Royal Challenge Whisky Price in Punjab 2023 [Updated List]

Royal Challenge whisky is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. It is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, a subsidiary of Diageo PLC. Royal Challenge whisky was launched in India in the 1980s and has since become a household name, especially in North India.

In Punjab, Royal Challenge enjoys tremendous popularity and is the preferred whisky brand for many. Punjab is a big market for alcoholic beverages due to social acceptance and lifestyle choices. Royal Challenge whisky is available in different pack sizes in the state to suit varying budgets and preferences.

In this article, we will look at the latest Royal Challenge whisky price list in Punjab in 2023. We will cover all the popular pack sizes like 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1 liter. Read on to find out about Royal Challenge whisky rates in Punjab today.

Royal Challenge Whisky Prices in Punjab 2023

Here are the latest Royal Challenge whisky prices in Punjab as of 2023:

Brand Volume Price
Royal Challenge Whisky 1000 ml ₹800
Royal Challenge Whisky 750 ml ₹600
Royal Challenge Whisky 375 ml ₹320
Royal Challenge Whisky 180 ml ₹160
Royal Challenge Whisky 90 ml ₹80

As you can see from the price list above, Royal Challenge whisky is priced very competitively in the state. It is affordably priced which makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

The 180 ml and 375 ml packs are quite popular as they are easy on the pocket and can be consumed quickly. The 750 ml pack is the standard whisky bottle size and is common in bars, restaurants, and for personal consumption. The 1-liter pack offers the best value for money for Royal Challenge whisky in Punjab.

Next, let’s analyze the Royal Challenge price in Punjab in more detail.

Breakdown of Royal Challenge Whisky Rates in Punjab

Let’s look at the pricing of Royal Challenge whisky in Punjab for different pack sizes:

₹800 for 1000 ml

The 1-liter pack is the largest pack size available for Royal Challenge in Punjab. It offers the best value, priced at ₹800 for a full 1000 ml bottle.

This works out to just ₹80 per 100 ml of whisky. For whisky lovers who like enjoying their drink at home, the 1 liter Royal Challenge pack is a very good option. You save more per ml compared to smaller packs.

It is great for house parties, get-togethers, and social drinking at home with friends. The large pack means you don’t have to worry about running out.

₹600 for 750 ml

The 750 ml bottles are the most commonly found Royal Challenge pack size. It is the standard whisky bottle size that you will find in liquor shops, bars, and other marketplaces in Punjab.

At ₹600, it is reasonably priced, working out to ₹80 per 100 ml approximately. The 750 ml size is convenient to carry around and stock at home bars. For individual consumption, it represents a good balance in terms of value for money.

₹320 for 375 ml

The 375 ml bottle is the quarter bottle size for Royal Challenge whisky. Priced at ₹320, it works out to around ₹85 per 100 ml.

The quarter-bottle packs are meant for lighter drinking occasions or for trying out a new brand. It is easy to carry in your pocket discreetly if required.

The 375ml Royal Challenge bottle can be finished in a couple of drinking sessions. For occasional whisky drinkers, the 375ml size is an affordable way to enjoy this popular brand.

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₹160 for 180 ml

The 180 ml bottle is the smallest Royal Challenge pack size available in Punjab. But it is a very popular format, meant for quick consumption or trial.

At just ₹160, the 180ml bottle works out to around ₹90 per 100 ml, which is just a little higher than the bigger packs. But the small size makes it easy and convenient to consume in one or two drinks.

The 180ml format is popular in social gatherings, parties, and get-togethers among friends where whisky is had along with snacks. It is easy to carry around discreetly as well.

₹80 for 90 ml

The mini 90 ml bottle of Royal Challenge whisky is priced at ₹80 in Punjab. This works out to around ₹90 per 100 ml.

The 90 ml single-serve mini bottle has grown popular in recent years. It is meant for quick enjoyment over a short time span.

The small size makes it easy to finish in a single drinking session like during a break from work or while traveling. For whisky lovers who like to drink occasionally, the 90 ml format is quite appealing.

