Red Knight Whisky Prices in Kerala 2023: Latest Rates

Red Knight is one of the most popular whisky brands in Kerala and across India. With its rich taste and smooth finish, Red Knight has gained a strong foothold in the Indian whisky market over the years. In this article, we will take a look at the latest Red Knight whisky prices in Kerala in 2023.

An Overview of Red Knight Whisky

Red Knight is produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the leading liquor companies in India. It was launched in the late 1990s and soon became a hit among whisky drinkers thanks to its easy drinkability and affordable pricing.

Red Knight is a blend of imported Scottish and Indian malts along with Indian grain spirits. It derives its distinct reddish hue from the aging process in oak barrels. This gives Red Knight a rich and smooth taste with hints of vanilla, butterscotch, and mild spices.

Over the years, Red Knight has become synonymous with celebrations in India. It is a popular choice for parties, gatherings, and gifting purposes. Red Knight is available in different pack sizes to suit different budgets and occasions.

Red Knight Whisky Prices in Kerala 2023

Here are the latest Red Knight whisky prices in Kerala as of 2023:

Pack Size Price in Kerala
180 ml ₹220
375 ml ₹420
750 ml ₹875

As we can see, Red Knight is very reasonably priced in Kerala. A 180 ml nip is available for just ₹220. This makes Red Knight one of the most value-for-money whisky options in the state.

The 375 ml quarter bottle is priced at ₹420 while the regular 750 ml bottle comes for ₹875. These are extremely attractive prices that explain Red Knight’s popularity in Kerala.

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Factors Affecting Red Knight Prices in Kerala

The prices of Red Knight whisky in Kerala depend on several factors:

State Excise Duties: The Kerala state government imposes excise duties on all types of liquor including whisky. The rates may be revised periodically leading to price changes.

Transportation & Distribution: Moving the whisky bottles from ABD’s bottling facilities to retail shops across Kerala also adds to the pricing.

Retailer Margins: Local liquor shops keep a certain profit margin, which is included in the MRP printed on the bottles.

Seasonal Demand: Prices may be marked up during peak seasons or festive occasions when demand goes up.

Taxes: GST at 18% and other applicable taxes also contribute to the final consumer pricing of Red Knight in Kerala.

How to Buy Red Knight at Best Prices in Kerala?

Here are some tips to buy Red Knight whisky at the best rates in Kerala:

  • Opt for lower pack sizes like 180 ml or 375 ml to enjoy the whisky at cheaper rates per ml.
  • Buy during off-season periods when prices are lowered to boost sales.
  • Check liquor shops in duty-free zones like airports to save on taxes.
  • Explore supermarkets like HyperCITY for occasional discounts.
  • Register for loyalty programs by ABD or retailers offering special prices for members.
  • Buy together with friends to distribute the cost benefits on larger 750 ml packs.

The Popularity of Red Knights in Kerala

Red Knight enjoys immense popularity and a strong fan following in Kerala. Here are some key reasons that have contributed to its success in the state:

  • Smooth Taste: Red Knight has a rich and smooth taste that appeals to Kerala’s whisky drinkers. The blend is just right.
  • Brand Image: Kerala consumers associate Red Knight with prestige and class. It has built an aspirational brand image.
  • Affordability: Compared to premium whisky brands, Red Knight offers better value for money, making it affordable.
  • Easy Availability: Red Knight is easily available across all kinds of liquor shops, supermarkets, and duty-free stores in Kerala.
  • Promotions & Advertising: Red Knight has had some popular ad campaigns centered on cricket, music, and celebrations.
  • Loyal Customer Base: Over the years, it has built a sizeable base of loyal consumers in Kerala through consistent quality and taste.
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With its smart pricing strategy and locally relevant promotions, Red Knight has been able to strike a chord with the whisky lovers of Kerala. Given its popularity, we can expect the brand to maintain a significant market share in the coming years as well.

Final Thoughts

Red Knight offers a great value-for-money proposition in Kerala’s whisky market today. Priced from just ₹220 onwards, it has suitable pack options for different budgets and use cases. Discerning whisky drinkers will continue to enjoy Red Knight as their affordable yet smooth-tasting companion for everyday consumption or celebrating special occasions.

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