Royal Green Whisky Price in Kerala 2023- Latest Rates

Royal Green is one of the most popular whisky brands in Kerala and across India. Made from the finest grains and blended to perfection, Royal Green has a smooth taste and aroma that makes it a favorite for whisky lovers. In this article, we will look at the latest Royal Green whisky prices in Kerala in 2023.

An Overview of Royal Green Whisky

Royal Green is an Indian whisky produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. The company was established in Mumbai in the 1960s and Royal Green was launched in 1989.

Over the years, Royal Green has become synonymous with quality whisky in the mid-priced segment. It is made from a blend of grain spirits and neutral spirits distilled from molasses. The whisky has a distinctive honey-gold color and a smooth, easy-drinking taste with hints of cereal sweetness.

Royal Green whisky comes in different bottle sizes – 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1000 ml. It has an alcohol content of 42.8%. The brand markets Royal Green as an aspirational whisky for ‘young progressive’ consumers who want to make their own choices.

Royal Green whisky is available across India as well as in many countries around the world. In Kerala, it is one of the most popular whisky brands across retail shops, bars, and hotels.

Royal Green Whisky Prices in Kerala in 2023

Here are the latest Royal Green whisky prices in Kerala for 2023:

Bottle Size Price in Rupees
1000 ml 1100
750 ml 900
375 ml 490
180 ml 250
90 ml 130

As evident from the price list, Royal Green whisky is very reasonably priced across all bottle sizes in Kerala. The pricing is attractive for consumers and in line with other popular whisky brands available in the state.

The 1000 ml pack which offers the best value for money is priced at Rs 1100. The 750 ml pack which is the most popular bottle size amongst consumers costs Rs 900. The smaller packs of 375ml and 180ml are priced at Rs 490 and Rs 250 respectively. The 90 ml miniature bottle is pocket-friendly at just Rs 130.

Over the last few years, the prices of Royal Green have remained consistent in Kerala, with no major fluctuations. The pricing is competitive with other whisky brands made by ABD like Director’s Special, Premium Whisky, Signature etc. This has helped Royal Green cement its place as the number-one-selling whisky brand in the state and in India.

Factors Affecting Pricing of Royal Green Whisky in Kerala

The prices of Royal Green whisky in Kerala depend on several factors:

State Excise Duties – The Kerala state government imposes excise duty on every bottle of alcohol sold in the state. For whisky, the excise duty is around 20-25% of the MRP. The pricing has to absorb this duty component.

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Import Fees – Royal Green is produced and bottled outside Kerala, so an inter-state import fee is applicable when the stock is brought into the state from the distillery. This impacts the end consumer pricing.

Supplier Margins – In addition to the company’s base price, stockists and retailers add their margins before the products are sold to consumers. These margins account for transport, overhead expenses, and profits for the suppliers.

Taxation – GST at the rate of 28% is charged on the MRP of every bottle of Royal Green sold in retail. VAT is also applicable in Kerala. These taxes are incorporated in the final prices.

Marketing & Promotion – Royal Green Whisky invests heavily in advertising, celebrity endorsements, and promotions. The cost is recovered through the pricing strategy.

Brand Image – As a popular premium whisky brand, Royal Green has created significant brand equity over the years. This allows it to maintain attractive pricing levels compared to lesser known brands.

How Prices of Royal Green Whisky Vary Across Different Retailers in Kerala?

While the printed MRP on every Royal Green bottle remains uniform across Kerala, the actual selling prices can vary depending on where you buy it from. Here is how the prices differ based on the type of retail channel:

  • Bars & Restaurants – These establishments sell Royal Green at premium prices – sometimes even higher than the MRP. A peg of Royal Green can cost Rs. 150 and above at bars.
  • Liquor Shops – Standalone liquor stores sell Royal Green bottles at 5-10% less than the MRP. They offer volumes and competitive sales margins for alcohol brands.
  • Duty-Free Shops – Royal Green is available at 25-30% lower prices at airport duty-free shops in Kerala since they save on local taxes. This offers great value for consumers.
  • Online Stores – Reputed online alcohol delivery platforms like Hip Bar, Living Liquidz, etc. retail Royal Green with 10-15% discounts compared to regular liquor shops. Home delivery adds to the convenience.
  • Supermarkets – Modern retail chains like More, Reliance Smart, etc. at times offer lower prices or bottle-on-bottle discounts on bestselling whisky brands like Royal Green to attract footfall.
  • Government Retail Outlets – Beverages Corporation and Consumerfed shops controlled by the Kerala government sell all liquor brands at consistent MRP rates uniformly across the state.

