, taxes, competition, and the need to protect its leadership in Kerala. Officer’s Choice continues to be a trusted companion for whisky lovers across God’s Own Country.

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