Royal Green Whisky Price in Haryana 2023 [Updated List]

Royal Green is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. It is an Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers Pvt. Ltd. Royal Green whisky offers a smooth blend of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. It has a pleasant taste and aroma that makes it a preferred choice of whisky drinkers in Haryana.

In this article, we will provide the latest Royal Green whisky price list in Haryana for 2023. We will cover prices for different pack sizes like 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1 liter bottles. Read on to find out Royal Green whisky rates near you in Haryana.

An Overview of Royal Green Whisky

Royal Green whisky was launched in the late 1990s and soon became one of the largest selling whisky brands in India. It is marketed as a premium smoother whisky blended from the finest Scotch malts and Indian neutral spirits.

Some key features of Royal Green whisky include:

  • Pleasant honey-gold color
  • Smooth taste with subtle smoky flavors
  • Mild blended scent with floral tones
  • Medium bodied blend with well-balanced malts and grain spirits
  • Clean and lingering finish

Royal Green is a versatile whisky that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed in cocktails. It makes for an ideal gifting option and is perfect for parties, get-togethers and celebrations. The brand has received various accolades at spirit competitions globally.

State Excise Policies for Alcohol in Haryana

The state government of Haryana levies excise duty, import fees and other taxes on alcoholic beverages like whisky. The exact rates differ based on the type of liquor and alcohol percentage.

Here are some key excise policies for alcohol in Haryana:

  • Excise duty is levied on an ad valorem basis depending on the wholesale price. It typically ranges from 2% to 150%.
  • Import pass fee of ₹5 per proof litre is charged on imported foreign liquor.
  • Additional excise duty, export fees, license fees are also applicable.
  • In 2019, cow cess of ₹200 per proof litre was imposed on IMFL like whisky produced outside Haryana.
  • The total taxes usually account for 40% to 80% of the retail price of liquor in Haryana.

These taxes and duties result in higher retail prices of alcoholic beverages like whisky in Haryana compared to other states.

What Affects the Prices of Royal Green Whisky in Haryana?

The retail prices of Royal Green whisky in Haryana depend on several factors:

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1. Base Price

The base price set by the manufacturer Allied Blenders and Distillers has a major impact. Any changes in production costs, brand promotion expenses etc. alter the base price.

2. Supply Chain Costs

Distributor commissions, logistics expenses, retailer margins etc. add to the supply chain costs which affect the retail price.

3. Taxes

VAT, excise duties, GST and other applicable taxes imposed by the state and central government also influence the prices. Tax rates vary for different pack sizes.

4. Location Within the State

Overhead costs for sellers may differ across districts in Haryana. Transportation costs also vary based on proximity to the distributor or retailer.

5. Market Dynamics

Factors like demand-supply equilibrium, competitor offers, festivals & seasons lead to dynamic pricing adjustments from time to time.

So the cumulative impact of the above factors determines the retail price you pay for Royal Green whisky in Haryana. Let us look at the latest prices across various pack sizes:

Royal Green Whisky Prices in Haryana 2023

Here are the latest Royal Green whisky prices in Haryana:

Pack Size Price in Haryana
180 ml ₹120 – 150
375 ml ₹240 – 290
750 ml ₹700 – 850
1000 ml ₹950 – 1200

As evident, the price range varies depending on location and exact pack size:

  • 180 ml – This nip-size pack is ideal for personal consumption and trial. It is priced from ₹120 to ₹150 across Haryana.
  • 375 ml – The quarter bottle pack retails between ₹240 – ₹290 in most places. It offers better value for money than the 180 ml pack.
  • 750 ml – This is the standard whisky bottle size. In Haryana, a Royal Green 750 ml bottle can be purchased for ₹700 – ₹850.
  • 1000 ml – Also known as 1 litre bottle, this economical pack size is available from ₹950 to ₹1200. It is suitable for larger gatherings and parties.

The prices tend to be towards the higher end in Gurugram and Faridabad due to higher rents and cost of living. In interior districts like Jhajjar, Mahendragarh, and Charkhi Dadri, the prices are on the lower end of the spectrum.

