Royal Challenge Whisky Price in India 2023 [Updated]

Royal Challenge is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. It is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, a subsidiary of global spirits giant Diageo. Royal Challenge whisky was launched in India in the 1980s and has grown to become a household name across the country.

Royal Challenge offers a range of premium whiskies catering to different consumer preferences and budgets. The core Royal Challenge whisky range includes the Royal Challenge Premium Whisky, Royal Challenge De Luxe Whisky, and the newly launched Royal Challenge Silk Whisky. In addition, there are limited edition and special matured whiskies released by the brand from time to time.

What Makes Royal Challenge Popular in India

There are several factors that have contributed to the popularity and growth of Royal Challenge whisky in the Indian market:

  • Premium branding and marketing: Royal Challenge established itself as a premium whisky brand through glossy advertising and marketing campaigns. Its ‘Man of Today’ campaign featuring leading film stars resonated well with Indian consumers.
  • Accessible price point: Though positioned as a premium whisky, Royal Challenge is priced competitively compared to other whisky brands in its segment. This makes it an aspirational buy for middle-class consumers.
  • Smooth taste: Royal Challenge whiskies are known for their smooth taste which appeals to the Indian palate. The use of quality Indian grains and superior blending creates a distinctive Royal Challenge taste profile.
  • Wide distribution: Royal Challenge whiskies are available across retail outlets in most parts of India, even in smaller towns and cities. This aids easy availability and visibility of the brand.
  • Range of variants: The brand offers whiskies catering to various taste preferences and budgets – from the flagship Royal Challenge Premium to the Silk and De Luxe variants.
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Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in India 2023

Royal Challenge whisky is available in different pack sizes in India ranging from quarter bottles (180 ml) to full bottles (750 ml and 1000 ml). The most popular pack size is the 750 ml bottle which typically retails between ₹300 to ₹1200 depending on the specific variant and location.

Here is an overview of the latest Royal Challenge whisky prices in India in 2023 for the 750ml bottle across different states:

Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in Major Indian Cities

City Royal Challenge Price
Mumbai ₹760
Delhi ₹480
Bangalore ₹1060
Hyderabad ₹710
Chennai ₹820
Kolkata ₹1000

Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in North Indian States

State Royal Challenge Price
Punjab ₹450
Haryana ₹450
Uttar Pradesh ₹590
Uttarakhand ₹740
Rajasthan ₹990
Chandigarh ₹450

Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in South Indian States

State Royal Challenge Price
Kerala ₹510
Karnataka ₹1060
Telangana ₹710
Andhra Pradesh ₹650
Tamil Nadu ₹820

Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in East Indian States

State Royal Challenge Price
West Bengal ₹1000
Odisha ₹980
Assam ₹450
Bihar ₹650

Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in West Indian States

State Royal Challenge Price
Goa ₹320
Gujarat ₹700
Maharashtra ₹760
Madhya Pradesh ₹910

Factors Affecting Royal Challenge Whisky Price in India

The prices of Royal Challenge whisky in India depend on various factors:

  • State excise duties – Alcohol pricing policies and excise duties vary across Indian states. States that levy higher duties like Karnataka see higher retail prices.
  • Transportation costs – Given the pan-India presence, transportation costs are added to the base price, especially in far-flung states.
  • Taxes – GST, import duties, wholesale & retail margins all contribute to the final selling price to the end consumer.
  • Premium pricing – Pricing is premium in key metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore compared to smaller towns.
  • Discounts & offers – Retail discounts, shopping mall offers, etc. periodically reduce Royal Challenge prices in various cities.
  • E-commerce vs retail – Online prices on platforms like Amazon, and Flipkart tend to be lower than retail stores.
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Price Comparison of Royal Challenge Variants

Royal Challenge offers whiskies at different price points catering to varied consumer segments. Here is a price comparison of the main Royal Challenge variants available in India:

Royal Challenge Variant Average Price
Royal Challenge Premium Whisky ₹1000
Royal Challenge Silk Whisky ₹1200
Royal Challenge De Luxe Whisky ₹600
Royal Challenge Smoked Whisky ₹1500
Royal Challenge Limited Edition ₹5000

Among these, the De Luxe variant is the most affordable while the Limited Edition whiskies are the priciest. The Premium and Silk variants are the bestsellers with nationwide availability.

How to Buy Royal Challenge Whisky at Best Price?

Here are some tips to buy Royal Challenge at the best price in your city:

  • Compare prices across different retail shops and supermarkets. Local stores often offer discounts.
  • Check e-commerce sites for deals, discounts, and cashback offers.
  • Buying larger pack sizes like 1-litre bottles offers better value.
  • Look out for periodic sales, especially during festive seasons.
  • Register for loyalty programs by retail chains for member-only prices and offers.
  • Purchase during happy hours or ladies’ night at restaurants, bars, and pubs.
  • Opt for store brands that retail Royal Challenge at lower prices.
  • Travel to neighboring states with lower alcohol duties.
  • Purchase from duty-free shops at airports when traveling overseas.

Price Outlook for 2023

The overall price trend for Royal Challenge whisky in 2023 is expected to be stable or see mild increases of 4-5%. Key factors impacting prices:

  • Rising inflation could exert upward pressure on overall spirits pricing.
  • However, stable excise duty regimes and a lack of major taxation changes will limit drastic price hikes.
  • Rising competition from newer premium whisky brands may discourage Royal Challenge from steep price increases.
  • Focus on expanding sales in smaller towns could bring about marginal price corrections in urban markets.
  • A festive season pricing strategy could see limited-period discounts and offers.
  • E-commerce platforms can drive price competition, albeit on the lower side.
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Thus, while no major price fluctuations are imminent, Royal Challenge is likely to retain its competitive pricing strategy while balancing inflation and higher operational costs. Brand loyalty and rising aspirations among consumers will continue to drive sales, even at slightly higher price points.

With its excellent brand equity and smart pricing strategy, Royal Challenge is expected to retain its standing as one of the highest-selling whisky brands in India in 2023 as well.

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