Now that we have seen the price list and price breakdown of Royal Challenge whisky in Punjab, let’s look at some more details about this brand and its pricing strategy.

Why is Royal Challenge Whisky So Popular in Punjab?

There are several reasons why Royal Challenge whisky is the number one whisky brand in Punjab:

  • Smooth taste – It has a smooth-tasting blend that appeals to the local taste preferences in the state. Royal Challenge is a high-quality grain-based whisky with a mellow flavor.
  • Aroma and finish – In addition to a smooth taste, Royal Challenge also has a pleasant aroma and finish that leaves a good aftertaste. This makes it a satisfying drinking experience.
  • Affordable pricing – Compared to other whisky brands imported into India, Royal Challenge is priced very competitively. This makes it affordable for a wider range of consumers in Punjab.
  • Easy availability – Royal Challenge whisky is widely available even in remote parts of Punjab through extensive distribution and retail presence. It can be found in most liquor stores big and small.
  • Strong promotion – The brand is promoted extensively in the state through advertising in local media, in-shop branding, glow sign boards, contests, etc. This keeps the brand top of mind.
  • Localized marketing – Royal Challenge is marketed as a quintessential Punjabi drink. The branding and promotion have a local Punjab flavor which attracts state consumers.

These smart marketing and pricing strategies have made Royal Challenge an aspirational yet affordable whisky brand in Punjab. Its popularity continues to be very high all over the state.

Key Factors That Determine Royal Challenge Price in Punjab

Royal Challenge whisky’s pricing in Punjab is impacted by several factors:

Brand equity

Royal Challenge has built up strong brand equity over decades in the state through consistent product quality and smart marketing. This grants the brand pricing power compared to lesser-known labels.

Market dynamics

The company analyses demand, competition dynamics, consumer sentiment, and other factors in the Punjab market to arrive at optimum pricing. Being a volume driver, affordability is also a key consideration.


The material and design of bottles and packaging play a role in product costing and pricing. The 180 ml and 375 ml packs use plastic bottles which help keep costs lower.

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Distribution margins

Royal Challenge prices have to account for distributor and retailer margins in the supply chain. Higher volumes in Punjab allow for better absorption of channel costs.


High sales taxes in Punjab on alcohol like VAT, extra duties, etc. contribute to the end consumer pricing. Royal Challenge still manages to price attractively absorbing the tax burden.

Branding and promotion costs

The brand spends heavily on marketing activities in Punjab which need to be covered through pricing. However, higher sales allow brand promotion costs to be spread out.

How to Find the Lowest Royal Challenge Price in Punjab

Here are some tips to help you find stores selling Royal Challenge whisky at the best rates in Punjab:

  • Check liquor rates at different stores before buying. Rates can vary across neighborhoods and cities like Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana etc.
  • Buying Royal Challenge whisky in the case of 12 bottles can get you a good discount from retailers as it improves sales volumes.
  • Look out for any ongoing sales, promotions, price cuts, or discounts being offered at selected liquor shops. You may get a lower price.
  • Avoid MRP-based liquor stores as they don’t offer any discounts generally. Look for shops willing to negotiate on large volume purchases.
  • Online liquor shops usually have lower overheads and better deals. You may find economical Royal Challenge prices online.
  • Don’t just go by the shop ambiance or prominence. Even small shops can give you a good deal with some negotiation.
  • Higher pack sizes like 1 liter provide more value for money vs. smaller packs. Buying larger bottles saves more per ml.

So in summary, do your homework, shop around, and buy intelligently. With some smart shopping, you can find the best price in Punjab for your favorite Royal Challenge whisky. Just ensure you enjoy your drink responsibly!

Price Trends for Royal Challenge Whisky in Punjab

If we analyze historical trends, Royal Challenge whisky has seen a gradual price hike in Punjab over the past few years. However, the rate of increase has been moderate, especially compared to some other liquors and spirits.

