Old Smuggler Whisky Price in Punjab 2023 [Updated]

Old Smuggler is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, especially in the northern states like Punjab. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, Old Smuggler has become the go-to whisky for many liquor lovers in Punjab.

In this article, we will look at the latest Old Smuggler whisky price list in Punjab as of 2023. We will cover the prices of various sizes of Old Smuggler bottles available in the state along with a price comparison from previous years.

An Overview of Old Smuggler Whisky

Old Smuggler is a Scotch whisky produced by Diageo, one of the largest spirits companies in the world. It was first distilled in 1835 and gets its name from the illegal distilling and smuggling activities that were common in Scotland in the 19th century.

Some key facts about Old Smuggler Scotch whisky:

  • It is a blend of over 20 single malts and grain whiskies aged for a minimum of 3 years. The core flavors come from Strathisla, Glenkinchie, and Balblair malts.
  • Aged in oak casks for a smooth, balanced taste with hints of vanilla, toffee, and a touch of peat smoke.
  • Currently owned and marketed by global drinks giant Diageo.
  • Available in many markets across the world including India, USA, UK, Europe and more.

Old Smuggler offers an easy-drinking, value-for-money blended Scotch that has made it quite popular, especially among new whisky drinkers in India. Its smooth palate and iconic bottle design have contributed to its growth in the Indian whisky market over the last decade.

Old Smuggler Price in Punjab 2023

Here is a look at the latest Old Smuggler whisky price list in Punjab as of 2023:

Old Smuggler Whisky Price List in Punjab 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Old Smuggler (60ml) ₹110
Old Smuggler (180ml) ₹320
Old Smuggler (375ml) ₹630
Old Smuggler (750ml) ₹1300
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The above prices are indicative prices for a 750ml bottle of Old Smuggler whisky in Punjab as of February 2023. However, the prices can vary slightly across different shops and locations in the state.

Among all the bottle sizes, the 750ml variant is the most popular as it offers the best value for money. The 180ml and 375ml sizes are preferred if one wants to just try a new brand. The 60ml miniatures are usually bought for trial purposes or while traveling.

Overall, Old Smuggler whisky continues to be attractively priced in Punjab, making it a value-for-money option compared to many other Scotch whisky brands.

Factors Affecting Old Smuggler Prices in Punjab

The prices of Old Smuggler bottles in Punjab are dependent on several factors:

1. Taxes: Taxes imposed by the state government like import duties, excise duty, VAT, etc. influence the retail prices directly. Any changes in taxation rates are reflected in the prices.

2. Location: Prices are a little higher in hotels, pubs, and airports due to higher rentals. Shops in upmarket localities also tend to price it higher than small shops.

3. Shop margins: Every shop adds its own profit margins on the base price which leads to price variations across stores. Bigger retail chains tend to sell at lower margins.

4. Supply chain costs: Transportation and warehousing costs involved in bringing the stock from the distillery to the retail shelves add to the final selling price.

5. Currency exchange rate: Since Old Smuggler is imported to India, any fluctuations in the USD to INR conversion impact the pricing. A stronger Rupee means lower prices.

6. Festival demand: Prices tend to be higher around festive occasions due to higher demand. Similarly, discounts are offered during low-demand seasons.

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Old Smuggler Price Trends in Punjab

To understand how Old Smuggler whisky prices have changed in Punjab over the years, let us compare the current prices with previous years:

  • In 2018, a 750ml Old Smuggler bottle was available for around ₹1150 in Punjab.
  • In 2021, the prices had gone up to approximately ₹1200 per 750ml bottle.
  • As of 2023, the average cost of a 750ml Old Smuggler bottle is ₹1300 in the state.

The price has gradually inched up over the past 5 years by around ₹150. This indicates an average yearly price increase of 6-8% for Old Smuggler in Punjab.

The price hike can be attributed to factors like inflation, rising taxation, and input costs. However, the rate of price increase has been moderate, making Old Smuggler whisky still reasonably affordable for regular consumption.

Compared to other premium whisky brands, Old Smuggler’s pricing continues to be attractive for liquor lovers in Punjab. This has led to steady sales and popularity of the brand in the state.

How Old Smuggler Prices Compare With Other Brands in Punjab?

Let’s see how Old Smuggler whisky prices fare in comparison to other popular whisky brands in Punjab:

Brand (750ml) Approx Price
Old Smuggler ₹1300
Royal Stag ₹1400
Blenders Pride ₹1550
Black & White ₹1700
Chivas Regal 12 years ₹2500
Glenlivet 12 years ₹4500

Among standard Scotch whiskies, Old Smuggler is competitively priced against Royal Stag. It is cheaper than premium blended whiskies like Black & White and Blenders Pride.

The price difference is substantial when you compare Old Smuggler with aged single malts like Glenlivet 12 years. Being an entry-level Scotch whisky, Old Smuggler is priced attractively lower.

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For someone looking for an affordable Scotch whisky that’s smooth and easy to drink, Old Smuggler gives excellent value in Punjab. It’s a great whisky for regular drinking and for someone just starting with Scotch.

Price of Old Smuggler in Other States

To give you a broader idea of Old Smuggler’s pricing, here is a look at what a 750ml bottle costs in some other key states:

  • Karnataka: ₹1420
  • West Bengal: ₹1350
  • Rajasthan: ₹1400
  • Maharashtra: ₹1550
  • Delhi: ₹1620

So Old Smuggler continues to be priced quite reasonably for a Scotch across different states, with marginal differences driven by local taxes and market dynamics. Punjab enjoys the lowest pricing due to lower taxes. Delhi sees the highest rates among major states.

Buying Old Smuggler Whisky in Punjab

Here are some tips for buying Old Smuggler whisky in Punjab at the best rates:

  • Opt for regular liquor shops over hotels and pubs to save money. Also, compare prices across a few shops before purchasing.
  • Look out for any special discounts or schemes offered by retailers on Old Smuggler during festivals or special occasions.
  • Buying by the case directly from distributors can get you very attractive bulk deal pricing. This is ideal for big functions or weddings.
  • Online liquor delivery apps like Living Liquidz also run periodic promotions and coupons which you can use to get the best deal.
  • When buying from duty-free shops at airports, do compare the rates with regular retail prices in the state. Sometimes duty-free prices may not offer much savings.

So keep the above factors in mind and enjoy the best prices on Old Smuggler whisky in Punjab. With its affordable pricing, smooth taste, and iconic branding, Old Smuggler continues to be a hot favorite amongst whisky lovers in the state.

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