Peter Scot Whisky Price in Delhi [2023 Updated List]

Peter Scot is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. It’s known for its easy drinking taste and affordable prices. Peter Scot whisky is produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. In this article, we will look at the latest Peter Scot whisky prices in Delhi for 2023.

An Overview of Peter Scot Whisky

Peter Scot Whisky was launched in India in 1969 and is named after the founder of ABD, Mr. Kishinchand Bachhraj. It’s made from a blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. The use of Scotch malts gives Peter Scot its distinctive flavor and makes it stand out from other Indian whiskies in its price segment.

Peter Scot is available in different bottle sizes – 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1 liter. It’s commonly available across wine shops and liquor stores in Delhi. The whisky has a smooth taste with hints of barley, honey, and caramel. It’s ideal for mixing in cocktails or enjoying on the rocks.

Below we have compiled the latest Peter Scot whisky prices in Delhi for 2023:

Peter Scot Whisky Prices in Delhi for 2023

Here are the current prices of Peter Scot whisky in Delhi for 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml bottles:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (180ml) Peter Scot Whisky ₹255
Cost of (375ml) Peter Scot Whisky ₹510
Cost of (750ml) Peter Scot Whisky ₹990
  • The above prices are inclusive of Delhi excise duty and VAT. They can vary slightly across different stores.
  • A 180ml bottle of Peter Scot costs around ₹255 in Delhi. This is a miniature bottle and easy to carry around.
  • The 375ml bottle is medium-sized and costs ₹510. This is value for money for personal drinking or gifting.
  • The 750ml bottle is the regular size and costs ₹990. This is economical for regular drinking at home.
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The prices of Peter Scot whisky in Delhi have remained stable over the last few years. There have been no major fluctuations or increases.

Factors Affecting Peter Scot Whisky Prices in Delhi

The prices of Peter Scot whisky depend on various factors:

  • Taxes and Duties: Delhi has one of the highest liquor taxes in India. About 60% of the whisky price constitutes central and state taxes. This includes import duty, excise duty, VAT, etc. Any changes in these directly impact the retail prices.
  • State Regulations: Delhi follows a Minimum Retail Price (MRP) mechanism for liquor. This puts a floor price that retailers cannot sell below. The yearly MRP increases also affect Peter Scot’s prices.
  • Input Costs: Rising input costs like grain prices can push up whisky production expenses. This leads to price increases by brands to maintain profit margins.
  • Supplier Discounts: Liquor suppliers like ABD provide discounts and incentives to retailers. These are usually passed to consumers through lower retail prices. More discounts mean better deals on Peter Scot.

How Prices of Peter Scot Vary Across Delhi?

While the MRP remains uniform, prices of Peter Scot can vary across different stores and locations in Delhi:

  • Premium Outlets: At upscale liquor stores in malls or 5-star hotels, Peter Scot is costlier by 5-10%. Here you pay for better ambiance and convenience.
  • Wholesale Rates: Buying Peter Scot whisky by the case directly from wholesalers can attract discounts. This can reduce prices by 8-12%.
  • Duty-Free Rates: At Duty-Free liquor stores like those in Delhi airport, Peter Scot is around 30% cheaper. Here you save on local taxes.
  • Online Stores: Due to lower overheads, some online platforms sell Peter Scot for less than regular shops. Discounts up to 20% can be availed.

So prices can fluctuate depending on where you purchase your bottle. But the difference is rarely more than 10-15% from MRP.

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Price Trends Over The Last Few Years

If we analyze historical rates, the price of Peter Scot whisky in Delhi has steadily increased at 5-6% yearly. Here are the approximate prices over the past few years:

  • A 750ml Peter Scot bottle cost around ₹900 in 2018.
  • The price increased to ₹940 in 2019.
  • By early 2020, it was retailing at ₹980 in Delhi.
  • In 2021, the price crossed ₹1000 mark and was sold at ₹1030.
  • In 2022, it further rose to ₹1060.
  • The current 2023 price is ₹990 for a 750ml in Delhi.

So while Peter Scot has gotten slightly costlier, it hasn’t been a sharp price hike. Overall, it continues to offer good value for money as an affordable whisky.

How does Peter Scot Whisky compare to Similar Brands?

Peter Scot is competitively priced against other popular whisky brands in its segment:

  • Officer’s Choice Whisky – 750ml Officer’s Choice costs around ₹900 in Delhi, making it ₹90 cheaper than Peter Scot. But Peter Scot is smoother and ranked higher in quality.
  • Imperial Blue Whisky – 750ml Imperial Blue costs ₹997, almost at par with Peter Scot. But Peter Scot offers better flavor and blend.
  • Signature Whisky – Signature is priced similarly to Peter Scot at ₹980 for a 750ml bottle. But it lacks the brand popularity that Peter Scot commands.
  • Blenders Pride Whisky – It is a premium whisky priced at ₹1400 for 750ml. Compared to it, Peter Scot is much more affordable and value for money.

So at its price point, Peter Scot whisky offers the best balance of taste and affordability among Indian whisky brands in Delhi.


Peter Scot continues to be a popular affordable whisky choice among liquor consumers in Delhi. Its prices have remained stable in 2023 after mild increases over the past few years. A 750ml Peter Scot whisky bottle retails for around ₹990 in Delhi currently. With its easy-drinking taste profile and competitive pricing, Peter Scot whisky presents a good value purchase in the capital city.

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