Paul John Whisky Prices in Kerala 2023

Paul John whisky has become one of the most sought-after Indian single malt whiskies in recent years. Known for their elegantly crafted expressions made with Indian barley, Paul John has developed a cult-like following among whisky enthusiasts in India and beyond. In the southern state of Kerala in particular, Paul John whiskies have seen a surge in popularity and demand.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take an in-depth look at Paul John’s core range of single malt whiskies, their prices in Kerala for 2023, and what makes them stand out in the thriving Indian whisky market.

An Introduction to Paul John Whisky

Paul John is produced at the John Distilleries facility in Goa, founded by the late Paul P. John. It was launched in 2012 as one of the early players in the Indian single malt whisky segment. The distillery uses Scottish techniques like small-batch distillation and maturation in ex-bourbon casks, combined with India’s tropical climate to create a distinctive whisky style.

The Paul John range includes the flagship unpeated Original Select Cask expression, as well as peated varietals like Brilliance, Edited, Bold, and the award-winning Kanya. The brand has accumulated over 350 awards at various international spirits competitions in just a decade – a testament to its quality.

What Makes Paul John Whisky Unique?

Here are some of the signature features of Paul John’s single malts:

  • Use of Indian 6-row barley: Gives a rich, cereal-forward flavor profile compared to Scottish malts.
  • Tropical maturation: Goa’s warmer climate adds rich depth through faster maturation in the cask.
  • Blend of bourbon and STR (shaved, toasted, and re-charred) casks: Imparts notes of vanilla, spices, and fruit.
  • Crafted by Master Distiller Michael D’Souza: Brings decades of whisky-making expertise.
  • Smooth, elegant style: Allow easy-drinking yet layered complexity.

This unique blend of Indian elements and Scottish craft makes Paul John stand out among domestic and imported whiskies. Next, let’s look at some of their most popular expressions and their prices in Kerala.

Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Prices in Kerala 2023

Here is an overview of prices (MRP) across Kerala for the core Paul John single malt whisky range in 2023:

Paul John Original Select Cask

  • 750ml – ₹4800
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The unpeated flagship bottling is aged primarily in ex-bourbon casks. Notes of honey, tropical fruit, and vanilla.

Paul John Bold

  • 750ml – ₹6300

The heavily peated expression with bold smoky and spice flavors. Extra maturation in STR casks.

Paul John Brilliance

  • 750ml – ₹5500

Lightly peated with a balance of smoke and fruity notes. Aged in charred American oak.

Paul John Edited

  • 750ml – ₹5500

The Edited expression combines tropical maturation and peat smoke from Islay.

Paul John Kanya

  • 750ml – ₹12500

A limited-release unpeated malt finished in ex-Puni rum casks. Rich and fruity.

These are MRP prices set across authorized retail outlets in Kerala. Actual retail prices may vary. Limited edition and travel retail exclusive bottlings may have higher pricing.

Expression Size Price
Paul John Original Select Cask 750ml ₹4800
Paul John Bold 750ml ₹6300
Paul John Brilliance 750ml ₹5500
Paul John Edited 750ml ₹5500
Paul John Kanya 750ml ₹12500

Factors Influencing Paul John Whisky Prices in Kerala

Paul John whisky prices in Kerala are affected by factors like:

  • Base MRP: Set by the manufacturer based on tastes, costs, brand positioning, etc.
  • Taxes: Special additional excise duties and GST rates are applicable in Kerala.
  • Supply chain costs: Transportation, warehousing, retailer margins, etc.
  • Demand trends: Prices remain competitive to drive sales in the growing Kerala market.
  • Dollar exchange rate: As some inputs are imported, currency fluctuations affect pricing.
  • Perceptions of premiumization: Brand equity allows room for higher price points.

Kerala is a high-potential market for Paul John, given the rising interest in premium spirits. While taxes and input costs have seen some increases, the brand has calibrated prices to balance affordability and positioning among discerning drinkers. Limited editions that showcase innovation command a premium.

