Red Label Whisky Prices in Delhi [2024 Updated]

Red Label by Johnnie Walker is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. Known for its smooth, easy-drinking taste profile, Red Label has become a staple for whisky drinkers across the country. In this article, we will look at the latest Red Label whisky prices in Delhi for 2024.

An Overview of Red Label Whisky

Johnnie Walker Red Label is a blended Scotch whisky produced by the leading spirits company, Diageo. It was first launched in 1909 and is a combination of over 35 single malt and grain whiskies from Diageo’s extensive reserves.

Some of the notable distilleries that contribute to the Red Label blend include Cardhu, Caol Ila, Glen Elgin, Clynelish, and others. The whisky gets its distinctive flavor and aroma from maturation in oak casks for over 3 years. This helps achieve its signature smooth, sweet, and smoky taste profile.

Red Label is bottled at 40% ABV (alcohol by volume). It is non-chill filtered to retain character and colored with E150a caramel coloring. This no-age-statement whisky represents the definitive flavor of the house style of Johnnie Walker blended scotch whiskies.

Red Label Whisky Prices in Delhi 2024

Here are the latest prices of Red Label whisky in Delhi across various bottle sizes:

180 ml Bottle

The 180 ml bottle is the smallest-sized Red Label bottle commonly available in Delhi. It is a convenient nip size for drinking at home or on social occasions.

The average price of a 180 ml Red Label bottle in Delhi is ₹680. It may be available from ₹650 to ₹720 based on the locality.

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375 ml Bottle

The 375 ml Red Label bottle is a popular quarter bottle size. It is apt for gifting purposes or having abottle at home.

The average price of a 375 ml Red Label in Delhi is ₹1185. Prices range from ₹1100 to ₹1250 across different stores.

750 ml Bottle

The 750 ml bottle is the standard full-sized bottle for spirits. Red Label 750 ml bottles are commonly stocked and sold in Delhi.

The average price of a 750 ml Red Label bottle is ₹2290. Depending on the location, it may retail from ₹2200 to ₹2400 in Delhi.

1000 ml Bottle

For enthusiasts who like having a full-liter bottle at home, the 1000 ml Red Label bottle is a suitable option.

The average price of a 1000 ml bottle of Red Label in Delhi is ₹2750. You can find it from ₹2600 to ₹2900 based on your locality.

What Influences Red Label Whisky Prices in Delhi?

The prices of Red Label in Delhi are dependent on several factors:

  • Taxes: Delhi has one of the highest liquor taxes in India. This includes excise duty, import fees, retail license fees, etc. These get compounded and make up 30-40% of the retail price.
  • Supplier Margins: Distributors and retailers in Delhi also account for their margins, which helps cover inventory and operational costs. This can range from 10-20% of the retail price.
  • Location: Liquor prices in Delhi can vary depending on whether it is being sold in Delhi or the NCR region. Also within the city, prices differ based on the locality.
  • Outlet: Prices can be different across retail outlets like liquor stores, supermarkets, duty-free shops, etc. Brand visibility and demand also affect the price.
  • Seasons and Festivals: During certain months and festival periods when demand rises, retailers may increase prices to capitalize on the surge.
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Price Trends for Red Label in Delhi

Looking at past trends we can expect the following in Red Label prices in Delhi in 2024:

  • The average price of a 750 ml Red Label bottle may go up to ₹2500 next year. This would be an increase of around 9-10% over current prices.
  • Smaller 180 ml bottles may see a slightly higher percentage increase, going up to approximately ₹750.
  • Larger 1000 ml bottles can expect a rise to ₹3000 or more.
  • Overall low double-digit percentage increase in prevailing Red Label rates across all bottle sizes.
  • Higher taxes and input costs may be compensated by the brand to retain sales volumes.

Red Label Whisky in Delhi – Verdict

Red Label continues to be among the most popular whisky brands in Delhi due to its versatile flavor profile and competitive pricing. For 2024, moderate price increases can be expected across all bottle sizes in line with historical trends.

Delhi consumers can enjoy Red Label across various retail shops, modern stores, bars, and airports in the city. This iconic Scotch whisky brand delivers smooth-tasting blended whisky that offers real value for money for regular drinking and gifting needs.

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