Royal Green Whisky Price in Pune [2023 Updated]

Royal Green is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, known for its smooth taste and affordable pricing. With its rising popularity, Royal Green whisky has become quite easily available across most liquor shops in Pune.

As a whisky connoisseur based out of Pune myself, I decided to put together this definitive guide on the latest Royal Green whisky prices in Pune for 2023.

An Overview of Royal Green Whisky

Royal Green is an Indian whisky, manufactured and marketed by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD). It is available in different variants based on the period of aging- Royal Green Reserve, Royal Green Honey, Royal Green Apple, etc.

However, the most popular variant is the standard Royal Green blend which offers a smooth, easy-drinking profile with hints of cereal sweetness. It is made from molasses and matured in oak barrels for 4 to 5 years on average.

While it’s not a premium single malt or Complex whisky, Royal Green has become a hit among casual drinkers and whisky beginners for its easy palate and wallet-friendly price point. It mixes well in cocktails too.

Royal Green Whisky Prices in Pune (Updated 2023)

Here are the latest Royal Green whisky prices in Pune as of August 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of 180ml Royal Green Whisky ₹115
Cost of 375ml Royal Green Whisky ₹235
Cost of 500ml Royal Green Whisky ₹310
Cost of 750ml Royal Green Whisky ₹460

As evident from the price list, Royal Green whisky is very reasonably priced even in its larger 750ml pack size. For whisky lovers on a budget, it presents perhaps the best value-for-money proposition.

The 180ml nip size is perfect for trying out the brand, while the 500ml and 750ml packs are apt for home bars or longer enjoyment over weeks.

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Factors Affecting the Price of Royal Green in Pune

The price of Royal Green whisky in Pune can be dependent on a few factors:

  • Taxes: Pune, being in Maharashtra, attracts fairly high state taxes on alcohol which impacts the retail price. VAT, import duties, etc. get added on top of MRP printed by ABD.
  • Location: Prices tend to be a bit higher at liquor stores in prime locations and malls compared to standalone shops. Airport shops charge the highest.
  • Shop Type: Government owned TASMAC shops usually have lower prices than private liquor stores.
  • Seasons: During festivals like Diwali or New Year when demand rises, some shops may charge 10-15% higher.
  • Volume Purchased: Bigger pack sizes like 750ml offer more value per ml compared to small 180ml bottles.
  • Age: The older ‘Reserve’ variants are priced higher than standard Royal Green.

So the best Royal Green price in Pune can vary between ₹100 to ₹550 approximately depending on these factors.

Places To Buy Royal Green Whisky in Pune

Here are some of the popular locations in Pune to purchase Royal Green whisky:

  • Premium Liquor Stores: Living Liquidz (Model Colony), 30 Proof Spiritz (Baner), Madsons (Camp), Amarsons (Viman Nagar), etc.
  • Supermarkets: Dorabjee’s, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Big Bazaar.
  • Government Shops: TASMAC liquor stores.
  • Bars/Pubs: Hard Rock Cafe, Effingut Brewerkz, Independence Brewing Company.
  • Duty-Free Shops: Pune Airport.
  • Online: Living Liquidz, HipBar, DrinksPrime, etc. deliver home.

I recommend visiting standalone premium liquor stores for the best prices and purchasing when any discounts/offers are running. For convenience, supermarkets are a good option too.

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Price Comparison With Other Popular Whisky Brands

Here’s a price comparison of Royal Green against other whisky brands popular in Pune:

Brand (750ml) Price
Royal Green ₹460
Blenders Pride ₹650
Black & White ₹1200
Chivas Regal 12 ₹2500
Glenlivet 12 ₹ 4500
Glenfiddich 12 ₹4500

So Royal Green is nearly 50% cheaper than even its parent company ABD’s own premium Blenders Pride blend. The price difference compared to single malts like Glenlivet or Glenfiddich is almost 10X!

Is Royal Green Whisky Worth Its Price in Pune?

At its modest pricing, Royal Green whisky definitely offers excellent value for money in Pune. It is quite smooth and easy to drink, ideal for casual drinking or whisky cocktails.

Of course, it lacks the complexity and premium quality of pricier single malts. But Royal Green isn’t trying to compete with them either.

For budget-conscious whisky lovers and first-time drinkers, Royal Green is worth its wallet-friendly price tag in Pune. The excellent availability across the city is a plus too.

Just remember to enjoy it responsibly! As seasoned whisky enthusiasts say, there is no right or wrong when it comes to your drink of choice.


I hope this detailed guide on the latest Royal Green whisky prices in Pune for 2023 has been useful. Royal Green offers a smooth, easy drinking whisky profile at excellent value.

Make sure to assess your budget, preferred pack size, location, and any applicable discounts before buying your Royal Green bottle. Drink responsibly and savor its taste, either on its own or mixed in cocktails for maximum enjoyment.

Here’s wishing you happy and responsible drinking! Let me know if you need any other Pune alcohol price updates in the comments below!

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