Which Paul John Variant Offers the Best Value in Kerala?

For whisky lovers looking for the best value, Paul John Original Select Cask is arguably the ideal choice in Kerala. As the core unpeated expression, it is most widely available and priced competitively at ₹4800. It delivers a classic Paul John flavor profile with rich honey, fruit, and vanilla notes that impress whisky beginners and connoisseurs alike.

While Brilliance, Edited, and Bold offer exciting smoky variations, the entry Original Select Cask itself is a versatile, well-balanced daily drinker. For peat fans, Bold gives the most distinctive smoke-forward experience. The critically praised Kanya showcases innovation through Indian rum cask finishing, but with limited stocks and high demand, prices remain at a premium.

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Ultimately Paul John’s range lets whisky drinkers explore flavors at different price points. Starting with the Original Select Cask is recommended to appreciate the distillery’s base single malt style.

Where to Buy Paul John Whisky in Kerala?

Here are some of the main channels where you can find Paul John whisky available in Kerala:

  • Premium liquor stores in major cities: Look for reputed, well-stocked outlets.
  • John Distilleries branded stores: Experience the full range at their concept stores.
  • 5-star hotels & bars: Many add Paul John to their whisky menus.
  • Duty-free shops at airports: For travelers looking to take a bottle home.
  • Online platforms like HipBar: Order online and get bottles delivered.
  • Large hypermarkets and supermarkets: Select expressions available.
  • Hospitality retail: Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs may serve by the glass.

Paul John whiskies are widely distributed across these channels, with demand surging since the brand’s launch. Seek out trusted sellers that ensure authenticity.

Is Paul John Whisky Worth the Premium Pricing?

For discerning Indian whisky drinkers, Paul John’s expressions are certainly worth the premium pricing. The use of quality Indian barley, expert distillation techniques, and tropical maturation in Goa delivers a world-class single malt experience.

While Paul John costs 20-50% higher than entry-level domestic whiskies, it competes strongly with imported Scotch malts in the same price bracket. The brand has also received rave reviews from whisky critics globally, outscoring established Scotch names.

When buying a Paul John bottle, you can be assured of:

  • Complex, layered flavor profiles
  • Smooth, elegant drinking experience
  • Vibrant, tropical fruit and spice notes
  • Meticulous cask selection and finishing
  • Craftsmanship of award-winning Master Distiller
  • Pride of drinking an authentic Indian single malt

These merits make Paul John stand apart and justify the premium pricing for quality-conscious buyers. It’s a sound investment for building your whisky collection.

Exciting New Paul John Releases to Watch Out For

Paul John continues to expand its range with innovative limited editions alongside the core expressions. Here are some exciting upcoming releases for Paul John fans to watch out for in 2023:

  • Paul John Marsala Cask Finish: Aged in Italian Marsala wine casks for a rich, fruity flavor.
  • Paul John Peated Goan Port Cask: Heavily peated malt finished in Port pipes from Goa.
  • Paul John Oloroso Cask: Aged in rich, nutty Spanish Oloroso sherry casks.
  • Paul John 10-Year-Old Single Cask: Rare aged bottlings from single casks.
  • Paul John Small Batch: Craft releases in smaller batches exploring new finishes.
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These limited offerings exemplify Paul John’s creativity and are sure to be coveted among collectors. Stay updated on new launches to try them before they run out!

The Bottom Line

Paul John has crafted an impressive range of Indian single malt whiskies that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best from around the world. Kerala, with its growing base of whisky lovers, has embraced these refined expressions that balance tropical maturation and Scottish craft.

While prices are at a premium, Paul John offers excellent value by delivering complex flavors and a smooth sipping experience. The accessible Original Select Cask makes an ideal entry point into the range, with the peated and limited edition bottlings appealing to more discerning palates. As Paul John cements its reputation for quality and innovation, its whiskies are definitely worth the investment for the true whisky enthusiast.

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