Price Trends in Major Cities of Haryana

Here we share the price range in some of the major cities and towns in Haryana for a 750 ml bottle of Royal Green whisky:

  • Gurugram – ₹750 – 900
  • Faridabad – ₹780 – 850
  • Hisar – ₹700 – 780
  • Rohtak – ₹720 – 820
  • Panipat – ₹750 – 810
  • Sonipat – ₹740 – 830
  • Ambala – ₹760 – 850
  • Karnal – ₹730 – 810
  • Yamuna Nagar – ₹740 – 820
  • Panchkula – ₹780 – 860
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So prices are towards the higher side in Gurugram, Faridabad, Ambala, and Panchkula and on the lower end in Hisar, Rohtak, Karnal, Yamuna Nagar etc. However, local market dynamics may lead to some variations.

Price Range at Different Retail Stores

Royal Green whisky is easily available in Haryana at liquor shops, department stores, modern retail outlets, duty-free shops, etc. Here is an indicative price range at major retail chains and stores in Haryana:

  • The Liquor Shop – ₹750 – 850 for 750ml bottle
  • Modern Liquor – ₹780 – 860
  • Elite Liquor Store – ₹750 – 880
  • Good Spirits – ₹740 – 810
  • Lot Wines & Spirits – ₹770 – 890
  • Premium Wines & Spirits – ₹760 – 850
  • English Wine Shop – ₹750 – 840

The actual prices may vary depending on the exact location, seasonal offers, etc. Most stores also offer home delivery services in major cities at nominal charges.

Price of Other Pack Sizes and Variants

Apart from the regular Royal Green whisky, some other available pack sizes and variants in Haryana with indicative pricing:

  • Royal Green Black Reserve (750ml) : ₹1200 – 1500
  • Royal Green Apple Infusion (750ml) : ₹900 – 1200
  • Royal Green Orange Twist (750ml) : ₹900 – 1300
  • Royal Green 60ml miniature : ₹45 – 60
  • Royal Green 90ml miniature : ₹65 – 80

The premium variants and infused flavored whiskies are priced higher. Miniature packs are also available for trial and sampling.

Buying Guide – Where to Buy at Lowest Prices?

Here are some tips to buy Royal Green whisky at the best prices in Haryana:

  • Opt for larger pack sizes like 1-liter bottles for better value. Check stores offering discounts or deals on them.
  • Buy from liquor stores and supermarkets in interior districts to get lower prices.
  • Shop at outlets running seasonal promotions to avail of offers like gift packs, bonus bottles, etc.
  • Online platforms like Living Liquids, Hip Bar, and Spirit Express deliver at discounted rates.
  • Duty-free stores in airports have competitive pricing due to waived taxes.
  • Avoid buying from unauthorized vendors selling illegally imported liquor.
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So visit reputed and licensed shops to enjoy the real taste of Royal Green at reasonable prices in Haryana!

Price Trends Over the Years

Here is a look at how Royal Green whisky prices in Haryana have evolved over the years:

Year 750ml Price 1L Price
2019 ₹600 – 700 ₹800 – 950
2020 ₹650 – 750 ₹850 – 1000
2021 ₹700 – 800 ₹900 – 1100
2022 ₹750 – 850 ₹1000 – 1200
2023 ₹780 – 880 ₹1100 – 1300

The prices have gradually increased over the past 5 years due to inflation, rising input costs, and an increase in excise duties. However, Royal Green continues to offer good value as a mid-segment whisky brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries on Royal Green whisky prices in Haryana:

1. What is the price of Royal Green 750 ml in Gurugram?

The price of a Royal Green 750 ml bottle in Gurugram ranges from ₹750 – 900 based on the exact shop location.

2. Is Royal Green whisky expensive in Faridabad?

Compared to other districts, Faridabad has slightly higher prices ranging from ₹780 – 850 for a 750ml Royal Green bottle.

3. What is the best place to buy Royal Green whisky in Haryana?

Interior districts like Hisar, Karnal, and Yamuna Nagar offer lower prices. Buying from duty-free shops also saves costs.

4. Is there any difference between Royal Green Black and the regular variant?

Yes, Royal Green Black Reserve is a premium blended whisky with a richer taste and ages in oak barrels. It is priced higher than regular Royal Green.

5. Is Royal Green whisky available online in Haryana?

Yes, major online liquor stores like Living Liquids, and Hip Bar deliver Royal Green whisky across Haryana. However, additional delivery charges apply.


We hope this detailed guide on Royal Green whisky prices in Haryana for 2023 helps you buy your favorite whisky at the best rate. Royal Green is among the preferred whisky brands in Haryana available in 180ml to 1 liter packs. While prices vary across cities, you can find good deals by checking a few stores in your location. Enjoy your drink responsibly!

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