Royal Green Whisky Prices in Delhi [2023 Update]

As an established whisky consultant based in Delhi, I am often asked by both locals and tourists about the latest pricing for Royal Green – one of the most popular and acclaimed Indian whisky brands available in the city.

In this extensively researched guide, I will provide a comprehensive 2023 price list for the full range of Royal Green whiskies across retail shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, lounges and nightclubs in Delhi.

An Introduction to Royal Green Whiskies

For over 50 years, Royal Green has crafted award-winning whiskies that exemplify the fine art of Indian distilling. They offer a range of expertly blended Indian whiskies to suit every taste and budget.

Royal Green Premier – This is their standard original whisky blend aged for 6 months in oak casks. It has notes of grain, malt, honey and spices. Premier is the most widely available and affordable Royal Green expression.

Royal Green Superior – Aged for 12 months in oak casks for extra smoothness. It provides flavors of toasted oak, vanilla and butterscotch.

Royal Green Reserve – Their premium 8-year aged whisky blend. It delivers rich complexity with layers of dried fruits, honey and spiced oak. Truly a luxurious sipping whisky.

Royal Green Honey Whisky – This intriguing infusion blends original Royal Green whisky with the sweet essence of honey. It caters to those with a preference for sweeter whisky profiles.

Royal Green Apple Flavored Whisky – Another flavored extension of their original blended whisky, this time with crisp apple flavors added to the mix.

Now that you’re familiar with the Royal Green core range, let’s examine the latest Delhi prices so you can find your perfect dram.

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Royal Green Whisky Prices in Delhi (2023)

Here I’ve compiled the current 2023 price ranges for Royal Green whiskies in Delhi at various liquor retailers and on-premise drinking locations:

Liquor Shops

Whisky Price Range
Royal Green Premier ₹310 – ₹370 (375ml)
Royal Green Premier ₹550 – ₹650 (750ml)
Royal Green Superior ₹550 – ₹650 (750ml)
Royal Green Reserve ₹1,250 – ₹1,400 (750ml)
Royal Green Honey Whisky ₹900 – ₹1,050 (750ml)
Royal Green Apple Whisky ₹900 – ₹1,050 (750ml)

*Prices tend to be on the lower end at local liquor shops and higher at upscale retail stores in premium neighborhoods.

Bars & Restaurants

Whisky Price Range
Royal Green Premier ₹80 – ₹110 (30ml)
Royal Green Superior ₹140 – ₹180 (30ml)
Royal Green Reserve ₹300 – ₹350 (30ml)
Royal Green Honey Whisky ₹250 – ₹300 (30ml)
Royal Green Apple Whisky ₹250 – ₹300 (30ml)

*Expect to pay on the higher end at 5-star hotels, lounges, nightclubs, and bars in affluent areas.

Duty-Free Shops

Duty-free prices are:

  • Royal Green Premier 750ml – ₹480 to ₹550
  • Royal Green Superior 750ml – ₹850 to ₹950
  • Royal Green Reserve 750ml – ₹1,100 to ₹1,300

So purchasing at duty-free can lead to significant savings, especially for Reserve.

Comparing Prices for Royal Green Whiskies

Based on my extensive research, here are some key takeaways when comparing Royal Green whisky prices across different retailers and venues in Delhi:

  • Premier is the most affordable and accessible expression. Retail shop prices start from just ₹310 for a 375ml bottle. Even at bars, you can get a 30ml drink of Premier for as low as ₹80.
  • Superior offers a good step up in aging and quality over Premier for a moderate price jump. It’s around ₹300 more per 750ml bottle at shops.
  • Reserve fetches nearly double the cost of Superior as it’s a premium 8-year-aged blend. There’s a ₹700+ difference between Superior and Reserve’s retail prices.
  • The flavored whiskies come at a slight premium over Superior given their unique honey and apple infusions.
  • Duty-free offers notably cheaper prices, especially on Reserve bottles. This makes Reserve much more attainable for gifts or special occasions.
  • Bars and restaurants unsurprisingly mark up the prices by 2x or 3x compared to retail. But you’re paying for the experience and ambiance.
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Tips for Finding the Best Royal Green Whisky Prices in Delhi

As an expert, I recommend a few strategies to help get you the lowest prices when buying Royal Green in Delhi:

  • Opt for 375ml bottles instead of 750ml to get Premier at its cheapest. A 375ml still gives you 10-12 standard drinks.
  • Check local liquor shops instead of premium retailers for lower prices on Superior and Reserve too.
  • Keep an eye out for any festive sales and discounts, especially around Diwali.
  • Venture to duty-free stores when you can to save up to 25% on Reserve bottles.
  • Consider bars with happy hours and drink specials to pay less for your 30ml glass.
  • Reserve is the priciest, so save this for a treat or special occasion. Stick to Premier or Superior for your daily drink.

I hope this detailed guide gives you unparalleled insight into Royal Green whisky prices throughout Delhi. Please reach out if you need any other recommendations for finding quality Indian whiskies at affordable rates.

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