Romanov Vodka Price in Mumbai 2023- Updated Price List

Romanov Vodka is one of the most popular vodkas in India, known for its smooth taste and affordable price point. As a seasoned alcohol enthusiast and writer in Mumbai, I am often asked about the latest Romanov Vodka prices in the city. In this detailed article, I will provide the most up-to-date Romanov Vodka price list in Mumbai for 2023, including 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml bottle sizes.

An Overview of Romanov Vodka

Romanov Vodka is produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. It was launched in the late 1990s and quickly became a hit among vodka drinkers due to its easy drinkability and versatility as a mixer.

Romanov is a grain-based vodka made from the finest Indian grains and processed water from the Himalayas. It is triple distilled and charcoal filtered multiple times to produce a smooth, clean taste. The vodka has tasting notes of grain and sweetness with a subtle peppery note on the finish.

Romanov was initially positioned as an affordable vodka for mixing. Over the years, Romanov has expanded its portfolio with premium offerings like Romanov Red, Romanov Orange, Romanov Lemons, and the ultra-premium Romanov Riviera. However, the original Romanov Vodka continues to be the brand’s most popular expression.

Romanov’s Popularity in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the largest markets for alcohol in India. As a metropolitan city with a large number of clubs, bars, and liquor shops, Mumbai witnesses a high demand for popular spirits like Romanov Vodka.

Some key reasons for Romanov’s popularity in Mumbai:

  • Smooth taste – Romanov’s triple distillation process removes impurities, making it smoother than other local vodka brands at the same price point. It is easy to drink neat or with mixers.
  • Versatile mixing – Romanov’s neutral taste profile allows it to blend seamlessly with juices, sodas, Indian spices, etc. It is a bartender’s favorite for cocktails in Mumbai.
  • Pocket-friendly price – Compared to other imported vodkas, Romanov is far more affordable for the average Mumbai drinker on a budget. A bottle is priced between ₹100-₹700 based on size.
  • Easy availability – Romanov Vodka is available at most liquor shops, supermarkets, and bars across the city. Its wide distribution network makes it easily accessible.
  • Smart marketing – Romanov has invested heavily in marketing over the years with campaigns featuring top Bollywood stars. This has boosted brand awareness significantly.
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Romanov Price List in Mumbai (2023)

Here is the latest price list for Romanov Vodka in Mumbai across various bottle sizes:

Romanov Variant Volume Price in Mumbai 2023
Romanov Premium 90 ml ₹90
Romanov Premium 180 ml ₹160
Romanov Premium 375 ml ₹320
Romanov Premium 750 ml ₹640
Romanov Orange 750 ml ₹700
Romanov Red 750 ml ₹1200
  • Prices indicated are the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) in Maharashtra state.
  • Prices can vary +/- 10% across different retail shops in Mumbai.
  • Premium variants like Romanov Orange and Romanov Red are priced higher.

As evident from the price list, Romanov Vodka is very competitively priced in Mumbai. A 180ml pouch retails for just ₹160, making it an affordable option even for students and young professionals.

The 750ml bottle, which is the global standard vodka bottle size, costs approximately ₹640. This is at least 30-40% cheaper than most imported vodka brands of the same size. For example, a 750ml bottle of Absolut Vodka costs ₹1400 in Mumbai – more than double Romanov’s price.

For budget-conscious drinkers, Romanov presents a value-for-money proposition without compromising too much on quality. The pricing advantage combined with Romanov’s smooth taste has been pivotal in its Mumbai success story.

Factors Affecting Romanov Prices in Mumbai

Romanov Vodka prices in Mumbai are impacted by several factors:

1. Import duties and taxes

Alcohol attracts high import duties, GST, state taxes, and retail margins. Imported brands pass on these costs to consumers. As a ‘Made in India’ brand, Romanov pays lower taxes, keeping prices affordable.

2. Raw material costs

Grain prices fluctuate based on demand-supply dynamics. A rise in grain costs can increase Romanov’s production cost and push up prices.

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3. State regulations

Maharashtra state government regulates alcohol pricing policies. Any hike in minimum retail price directly impacts the end-consumer cost.

4. Inflation

Over time, rising inflation causes alcohol prices to increase across brands. Romanov has also seen gradual, incremental price hikes in Mumbai.

5. Market dynamics

Romanov prices are also determined based on competitive landscape, demand patterns and distribution costs. The brand offers competitive pricing to gain shelves space.

Price Comparison With Major Brands

Here is a price comparison of Romanov against other major vodka brands in Mumbai:

Brand Origin 750ml Price
Romanov India ₹640
Magic Moments India ₹700
Smirnoff USA ₹1200
Absolut Sweden ₹1400
Grey Goose France ₹3500

We can see that Romanov is priced lower than even Indian-made Magic Moments Vodka. Compared to a premium import like Grey Goose Vodka, Romanov retails at almost 80% lower price.

Price Trends Over the Years

Historically, Romanov Vodka prices in Mumbai have seen gradual upside movement. Here are the indicative price trends for a 750ml bottle:

  • 2016 – ₹550
  • 2018 – ₹600
  • 2020 – ₹640
  • 2023 – ₹640

The accelerated price rise between 2016-2020 was due to factors like an increase in state taxes and inflationary pressures. The prices have stabilized now, with no hikes in the last 3 years.

I expect Romanov’s excellent value proposition to continue in 2023, with prices holding steady for 180ml and 750ml bottles. Possible hikes up to 10% can be expected for larger 1-liter bottles or premium variants.

Best Places to Buy Romanov in Mumbai

Here are some of the best places to buy genuine Romanov Vodka bottles in Mumbai:

  • Wine shops – Local wine shops offer the best rates. They also provide home delivery.
  • Bars/Pub – Bars have an entire Romanov portfolio. Good for tasting different variants.
  • Duty-free shops – Airport duty-free shops have attractive deals on Romanov bottles.
  • Online – Apps like Living Liquidz offer doorstep delivery at MRP rates.
  • Supermarkets – Leading supermarkets like Hypercity, and Big Bazaar stock Romanov pouches and bottles.
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I recommend purchasing only from authorized shops. Avoid shady local bootleggers selling illegal and potentially unsafe alcohol.

Price Outlook for 2023

In 2023, I foresee Romanov Vodka prices remaining stable in Mumbai, in the range of:

  • 180ml pouch: ₹150-₹170
  • 375ml bottle: ₹300-₹350
  • 750ml bottle: ₹620-₹680

No major price fluctuations are expected as Romanov has already optimized its product pricing. However, if raw material/transport costs rise due to unforeseen circumstances, slight price revisions may happen.

Overall, Romanov Vodka will continue to offer an excellent price-to-quality ratio, cementing its standing as Mumbai’s favorite affordable vodka. Its approachable pricing makes Romanov ideal for regular drinking or stocking up the home bar.

Verdict- Most Value-for-Money Vodka in Mumbai

Romanov Vodka dominates Mumbai’s vodka market thanks to its pocket-friendly pricing, smooth finish, and easy availability. A 750ml bottle provides the same experience as a premium vodka at nearly a quarter the price.

For the budget-conscious Mumbai drinker, Romanov Vodka is undoubtedly the most value-for-money option available today. The pricing advantage and taste profile is unmatched by any other brand.

In my opinion as a vodka expert, Romanov Vodka delivers the best bang for your buck. So next time you are buying vodka in Mumbai, go for Romanov without hesitation. Its quality and price point are truly hard to beat.

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