Red Knight Whisky Price in Punjab 2023 [Updated Price List]

Red Knight is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, known for its bold taste and affordable price point. In Punjab, Red Knight whiskies are quite popular among whisky drinkers due to their smooth taste and value for money.

In this article, we will look at the latest Red Knight whisky price list in Punjab for 2023, including popular expressions like Red Knight RARE, Red Knight Select, Red Knight Super Strong, and Red Knight The Smooth. We will also compare Red Knight prices across various retail stores in Punjab so you can find the best deals.

An Overview of Red Knight Whisky

Red Knight whisky is produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. The company was founded in Mumbai in 1965 and Red Knight was launched in 1993 as an affordable whisky blended from Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts.

Some key facts about Red Knight whisky:

  • Made from a blend of Indian and imported malts aged in oak casks
  • Aged for a minimum of 3 years before bottling
  • Available in different variants like Select, Super Strong, The Smooth, RARE, etc.
  • Priced affordably compared to premium whisky brands
  • Popular in north Indian states like Punjab, Haryana, UP, etc.
  • Owned by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) group

Over the years, Red Knight has established itself as a value-for-money whisky brand in India with a smooth taste profile. It is one of the highest-selling whisky brands in Punjab with prices ranging from around ₹900 to ₹1,500 for a 750ml bottle based on the variant.

Red Knight Whisky Price List in Punjab 2023

Here is an updated list of Red Knight whisky prices at retail shops and liquor stores across major cities of Punjab as of January 2023:

Red Knight Variant Size Price in Punjab
Red Knight The Smooth 750ml ₹900
Red Knight Select 750ml ₹925
Red Knight Super Strong 750ml ₹950
Red Knight RARE 750ml ₹1,400

The prices can vary slightly across different stores depending on location, taxes, etc. Let’s look at the Red Knight price range in major cities of Punjab:

1. Amritsar

In Amritsar, Red Knight whisky is available at these indicative retail prices:

  • Red Knight The Smooth: ₹875 – ₹950
  • Red Knight Select: ₹900 – ₹975
  • Red Knight Super Strong: ₹925 – ₹1,000
  • Red Knight RARE: ₹1,350 – ₹1,450
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Popular stores to buy Red Knight in Amritsar: Bikram Wines, Paliwal Wines, Leela Wines, Sachdeva Wines.

2. Ludhiana

In Ludhiana, here are the price ranges for Red Knight whisky:

  • Red Knight The Smooth: ₹875 – ₹925
  • Red Knight Select: ₹900 – ₹950
  • Red Knight Super Strong: ₹925 – ₹975
  • Red Knight RARE: ₹1,375 – ₹1,475

Some good stores to find Red Knight stock in Ludhiana: are Satpal Wines, Gopal Wine Shop, Dollar Wines, and Malhotra Wines.

3. Jalandhar

The average price of Red Knight in Jalandhar falls in these brackets:

  • Red Knight The Smooth: ₹850 – ₹900
  • Red Knight Select: ₹875 – ₹925
  • Red Knight Super Strong: ₹900 – ₹950
  • Red Knight RARE: ₹1,300 – ₹1,400

Popular liquor shops selling Red Knight in Jalandhar include Puri Wine Shop, Sethi Wine Shop, Bulls Eye, and Paliwal Wine Shop.

4. Patiala

Here are the prevailing Red Knight whisky rates in Patiala:

  • Red Knight The Smooth: ₹875 – ₹925
  • Red Knight Select: ₹900 – ₹950
  • Red Knight Super Strong: ₹925 – ₹975
  • Red Knight RARE: ₹1,350 – ₹1,450

Some reputed stores where you can find Red Knight stock in Patiala: are Scotch Corner, Dollar Wines, Singh Liquor Shop, and Pandey Wine Shop.

5. Bathinda

In Bathinda, Red Knight generally retails for:

  • Red Knight The Smooth: ₹850 – ₹900
  • Red Knight Select: ₹875 – ₹925
  • Red Knight Super Strong: ₹900 – ₹950
  • Red Knight RARE: ₹1,300 – ₹1,400

Popular retail shops to buy Red Knight in Bathinda: Happy Wine Shop, Gopal Wines, Dollar Wine Shop, and Bansal Wine Shop.

So in summary, across major cities of Punjab, you can expect to pay between ₹850 – ₹1,450 for a 750ml bottle of Red Knight whisky depending on the variant. The RARE expression is the most premium and expensive, while The Smooth variant is the most affordable.

