Royal Challenge Whisky Price in Assam 2023 – Latest Rates

Royal Challenge is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. It is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, a subsidiary of global spirits giant Diageo. Royal Challenge whisky offers a smooth taste and rich aroma, making it a preferred choice for whisky lovers in Assam and across India.

In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of the latest Royal Challenge whisky prices in Assam in 2023. We will look at the prices for various pack sizes of Royal Challenge whisky available in the state.

Overview of Royal Challenge Whisky

Royal Challenge whisky traces its origins back to the 1960s when it was launched by Shaw Wallace. It is named so because it was initially produced only for royal consumption. The brand was acquired by United Spirits Ltd in the 1990s and relaunched in 1995.

Over the decades, Royal Challenge whisky has established itself as one of the largest-selling whisky brands in India. It is an affordable premium whisky that offers a refined taste. The whisky gets its distinctive flavor and aroma from select Indian grain spirits that are carefully blended and matured.

Royal Challenge is available in different variants:

  • Royal Challenge Premium Whisky
  • Royal Challenge Ruby Edition Reserve Whisky
  • Royal Challenge Straight Cut Whisky
  • Royal Challenge Prestige Whisky

The brand has a wide reach across India with availability in retail shops, liquor stores, bars, pubs, and hotels. Royal Challenge also sponsors various sporting and cultural events in India as part of its promotions.

Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in Assam

Here we take a look at the latest Royal Challenge whisky prices in Assam in 2023 for various pack sizes:

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Royal Challenge Whisky Price List in Assam:

Brand Volume Price
Royal Challenge Whisky 1000ml/1ltr ₹800
Royal Challenge Whisky 750ml ₹500
Royal Challenge Whisky 375ml ₹260
Royal Challenge Whisky 180ml ₹135
Royal Challenge Whisky 90ml ₹70

The above prices are indicative prices for Royal Challenge regular whisky in Assam. The prices for premium variants like the Royal Challenge Reserve Collection may be higher.

As we can see, a 1-liter bottle of Royal Challenge whisky costs ₹800 in Assam. The 750 ml pack is priced at ₹500. Smaller packs of 375 ml and 180 ml are available at ₹260 and ₹135 respectively. The 90 ml miniature Royal Challenge whisky bottle is priced at just ₹70 in Assam.

There could be some variation in prices across different shops. Prices may also vary slightly across various cities like Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, etc. Overall the price range remains in the vicinity of the prices mentioned above.

Factors Affecting Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in Assam

Some of the factors that influence the pricing of Royal Challenge whisky in Assam are:

  • State Excise Duties – The Assam state government imposes excise duty and VAT on liquor items, which impacts the retail prices in the state. The excise department regularly revises these duties.
  • Supply Chain Costs – The cost of transporting raw materials and finished products across states adds to the supply chain costs. This is ultimately reflected in the MRP printed on the bottles.
  • Import Fees – Royal Challenge whisky is manufactured outside Assam in other states. So liquor shops have to pay import fees to source the stock from other states which makes the pricing slightly higher.
  • Location – Prices are usually a bit higher in remote areas compared to main city centers on account of higher transportation costs.
  • Taxes – Apart from excise, VAT is also applicable on liquor in Assam which adds to the tax component of the pricing.
  • Brand Popularity – Royal Challenge enjoys immense popularity and demand in Assam. This allows retailers to price it at a premium vis-a-vis lesser-known brands.
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Price Trends in the Last 5 Years

If we analyze the price trends for Royal Challenge whisky in Assam in the last 5 years, we see that there has been a gradual upward revision in prices. For instance, a 750 ml pack of Royal Challenge whisky was priced around ₹420 in 2018. The prices have increased at an estimated rate of 5-7% annually to reach ₹500 presently in 2023.

However, Royal Challenge whisky continues to offer one of the best value-for-money propositions in its category in Assam. The pricing is very competitive when compared to more premium whisky makes which cost almost double or more.

Difference Between Retail Shop and Bar/Pub Prices

There is a sizable difference between Royal Challenge whisky prices at liquor retail shops versus bars and pubs in Assam:

  • Retail Shop Price – As we saw above, a 180 ml bottle costs ₹135 approximately at a retail liquor store.
  • Bar/Pub Price – The same 180 ml serving of Royal Challenge at bars/pubs is priced between ₹180 to ₹220 based on the location and ambiance.

This works out to a price difference of ₹45 to ₹85 per server between retail shops and bars/pubs. The difference in pricing is due to the premium venues charge for the ambiance, music, and in-premise service.

Price of Royal Challenge Whisky in Other Northeast States

Here is a comparison of Royal Challenge whisky prices in the key northeast states neighboring Assam:

  • Arunachal Pradesh – ₹ 510 for 750 ml bottle
  • Meghalaya – ₹ 550 for 750 ml bottle
  • Tripura – ₹ 490 for 750 ml bottle
  • Manipur – ₹ 480 for 750 ml bottle
  • Nagaland – ₹ 460 for 750 ml bottle
  • Mizoram – ₹ 470 for 750 ml bottle
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We can see that Royal Challenge whisky prices in Assam are lower than most other states in the northeast region barring Nagaland. This makes it more affordable for consumers in Assam.

Recap of Royal Challenge Whisky Rates in Assam

Let’s do a quick recap of the prevailing Royal Challenge whisky prices in Assam:

  • 1 litre bottle – ₹800
  • 750 ml bottle – ₹500
  • 375 ml bottle – ₹260
  • 180 ml bottle – ₹135
  • 90 ml bottle – ₹70

The prices vary slightly across different cities but remain in the same ballpark. Premium variants are priced higher. Bars and pubs charge a markup of ₹45 to ₹85 over retail shop rates per serve.

So if you are looking to buy Royal Challenge whisky in Assam, you can use this pricing guide for reference during your purchase. Being an affordable premium whisky, Royal Challenge offers excellent value in Assam vis-a-vis other states in north-east and India.

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