Old Oak Whisky Price In Goa [Latest Price List]

Goa, the beach paradise of India, is home to a thriving alcohol tourism industry. Among the most popular alcoholic beverages sold in Goa is Old Oak Whisky, a smooth blended Scotch whisky. With rising affluence and changing consumer tastes, premium whiskies like Old Oak have become quite popular in Goa.

In this article, we will look at the latest Old Oak whisky prices in Goa as of 2024. We will compare prices of Old Oak across different pack sizes, so you can find the best deals. Whether you’re a whisky aficionado or simply looking to stock up on some fine Scotch for your Goa trip, read on to find all the information you need on Old Oak whisky prices in Goa.

Old Oak Whisky Prices in Goa 2024

Here are the latest Old Oak whisky prices in Goa for 2024:

Brand Pack Size Price
Old Oak Whisky 750 ml ₹510
Old Oak Whisky 375 ml ₹270
Old Oak Whisky 180 ml ₹140
Old Oak Whisky 90 ml ₹80

As you can see, Old Oak whisky is available in various pack sizes in Goa, right from 90 ml miniatures to the standard 750 ml bottles. The prices are inclusive of all taxes and retail margins.

The 750 ml pack is the most popular and offers the best value. It retails for around ₹510 in most shops across Goa. The smaller 375 ml pack comes in at ₹270 while the 180 ml and 90 ml packs are priced at ₹140 and ₹80 respectively.

Old Oak Whisky Prices in 5-Star Hotels

If you’re staying at a 5-star hotel in Goa, expect to pay a premium for Old Oak whisky. Here are the indicative prices:

  • Old Oak Whisky (750 ml) – ₹900 to ₹1100
  • Old Oak Whisky (375 ml) – ₹500 to ₹600
  • Old Oak Whisky (180 ml) – ₹250 to ₹300
  • Old Oak Whisky (90 ml) – ₹150 to ₹180
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These prices can go higher during peak tourism season when demand is very high. Taxes and service charges also contribute to the higher prices at 5-star hotels.

Old Oak Whisky Prices in Beach Shacks

Looking to grab a peg or two of Old Oak whisky while chilling out at a beach shack in Goa? Here are the typical rates:

  • Old Oak Whisky (30 ml) – ₹100 to ₹150
  • Old Oak Whisky (60 ml) – ₹200 to ₹250

Most shacks serve Old Oak and other premium whiskies by the peg. Expect to shell out ₹100 to ₹150 for a 30 ml drink. A large 60 ml peg will cost about ₹200 to ₹250.

Peak season prices can be higher while some shacks may even have a minimum order value. Make sure to check the prices before you place your order.

Price Trends of Old Oak Whisky in Goa

Over the last few years, the price of Old Oak whisky in Goa has gradually increased. Here are the price trends:

  • 2020 – 750 ml Old Oak cost approximately ₹450
  • 2021 – Prices increased to nearly ₹480 per 750 ml bottle
  • 2022 – Prices went up further to ₹500 per 750 ml
  • 2023 – Current prices are around ₹510 for a 750 ml bottle

Given the rising input costs and inflationary pressures, Old Oak whisky prices in Goa are expected to increase marginally in the coming years. However, it remains among the most affordable premium Scotch whiskies in the state.

Is Old Oak Whisky Worth the Price?

Old Oak brings you the smooth malty flavors of Scotland at an easy price point. While it may lack the complexity of more expensive 18-year or 25-year-old single malts, Old Oak offers excellent value as a daily-drinker blended whisky. It is quite smooth and easy to drink, with hints of honey, fruits, and vanilla on the palate.

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For whisky lovers on a budget, Old Oak is worth the price in Goa. It lets you enjoy premium Scotch without burning a hole in your pocket. The whisky tastes even better when sipped overlooking the azure Arabian Sea on a Goa beach!

Price Comparison With Other Whisky Brands

Here’s a price comparison of Old Oak whisky versus other popular whisky brands available in Goa:

Brand Pack Size Price
Old Oak Whisky 750 ml ₹510
Blenders Pride 750 ml ₹600
Royal Stag 750 ml ₹380
Imperial Blue 750 ml ₹370
Johnnie Walker Red Label 750 ml ₹1200
Glenfiddich 12 Years 750 ml ₹4500

Among blended Scotch whiskies, Old Oak is less expensive than premium offerings like Blenders Pride. It is priced on par with best-selling whisky brands like Royal Stag and Imperial Blue. But Old Oak offers a smoother taste profile compared to these Indian whiskies.

When it comes to single malts, Old Oak is way more affordable than even an entry-level 12-year Glenfiddich.

So if you want to enjoy some fine Scotch in Goa without burning a hole in your pocket, Old Oak remains a great choice. The taste and price combo is hard to beat.

How to Find the Best Deals on Old Oak Whisky?

Here are some tips to get the best prices on Old Oak whisky in Goa:

  • Purchase from local liquor stores instead of hotels or beach shacks to save money
  • Buy larger pack sizes (750ml or 375ml) for better value
  • Check prices across different stores – rates can vary
  • Ask for deals or discounts on bulk purchases
  • Avoid ordering from the hotel minibar as they markup prices
  • Look out for festive season offers and limited-period discounts
  • Purchase during the off-season when overall demand is lower
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Following these tips will help you find the most affordable Old Oak whisky prices in Goa. Savvy buyers can easily save 15% to 25% or more compared to standard rates at hotels and restaurants.

So next time you’re in Goa and looking to buy a bottle of crisp and smooth Old Oak Scotch, be sure to shop around to get the best price deal. With a wide selection and competitive pricing, Goa remains one of the most wallet-friendly places to buy imported alcohol in India. Just remember to drink responsibly!

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