So when looking to buy Royal Green whisky, scout for the best deals across different retailers in your city to get the lowest price. However, do ensure you buy only from licensed and authorized sellers.

Factors to Check for Before Buying Royal Green Whisky in Kerala

While Royal Green offers great value, you should still inspect the bottle thoroughly before purchase:

  • Check the MRP printed on the bottle as per the Kerala state rules. This should match the price you are being charged.
  • Verify the % of alcohol which should be 42.8%. Anything less indicates dilution or tampering.
  • Ensure the seal is intact on opening the bottle cap. Breaking the seal should produce a cracking sound.
  • Look for any damage, leakage, or pilferage of the contents. This indicates mishandling during transit and storage.
  • Check the manufacturing and expiry dates printed on the label. Do not buy expired bottles.
  • Scan the unique serial code and security QR code on the label using your smartphone. This verifies the authenticity of the bottle.
  • Opt for batches produced in 2022 or 2023 for fresher-tasting whisky.
  • Only buy from licensed shops and ensure you get an invoice bill for your purchase.
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These simple checks will ensure you get a genuine bottle of Royal Green whisky in good condition.

Price Trends Over the Last 3 Years

To understand how Royal Green whisky prices have moved in Kerala, let us look at the pricing trend over the last 3 years:

  • 2020 – The MRP for 1000 ml Royal Green was Rs. 1050, 750 ml pack was Rs. 850. Lower prices despite the pandemic due to low taxes and input costs.
  • 2021 – Prices increased to Rs. 1100 for 1000 ml and Rs 900 for 750 ml bottles. Excise duties and costs went up post-lockdowns.
  • 2022 – No major price increase in 2022. 1000 ml pack still retails for Rs 1100. Only a slight upward revision in smaller packs.

The consistent pricing over the past 3 years makes Royal Green even more appealing for regular whisky drinkers in Kerala. With moderate inflation, prices have remained affordable and attractive for middle-class consumers.

Forecast for Royal Green Whisky Prices in Kerala in 2023

As we move into 2023, here is the pricing outlook expected for Royal Green whisky in Kerala:

  • No Major Price Hikes – Industry experts predict price stability for Royal Green in Kerala in 2023. Taxes are not expected to increase in the state. Input costs may rise marginally but can be absorbed.
  • Festive Discounts – During major festive occasions like Onam, New Year, and others, attractive discounts of 10-15% can be offered on Royal Green in Kerala to boost sales.
  • New Smaller Packs – 60ml and 30ml miniature bottles may be introduced for Royal Green to make it more affordable and drive trial amongst new drinkers.
  • Premium Variants – Royal Green Reserve, a premium offering aged in oak barrels may be launched in Kerala in 2023 at a 20-25% higher price point.
  • Improved Availability – ABD will enhance Royal Green’s distribution reach to smaller towns for better availability across Kerala.
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How to Buy Royal Green Whisky at Best Prices in Kerala?

Follow these tips to purchase your favourite Royal Green whisky at the lowest possible rates in Kerala:

  • Time your purchase around festive seasons and long weekends to avail of discounts.
  • Register on online alcohol stores for exclusive deals and lower prices.
  • Buy larger bottles such as 1000 ml which offer better value per ml compared to smaller packs.
  • Scout for bottle-on-bottle promotions by retailers during peak seasons. This offers a good bargain.
  • See if you can purchase at duty-free rates when traveling outside the state.
  • Purchase from CSD canteens if you are eligible since they offer discounted pricing on alcohol.
  • Split bulk purchases with friends to avail of quantity discounts from retailers.
  • Join loyalty programs by bars or retailers to earn points that can be redeemed for discounts.
  • Utilize OTTP apps like Zomato Pro and Dineout for 1+1 deals at bars.

With these smart tips, you can save significantly on your Royal Green whisky bottles in Kerala this 2023. Remember to drink responsibly!


Royal Green continues to be the favourite whisky for a huge consumer base in Kerala, known for its affordable pricing and smooth distinctive taste. As seen in our price analysis, a 1000 ml bottle is available for Rs 1100, which offers great value.

In 2023, no major price fluctuations are expected, though discounts can be availed during festive seasons. Prices tend to vary depending on the type of retailer, so try purchasing from outlets offering maximum discounts. Also, exercise caution and only buy sealed bottles from authorized sellers after verifying quality.

With whisky drinking growing as a trend in Kerala, Royal Green is well-positioned to retain its leadership position. For whisky lovers, Royal Green remains an accessible premium brand that delivers an enjoyable drinking experience. So next time you are planning to stock up your bar, keep an eye out for the best deals on Royal Green!

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