Royal Green Whisky Price in Punjab 2023 [updated list]

Royal Green is one of the most popular whisky brands in Punjab and across India. Made from the finest malted barley and aged in oak barrels, Royal Green has a smooth taste and rich aroma that whiskey lovers enjoy.

In this article, we will provide the latest Royal Green whisky price list in Punjab for 2023. We will cover all the popular bottle sizes like 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1 liter along with the prices from different stores across the state.

An Overview of Royal Green Whisky

Royal Green is an Indian whisky produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. The company was founded in Mumbai in the 1960s and Royal Green was launched in 1989.

Over the years, Royal Green has established itself as a premium whisky brand in India. It is an affordable whisky that offers a smooth drinking experience. The taste profile is well-balanced with hints of honey, spice, and oak flavors.

Royal Green uses quality grain spirits distilled in copper pot stills and then aged in oak barrels. This aging process gives the whisky its characteristic golden color and intensifies the flavors. The brand has received several accolades and awards at spirit competitions across the world.

The excellent taste and affordable pricing make Royal Green one of the best-selling whisky brands in Punjab as well as other states in north India. It is popular amongst the youth and college students due to its easy drinkability. The whisky can be enjoyed neat, with water or soda, or in cocktails.

Royal Green Whisky Prices in Punjab 2023

Here are the latest Royal Green whisky prices in Punjab for all the popular bottle sizes:

Royal Green 180ml

  • Price – ₹120 to ₹140
  • Popular with college students due to affordable pocket-friendly size
  • Available in all liquor shops, bars, and pubs

Royal Green 375ml

  • Price – ₹240 to ₹280
  • Good for personal consumption or gifting purposes
  • Retail at most liquor stores in Punjab

Royal Green 750ml

  • Price – ₹480 to ₹550
  • The most popular bottle size for regular buyers
  • Available across all major cities in Punjab

Royal Green 1000ml/1L

  • Price – ₹700 to ₹850
  • Best value for money, ideal for parties
  • Sold at bigger liquor shops in cities like Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar

The prices may vary slightly across different shops depending on location and taxes. Liquor shops in posh areas may charge higher compared to regular stores.

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Always check the MRP printed on the bottle before purchasing. Do not pay more than the maximum retail price.

Factors Affecting Royal Green Whisky Price in Punjab

The prices of Royal Green whisky bottles in Punjab are dependent on several factors:

Taxes and Duties

Alcoholic beverages like whisky are subject to excise duty, import duty (if imported), GST, and other taxes levied by the state government. An increase in taxes directly impacts the retail price. Punjab has one of the highest liquor taxes in India.

Brand Value

As a premium whisky brand, Royal Green can command a higher price compared to cheaper brands. Its brand value allows it to be priced higher.

Location Within the State

Liquor prices are higher in posh urban areas compared to small towns due to higher rents and overheads. Royal Green whisky price in a place like Amritsar will be higher than a small town in Punjab.

Supply Chain Costs

Production, packaging, transportation, and retail store costs add up along the supply chain. These costs affect the final MRP printed on the bottles.

Price Comparison of Different Bottle Sizes

Here is a price comparison of Royal Green whisky across the various bottle sizes in Punjab:

Bottle Size Average Price
180ml ₹130
375ml ₹260
750ml ₹515
1000ml/1L ₹775

The larger 1-liter bottle offers the best value at just ₹775 on average compared to the smaller 180ml bottle at ₹130. The lower per ml price makes it ideal for parties or gifting purposes.

The 375ml and 750ml bottles are the most popular sizes bought for personal consumption. The 750ml bottle gives you more than double the quantity compared to the 375ml bottle for just double the price.

Price Trends Over the Years

Royal Green whisky prices in Punjab have gradually increased over the past few years. Here are the price trends:

  • 2016 – ₹400 for 750ml bottle
  • 2018 – ₹450 for 750ml bottle
  • 2020 – ₹500 for 750ml bottle
  • 2022 – ₹550 for 750ml bottle

The prices have increased at an average rate of 5% per year due to inflation and rising taxes. However, Royal Green still offers better value than most premium whisky brands.

In 2023, the prices are expected to remain stable or see a minor increase in line with previous years. Taxes could also be revised in the upcoming state budget which can impact prices.

Where to Buy Royal Green Whisky in Punjab

Royal Green whisky is easily available at all liquor stores, shops, malls, bars, and pubs across major cities of Punjab:

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Shop at upmarket liquor stores in Ghumar Mandi, Mall Road, Feroze Gandhi Market, and Sarabha Nagar. Also available in bars along Pakhowal Road.


