Rockford Whisky Price in Haryana 2023 [Updated Price List]

Rockford Whisky is one of the most popular Indian whisky brands, known for its smooth taste and affordable prices. In this article, we will look at the latest Rockford Whisky price list in Haryana for 2023.

An Overview of Rockford Whisky

Rockford Whisky is manufactured and marketed by Jagatjit Industries Limited, one of the oldest liquor companies in India established in 1944. The brand offers a range of whisky variants like Rockford Black, Rockford Reserve, Rockford Double Cask, etc.

Rockford whiskies are made from the finest Indian malts and matured in oak barrels for a distinctive smooth taste profile. The brand has a significant market share in north India, especially in states like Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, etc.

The affordability and consistent taste of Rockford whisky make it a popular choice for regular drinking and parties. It’s widely available across liquor shops, bars, and pubs in Haryana.

Rockford Whisky Price List in Haryana 2023

Here is an overview of the latest Rockford whisky price list in Haryana for 2023:

Rockford Whisky Price in Haryana 2023

Brand Volume Price
Rockford Whisky 1000ml/1Ltr ₹900
Rockford Whisky 750ml ₹700
Rockford Whisky 375ml ₹350
Rockford Whisky 180ml ₹200
Rockford Whisky 90ml ₹100
  • Rockford Whisky 1Ltr bottle is priced at Rs. 900 in Haryana
  • 750ml Rockford Whisky bottle costs Rs. 700
  • 375ml bottle is available for Rs. 350
  • 180ml and 90ml bottles retail for Rs. 200 and Rs. 100 respectively

Rockford Reserve Whisky Price in Haryana 2023

Brand Volume Price
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky 1000ml/1Ltr ₹1200
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky 750ml ₹800
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky 375ml ₹550
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky 180ml ₹270
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky 90ml ₹150
  • Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky 1Ltr bottle is priced at Rs. 1200
  • 750ml bottle costs Rs. 800
  • 375ml bottle retails for Rs. 550
  • 180ml and 90ml bottles are priced at Rs. 270 and Rs. 150 respectively
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The Rockford Reserve range is a premium offering and hence is priced slightly higher than the regular Rockford whisky. It is aged for longer in oak barrels giving a rich, intense flavor profile.

State Excise Duties on Liquor in Haryana

The prices of alcohol in Haryana include excise duties, taxes, and profit margins for wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers.

Here are the applicable state excise duties on liquor in Haryana:

  • Import/Export Pass Fee: ₹5 per bulk liter
  • Excise Duty: ₹20 per proof liter
  • Additional Excise Duty: 4% of MRP
  • Assessment Fee: 1% of Excise Duty
  • Import License Fee: ₹5 lakh per annum

Hence taxes and duties contribute to 40-60% of the retail price customers pay for liquor bottles in Haryana.

Factors Affecting Rockford Whisky Prices in Haryana

The price of Rockford whisky in Haryana is dependent on several factors:

1. Taxes and Duties: Special excise duties, VAT, import fees, etc. imposed by the state government influence liquor prices. Any changes in excise policy directly impact the retail prices.

2. Brand Popularity: Popular brands like Rockford can command a premium in the market compared to not-so-popular ones.

3. Location: Prices can vary based on the shop’s location. Shops in prime areas tend to charge more.

4. Store Type: Liquor prices at posh retail stores, bars, and pubs are higher than local liquor shops.

5. Seasons and Festivals: During festive seasons, demand goes up along with prices for premium liquor brands.

Price Trends Over The Last Year

Despite rising inflation and input costs, Rockford Whisky prices in Haryana have remained stable over the past year. There have been no major price hikes by the company in 2022.

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The Haryana government also kept excise duties mostly steady on liquor over the last year. This has helped in keeping Rockford whisky prices affordable for consumers.

However, going forward in 2023, some price rises cannot be ruled out given mounting costs. But Jagatjit Industries will likely try to keep it modest, as Rockford is a high-volume, mass-market whiskey brand.

The company may introduce more premium variants in the higher price segment for profitability. However the popular regular Rockford Whisky is expected to remain competitively priced even in 2023.

How to Buy Rockford Whisky in Haryana at Reasonable Prices?

Here are some tips to buy Rockford at the best prices in Haryana:

  • Opt for lower price variants like 180ml or 90ml bottles if you want a taste without spending too much
  • Check liquor rates at nearby retail shops, rather than posh stores in malls or airports
  • Buy during ongoing discounts or sales to save money
  • Purchase when there are fewer/no taxes like before state budgets or elections
  • Avoid buying during peak seasons like holidays or festivities when prices are marked up
  • Register for loyalty programs by retail chains for better discounts
  • Buy in bulk quantity with friends if there are volume discounts or deals

Price Checking Apps and Websites

Several apps and websites have sprung up in recent years that allow you to compare liquor prices across various shops in your city.

Some popular apps where you can check Rockford Whisky rates in Haryana include:

  • Living Liquidz
  • Rype App
  • HipBar
  • Bottle91
  • Booozie

You can install a few of these apps, check Rockford prices at shops near you, and buy from the retailer offering the best deal. Buying liquor intelligently can save you a lot of money.

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Rockford Whisky continues to be an affordable and top-selling whisky brand in the Haryana market in 2023. Its prices have remained stable despite inflationary pressures.

Opt for lower-sized bottles, buy during discounts, and compare prices across shops using apps to get the best rates. However, do enjoy your drink responsibly.

I hope this detailed guide on the Rockford Whisky price list in Haryana for 2023 helps you make informed purchase decisions!

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