Paul John Whisky Prices in Delhi [2023 Updated Price List]

Paul John Whisky has become one of the most popular Indian single malt whiskies in Delhi over the past few years. With its award-winning spirits and affordable prices, Paul John offers a great value for whisky lovers in the capital city. In this article, we will look at the latest Paul John whisky prices in Delhi for 2023.

An Overview of Paul John Whisky

Paul John Whisky is produced by John Distilleries in the Indian state of Goa. It was launched in 2008 and named after the company’s founder, Paul P. John. The distillery uses single malt whisky that is distilled and matured in the coastal region of Goa, which imparts a unique flavor profile to the spirits.

The Paul John whisky range includes:

  • Paul John Single Malt Whisky
  • Paul John Brilliance Whisky
  • Paul John Edited Whisky
  • Paul John Bold Whisky
  • Paul John Peated Select Cask
  • Paul John Oloroso Select Cask

The classic Paul John Single Malt is matured primarily in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. It has a smooth, rich taste with notes of vanilla, honey, and spices. The Brilliance expression is finished in ex-red wine casks while the Edited and Bold variants feature different maturation techniques to create bolder, peatier flavors.

The Paul John whiskies have won many accolades at international spirits competitions. This has added to its popularity as an excellent domestic Indian whisky brand.

Paul John Whisky Prices in Delhi 2023

Here are the latest Paul John whisky prices in Delhi for 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (50ml) Paul John Single Malt Whisky ₹300
Cost of (50ml) Paul John Brilliance Whisky ₹270
Cost of (750ml) Paul John Single Malt Whisky ₹4,500
Cost of (750ml) Paul John Brilliance Whisky ₹4,000
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Paul John Single Malt Whisky ₹5,340
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The above prices are recommended retail prices for Paul John Whisky in Delhi at reputable liquor shops. However, some variation in prices is seen depending on location and store.

While the 750ml bottles are the most popular format, 50ml minis, and 1-liter bottles are also available in Delhi for sale.

Compared to similar premium whisky brands, Paul John offers a very reasonable price-to-quality ratio making it excellent value for money for whisky enthusiasts in the city.

Factors Affecting Paul John Whisky Prices

Some of the factors that influence the pricing of Paul John whiskies in Delhi are:

  • Taxes and Duties: Alcoholic beverages like whisky are subject to high central and state government taxes in Delhi. This includes excise duty, VAT, customs duty, etc. which impacts the retail price.
  • Supplier Margins: Importers, distributors, and retailers of Paul John whisky in Delhi also include their respective profit margins which add to the end consumer pricing.
  • Whisky Age: Older-aged Paul John whiskies are more expensive than younger variants. The maturation period affects individual product pricing.
  • Location: Paul John whisky prices in Delhi also vary depending on location within the city. Prices are highest at upscale liquor stores in prime locations and bars/restaurants.
  • Volume: Larger 1-liter bottles are more economical than 750-ml or 50-ml bottles. But the smaller volumes allow one to taste the whisky without a big cash outlay.

Buying Original Paul John Whisky in Delhi

Delhi has many liquor shops and bars/pubs where original Paul John whiskies can be purchased. Reputed stores like The Liquor Store, Tonique, Modern Bazaar, and Le Marche stock Paul John whiskies. Upscale clubs like Delhi Golf Club and India Habitat Centre also serve these single malts.

When buying a bottle, check for signs of tampering and only purchase sealed bottles. Examine the label carefully for spelling errors or other inconsistencies which are signs of counterfeiting. The hologram, cap seal, and unique bottle number should be intact.

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Paul John whiskies can also be ordered online via apps like Living Liquidz and HipBar although the legal age and ID verification requirements must be met.

The Popularity of Paul John Whisky in Delhi

Some of the reasons why Paul John has become a popular whisky brand in Delhi include:

  • Competitive Pricing: Paul John whiskies are very reasonably priced compared to other domestic and imported malt whiskies available in Delhi in the same category.
  • Smooth Taste: The tropical climate of Goa imparts a gentle, rounded flavor to the whisky that appeals to Indian palates.
  • Range of Expressions: Paul John offers everything from the award-winning unpeated Original to the Bold and Peated expressions for more seasoned whisky drinkers.
  • Prestigious Accolades: The brand’s achievements at international awards and competitions have added to its reputation for quality.
  • Smart Branding: Paul John’s branding and marketing campaigns portray it as a premium Indian malt, helping attract urban professionals in Delhi.

With its continued growth and critical acclaim, Paul John looks set to become the number one Indian single malt brand in the Delhi whisky market.


Paul John Whisky provides a premium Indian single malt experience at an affordable rate to whisky lovers in Delhi. For 2023, the expected Paul John whisky prices range from ₹300 for a 50ml mini to around ₹5,340 for a 1-liter bottle. While taxes and supplier margins impact the prices, Paul John still offers excellent value as an indigenous single malt brand. When purchasing, buyers should check for signs of tampering and purchase only from reputable liquor stores. The smooth taste, coastal maturation, and smart branding have all contributed to making Paul John a top-selling whisky in Delhi.

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