Royal Stag Price in Assam 2023 [Updated Price List]

Royal Stag is one of the most popular whiskey brands in India. It is manufactured by Pernod Ricard India Pvt Ltd. Royal Stag whiskey has a strong presence across India including the state of Assam. It is affordably priced and offers a great blend of taste and smoothness.

In this article, we will look at the latest Royal Stag whiskey price list in Assam for 2023. We will cover the prices of different variants like Royal Stag, Royal Stag Barrel Select etc. in various pack sizes.

Overview of Royal Stag Whiskey

Royal Stag is an Indian whisky brand manufactured by Pernod Ricard India. It is one of the highest-selling whisky brands in India with sales of over 30 million bottles annually.

Some key facts about Royal Stag whiskey:

  • Launched in 1995
  • Manufactured at the Seagram’s plants in Nashik, Maharashtra, and Baramati, Maharashtra.
  • Uses a blend of grain spirits and imported Scotch malts
  • Aged for around 5 years in oak barrels before bottling
  • No artificial flavors are added
  • Smooth taste with hints of honey and spice
  • Affordably priced at around Rs. 300 to 400 per 750 ml bottle

Royal Stag whiskey comes in different variants like Royal Stag, Royal Stag Barrel Select, Royal Stag Barrel Reserve etc. It is available in various pack sizes like 90 ml, 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1 litre bottles.

The brand name ‘Royal’ represents its majestic taste profile while ‘Stag’ symbolizes masculinity and confidence. The stag logo on the bottle reinforces its masculine imagery.

Royal Stag Prices in Assam

Here are the latest Royal Stag whiskey prices in Assam state for 2023:

1. Royal Stag Price in Assam

This is the standard Royal Stag variant available across India.

Brand Volume Price
Royal Stag 1000 ml ₹650
Royal Stag 750 ml ₹400
Royal Stag 375 ml ₹220
Royal Stag 180 ml ₹110
Royal Stag 90 ml ₹70
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As seen above, the Royal Stag 750 ml pack costs around ₹400 in Assam. The 1 liter pack is priced at ₹650 while the 180 ml quarter bottle comes for ₹110.

2. Royal Stag Barrel Select Price in Assam

The Royal Stag Barrel Select is a more premium variant aged in handpicked oak barrels. It is priced around 20% higher than the regular Royal Stag.

Brand Volume Price
Royal Stag Barrel Select 1000 ml ₹750
Royal Stag Barrel Select 750 ml ₹500
Royal Stag Barrel Select 375 ml ₹250
Royal Stag Barrel Select 180 ml ₹130
Royal Stag Barrel Select 90 ml ₹80

The Royal Stag Barrel Select 750 ml bottle costs around ₹500 in Assam. The 1 liter pack comes for ₹750.

3. Royal Stag Barrel Reserve Price in Assam

This is an ultra-premium variant from Royal Stag aged for over 8 years in oak barrels. It has a richer taste profile and costs almost double than regular Royal Stag whiskey.

Brand Volume Price
Royal Stag Barrel Reserve 750 ml ₹700
Royal Stag Barrel Reserve 375 ml ₹380

There are no other pack sizes available for the Barrel Reserve variant. The 750 ml pack is priced at ₹700 in Assam.

Factors Affecting Royal Stag Price in Assam

The Royal Stag whiskey price in Assam is dependent on several factors:

  • State Excise Duties – Liquor price varies across states as per the respective state government policies. Assam charges decent excise making Royal Stag affordable.
  • Taxes – GST, import duties, etc. contribute to the retail price. Taxes on liquor are quite high in India.
  • Transportation & Distribution – Costs incurred to transport from the production units to warehouses across the state.
  • Profit Margins – Of the manufacturer, distributor, and retail shop selling the bottle. Profit margins account for 15-20% of the retail price.
  • Brand Popularity – Higher demand and brand value allow Royal Stag to be priced competitively. It can be lower than less popular brands.
  • Packaging & Bottling – Premium bottles and packaging also add to the overall costs.
  • Location – Prices in major cities like Guwahati tend to be slightly higher than in rural areas.
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Price Trends Over The Years

If we analyze historical prices, Royal Stag whiskey has seen a gradual price hike of around 8%-12% each year in Assam. Here are the price trends:

  • A 750 ml Royal Stag bottle which cost around ₹325 in 2016 has now crossed ₹400 in 2023.
  • The 1 liter pack was earlier priced at ₹550 which has now gone up to ₹650.
  • Smaller 180 ml packs used to retail for ₹90 back in 2018 but now cost ₹110.
  • The premium Barrel Select variant was launched around ₹100 higher than the regular Royal Stag. The pricing gap has remained consistent over the years.
  • Delhi and Haryana used to have slightly lower prices but recently Assam has achieved price parity after cuts in excise duties.

Overall, the rate of price increase has been reasonable at less than 10% per year. No drastic spikes have been observed even with a rise in input costs and inflation.

Price Comparison With Other States

Here is a price comparison of Royal Stag 750 ml bottle across some key states:

  • Assam – ₹400
  • Delhi – ₹410
  • Goa – ₹370
  • Karnataka – ₹420
  • Rajasthan – ₹380
  • West Bengal – ₹415

So the pricing in Assam is quite reasonable and at par with other states. In fact, it is cheaper than states like Karnataka and West Bengal.

The affordable pricing coupled with smooth taste has made Royal Stag the best selling whiskey brand in the state.

Price Comparison With Other Brands

Let’s also compare Royal Stag prices versus other whiskey brands in Assam:

  • Royal Stag (750ml) – ₹400
  • Imperial Blue (750ml) – ₹330
  • Signature Premier (750ml) – ₹280
  • Blender’s Pride (750ml) – ₹650
  • Chivas Regal 12 YO (750ml) – ₹2200
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So Royal Stag is priced at a small premium over cheaper brands like Signature Premier. But it is significantly more affordable than premium scotch whiskies like Chivas.

Hence Royal Stag has positioned itself as an aspirational whiskey brand in Assam. It provides better quality than very cheap whiskies. At the same time, it is priced reasonably for the masses, unlike high-end premium brands that cost 4-5 times more.

The Verdict

As we have seen in this detailed pricing analysis, Royal Stag whiskey is reasonably priced in Assam. A 750 ml bottle costs ₹400 which is in line with most other states.

The premium Royal Stag Barrel Select variant is priced around ₹100 higher. There has been a gradual price increase over the years but no drastic changes.

When compared with other whiskey brands, Royal Stag is competitively priced considering its brand value and taste profile. It certainly offers the best value-for-money whisky-drinking experience in Assam.

So if you are looking for an affordable high-quality whisky in Assam, you cannot go wrong with Royal Stag. Its smooth classic taste perfectly balances the price you pay. Truly a whiskey worth its price in Assam.

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