Here are some key aspects of Royal Challenge pricing trends in Punjab:

  • The price rise has been in the range of 4-7% annually – a moderate and mostly inflation-linked increase.
  • Certain pack sizes like 180 ml and 90 ml have seen relatively steeper hikes as they are higher volume products.
  • There have been occasional MRP revisions done by the company to boost profitability.
  • Any changes in excise duties and sales tax rates on liquor by the state government affect end pricing.
  • Improved distribution reach has helped Royal Challenge optimize pricing by city/town to maximize sales.
  • Pricing strategy also takes into account competitor brand prices and undercuts them to gain market share where needed.
  • Limited-period promotional pricing is also deployed sometimes to boost sales in specific low-performing regions.

So in summary, Royal Challenge whisky has not seen major price swings in Punjab recently. Its smart pricing policies have helped it balance profitability with wide consumer reach. The brand looks set to hold on to its competitive price positioning going forward too.

Difference Between Royal Challenge and Imperial Blue Price in Punjab

Imperial Blue is the other leading whisky brand that rivals Royal Challenge in Punjab and other key markets. Both brands compete closely in the regular whisky category.

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As per current rates in Punjab, here is how Royal Challenge and Imperial Blue whisky prices compare:

Pack Size Royal Challenge Price Imperial Blue Price
1000 ml ₹800 ₹750
750 ml ₹600 ₹550
375 ml ₹320 ₹290
180 ml ₹160 ₹140
90 ml ₹80 ₹70

As you can see from the above table, Imperial Blue is priced at a small discount to Royal Challenge across different pack sizes.

The difference is in the range of ₹50-100 across various formats. Royal Challenge enjoys the pricing power of a more established brand name.

However, Imperial Blue offers robust competition on pricing. It appeals to consumers looking for good quality whisky at affordable rates.

However, Royal Challenge still enjoys a marginal premium in the market due to its smooth blend and strong brand equity built over decades. The pricing difference is unlikely to be very significant in the short term.

How To Identify Original Royal Challenge Whisky in Punjab

Since Royal Challenge is among the top-selling whisky brands, there is some risk of duplicate or counterfeit products in some markets. Here are some tips to ensure you identify genuine Royal Challenge whisky in Punjab:

  • Examine the bottle cap sealing – it should have the proper logo branding imprinted on the cap seal.
  • Check for any spelling errors, crossed-out text, etc. on the product labeling.
  • The liquor should have the accurate alcohol content labeled on the bottle.
  • Look for the hologram security sticker on the pack.
  • Verify the manufacturing and expiry dates printed on the bottle.
  • The bottle shape and design conform to how the authentic pack looks. The wrong bottle shape is a sign of a fake product.
  • The liquor color and aroma seem accurate. Counterfeits tend to have a slightly off color and smell.
  • The case carton has the proper text font, design, and information printed.
  • Scanning the QR code on the bottle should link to the official Royal Challenge website.
  • The price is not suspiciously lower than the regular rate for your area.

By checking these parameters, you can identify if a Royal Challenge whisky bottle sold in Punjab is genuine or not. Purchase only from trusted and reputed shops, bars, and retail outlets. This minimizes the chances of getting counterfeit products.

Key Takeaways on Royal Challenge Prices in Punjab

  • Royal Challenge whisky is the number one whisky brand in Punjab across categories and pack sizes.
  • It is competitively priced to make it affordable for a wide range of consumers in the state.
  • The 180 ml and 375 ml sizes are popular as pocket-friendly options while 1 liter packs provide maximum value.
  • Smooth taste, strong brand equity, and localization drive Royal Challenge’s popularity and pricing power.
  • While prices have increased moderately in line with inflation, it remains reasonably priced for regular whisky.
  • Imperial Blue offers very close competition on pricing but Royal Challenge still commands a small premium.
  • Duplicate Royal Challenge whisky bottles can be avoided by checking for proper labeling, seals, dates, and holograms.

So in summary, Royal Challenge whisky will continue to be the whisky of choice in Punjab thanks to its smart price-value positioning. For whisky lovers, it delivers an appealing blend at a wallet-friendly rate. Just remember to enjoy your drink wisely and avoid excessive consumption to have a good time. Cheers!

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