Factors Affecting Red Knight Whisky Price in Punjab

The retail price of Red Knight whisky in Punjab is dependent on several factors:

1. Taxes Imposed on Liquor: Special excise duties, VAT, label registration fee, etc. significantly influence the MRP. Tax rates vary across different states in India.

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2. Location Within the State: Whisky prices in Punjab can vary by a few rupees between different districts and shops based on local taxes, rentals, etc.

3. Shop Type: Whether it is a liquor store, supermarket, restaurant, etc. also impacts pricing. Duty-free shops sell liquor at discounted rates.

4. Brand Popularity & Demand: Higher demand for popular brands like Red Knight enables retailers to price them slightly higher.

5. Festival Seasons: Prices tend to go up during festive seasons like Diwali, New Year, etc. owing to higher demand.

6. New Product Launches: Introductory offer pricing on new variants like Red Knight 10 YO.

7. Bulk Discounts: Retailers offer discounts on full bottles (like 180ml) compared to smaller sizes.

8. Luxury Taxes: Premium or rare expressions like Red Knight RARE tend to face additional luxury taxes.

How to Find the Best Red Knight Whisky Price in Punjab?

Here are some tips to help you find the most affordable price on Red Knight whisky in Punjab:

  • Compare prices online between top retailers like Living Liquidz, HipBar, etc.
  • Look for stores running promotions or discounts, especially on occasions like Diwali.
  • Buy larger bottles (180ml or above) to avail of bulk discount benefits.
  • Explore duty-free liquor prices at airports when traveling.
  • Join retailer loyalty programs for exclusive deals and savings.
  • Purchase during off-peak seasons when demand is lower.
  • Opt for less premium variants like Red Knight The Smooth for the most affordable pricing.
  • Check liquor prices across districts near state borders to save on inter-state taxes.

Price Comparison of Red Knight vs. Popular Whisky Brands

It is also useful to compare Red Knight’s price with other popular whisky brands in Punjab to identify the most value-for-money options:

Brand Variant Typical Price
Red Knight The Smooth ₹900
Blender’s Pride Reserve Collection ₹1,350
Royal Stag Barrel Select ₹700
Imperial Blue Super Premium Whisky ₹400
McDowell’s No.1 Whisky ₹350
Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whisky ₹1,600

As evident, Red Knight occupies a sweet spot between really premium whiskies like Blenders Pride Rare and entry-segment ones like McDowell’s No.1 in terms of pricing. It delivers better taste than economy brands and is more affordable than super-premium labels.

Does Red Knight Whisky Price Vary for Different Bottle Sizes?

Yes, Red Knight whisky price per bottle is dependent on the bottle size. Larger-size bottles are usually priced proportionately lower than smaller bottles.

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Here is a comparison of Red Knight whisky prices in Punjab across popular bottle sizes:

Pack Size Typical MRP
90 ml ₹160
180 ml ₹310
375 ml ₹615
750 ml ₹900
1000 ml ₹1200

As you can see, the 1 liter Red Knight whisky bottle offers the best value for money, followed by the standard 750ml pack. The 90ml mini bottle pack is the most expensive per ml of whisky.

Opting for larger bottle sizes allows you to take advantage of bulk discount pricing and proves to be more economical overall.

Future Outlook for Red Knight Whisky Prices

Going forward into 2023, Red Knight whisky prices in Punjab are expected to:

  • Increase Gradually: Prices may go up 5-8% owing to inflationary pressures and rising input costs.
  • See Demand Growth: Red Knight is gaining popularity among whisky drinkers looking for affordable premium options. Higher demand could push prices up.
  • Launch New Products: The introduction of innovative variants like cask strength or single malts can increase price points.
  • Offer Steady Value: Red Knight will continue to offer good value as a mid-priced whisky against premium brands.
  • Expand to New Markets: Parent company ABD may target new states to drive sales growth for Red Knight whisky.
  • Introduce Promotions: Special deals on occasions like Diwali, and Valentine’s Day to attract new consumers.


Red Knight offers quality blended whisky to consumers in Punjab and wider North India at an accessible price range between ₹850 – ₹1,450 approximately. It delivers a smooth drinking experience with floral and fruity notes.

The exact Red Knight whisky price varies across variants, with RARE being the most expensive and The Smooth being the most affordable. Prices also differ based on location within Punjab, with Ludhiana and Amritsar at the higher end.

Compared to other whisky brands, Red Knight is very attractively priced and offers the best value to customers looking for a mid-premium whisky. With rising disposable incomes, its demand is expected to grow in the coming years across Punjab as it resonates well with local consumer tastes.

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