Purchase from liquor shops in Hall Bazaar, Lawrence Road, Crystal Chowk, and Ranjit Avenue. Hotels in the city center also stock Royal Green.


Buy from shops in Model Town Market, Puda Complex, and along the GT Road. Bars and pubs in the city center have good stock.


Available in upmarket liquor stores on Mall Road, Leela Bhawan Market, and Rajindra Hospital Road. Also in hotels on Mall Road.


Shops near Dhobiana Road, Mall Road, and along Muktsar Road sell Royal Green whisky. Good availability in bars in the city center.

Buying Royal Green Whisky Online in Punjab

Reputable online liquor stores in Punjab also deliver Royal Green whisky. Here are the major online retailers:

  • Living Liquidz – Wide range of whisky brands, free home delivery in 24 hours
  • Madhulika Wine Shop – Discount deals on Royal Green, quick delivery
  • Hip Bar – Large selection of liquor, same-day delivery in major cities

When ordering online, always verify the liquor license and credentials of the retailer. Examine product packaging before accepting delivery.

Top 5 Bars and Pubs to Enjoy Royal Green in Punjab

Here are the best bars and pubs in Punjab to enjoy Royal Green whisky:

1. Panama Bar – Zirakpur

Famous pub with a dance floor, and live music, great for parties

2. Down Town Pub – Ludhiana

Stylish pub with amazing food and a large whisky collection

3. UPS Bar – Amritsar

Iconic bar since the 1960s, with refreshing drinks and vintage charm

4. Black Venue Restro Bar – Jalandhar

Modern bar with fantastic cocktails and bottles of Royal Green

5. MC Radisson Bar – Patiala

Classy bar in a luxury hotel serving premium Indian and imported whiskies

How to Drink Royal Green Whisky?

Royal Green has a smooth taste that can be enjoyed neat or with mixers:

  • On the Rocks – Pour Royal Green over ice cubes in a rocks glass. Enjoy its clean taste.
  • With Soda – Mix whisky and soda in a 60:40 ratio. Spruce with lime for a refreshing highball.
  • With Water – Add a few drops of water to open the flavors. Ideal way to appreciate the nuances.
  • Whisky Sour – Shaken with lemon juice, sugar syrup & a dash of egg white for a flavorful sour cocktail.
  • Old Fashioned – Stirred with bitters and sugar for a spirit-forward classic cocktail.
  • Hot Toddy – Mixed with honey, lemon, and hot water, perfect for cold weather.
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Reasons for Royal Green’s Popularity in Punjab

Here are some of the key reasons why Royal Green whisky is so hugely popular in the state of Punjab:

  • Smooth taste – Easy to drink with rich and balanced flavor
  • Value for money – Priced lower than most premium whisky brands
  • Locally produced – Sense of pride in consuming an Indian whisky brand
  • Smart marketing – Strong promotions and brand positioning
  • Wide availability – Sold across all major markets in the state
  • ** Cultural affinity** – Drinking whisky is part of Punjabi culture
  • Gifting purpose – Royal Green is a prestigious gift choice during weddings and parties

The excellent blend of quality, taste, promotion, and cultural branding has established Royal Green as the whiskey of choice in Punjab.

Royal Green Whisky Price in Other States

Here is a look at prevailing Royal Green whisky prices in other northern states:

Rajasthan – ₹510 for 750ml bottle

Haryana – ₹490 for 750ml

Delhi – ₹560 for 750ml

Uttar Pradesh – ₹525 for 750ml

Uttarakhand – ₹580 for 750ml

The prices vary from state to state based on local taxes, levies, retail margins, and transportation costs. Punjab has among the highest prices for Royal Green whisky in north India.


Royal Green continues to be the number one choice of whisky for the people of Punjab due to its great taste, affordable pricing, and easy availability. It is consumed socially by the young and old alike during parties, celebrations, and get-togethers.

In this article, we have provided the latest Royal Green whisky price list across all the popular bottle sizes in Punjab. The prices range from ₹120 for a 180ml bottle to ₹850 for a 1 liter bottle. 750ml is the most commonly bought size at ₹500-550 in the state.

Royal Green whisky can be purchased from all leading liquor stores, supermarkets, bars, and pubs in the major cities of Punjab. It can also be bought online from reputed liquor retailers delivering across the state.

With its smooth taste and reasonable pricing, Royal Green whisky is sure to continue being the preferred whisky brand for the whisky-loving people of Punjab.

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