Royal Stag Price in Hyderabad 2023- Updated Price List

Royal Stag is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, known for its smooth taste and affordable pricing. It is an iconic brand manufactured by Pernod Ricard India and has a strong market presence across the country. Hyderabad, being a metropolitan city and IT hub of Telangana, witnesses high demand and consumption of alcoholic beverages like whisky. In this article, we will look at the latest Royal Stag price list in Hyderabad for 2023.

Overview of Royal Stag Whisky

Royal Stag is a blend of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. It was launched in 1995 and soon became a hit among whisky drinkers given its easy-to-drink profile and wallet-friendly price point.

Some key highlights of Royal Stag whisky:

  • Manufactured by Pernod Ricard India, the leading alcoholic beverage company in India
  • Matured in oak barrels to lend a smooth taste and aroma
  • Medium-bodied blend with hints of vanilla, honey, and spices
  • No harsh alcohol burn associated with cheap whiskies
  • Available in multiple pack sizes – 90 ml, 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1 liter

Royal Stag has a distinctive taste and character that sets it apart from other whisky brands in its price segment. It strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality.

Royal Stag Price in Hyderabad 2023

Let’s look at the latest Royal Stag price list in Hyderabad for the different pack sizes:

Royal Stag Price in Hyderabad for 90 ml

  • MRP: ₹110
  • Restaurant price: ₹130 – ₹150

This miniature 90 ml pack is ideal for trial consumption or sampling the whisky before purchasing a full bottle. It is the most affordable way to enjoy Royal Stag.

Royal Stag Price in Hyderabad for 180 ml

  • MRP: ₹220
  • Restaurant price: ₹240 – ₹280

The 180 ml quarter bottle is meant for individual consumption and serves 2-3 drinks. It is a popular format for having Royal Stag at bars and restaurants in Hyderabad.

Royal Stag Price in Hyderabad for 375 ml

  • MRP: ₹440
  • Restaurant price: ₹480 – ₹550

The 375 ml pack contains approximately 12 servings and is apt for personal consumption at home or gifting purposes. It is also an economical way to keep Royal Stag stocked in bars.

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Royal Stag Price in Hyderabad for 750 ml

  • MRP: ₹880
  • Restaurant price: ₹900 – ₹1100

This is the standard 750 ml bottle size that most people buy for enjoying Royal Stag at home. It usually contains around 30 servings.

Royal Stag Price in Hyderabad for 1 litre

  • MRP: ₹1180
  • Restaurant price: ₹1200 – ₹1400

The 1-litre pack with approximately 40 servings is meant for larger home gatherings, house parties, and stocking up the bar. It offers the best value for money for Royal Stag.

The actual retail prices at liquor shops may be slightly lower than the MRP due to offers, discounts, or state excise duties. At bars and restaurants, the prices are higher due to added service charges.

Royal Stag Barrel Select Price in Hyderabad

Royal Stag also has a premium expression called the Royal Stag Barrel Select. It is aged in handpicked oak barrels for a smoother sipping experience. Let’s look at the Royal Stag Barrel Select price list in Hyderabad:

Royal Stag Barrel Select Price in Hyderabad for 375 ml

  • MRP: ₹560
  • Restaurant Price: ₹600 – ₹700

Royal Stag Barrel Select Price in Hyderabad for 750 ml

  • MRP: ₹1120
  • Restaurant Price: ₹1200 – ₹1400

Royal Stag Barrel Select Price in Hyderabad for 1 litre

  • MRP: ₹1480
  • Restaurant Price: ₹1600 – ₹1800

Compared to regular Royal Stag, the Barrel Select variant costs approximately 40% higher owing to its specialized aging and premium packaging. It is a more refined blended whisky for discerning drinkers.

Price Comparison With Other Cities

Royal Stag whisky prices in Hyderabad are largely at par with other major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, etc. However, prices may vary by ₹20 – ₹30 across different states based on liquor taxation policies and supply dynamics.

Here is a comparison of MRP rates of 750 ml Royal Stag in the major metros:

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City 750 ml Rate
Hyderabad ₹880
Bangalore ₹860
Chennai ₹900
Mumbai ₹890
Delhi ₹865
Kolkata ₹870

So the prices are largely uniform across these cities with minor differences. Hyderabad enjoys reasonable rates due to the favorable taxation structure in Telangana.

Factors Affecting Royal Stag Prices in Hyderabad

The retail prices of Royal Stag in Hyderabad are dependent on several factors:

State Excise Duties: Telangana levies approximately 17% excise duty on liquor which impacts the base price.

Supplier Discounts: Pernod Ricard provides occasional discounts or schemes to distributors that bring down the prices.

Location: Prices vary marginally across localities within the city based on demand and supply dynamics.

Retailer Margins: Shops may offer discounts on MRP or charge higher based on location advantage.

Restaurant Markups: Bars and restaurants charge extra service fees which increases Royal Stag price.

Seasons: Prices tend to be higher during festive or peak seasons due to higher demand.

Changes in Regulations: Any changes in state alcohol pricing policies also affect the retail prices.

Price Trends Over The Years

Historically, Royal Stag prices in Hyderabad have remained stable with minimal price hikes over the years. Some noticeable trends are:

  • Gradual MRP increase of approx. 8-10% every 2-3 years
  • Higher retail margins charged by restaurants and pubs
  • Relative price advantage vs. other liquor has remained constant
  • Festive/summer season price spikes continue every year

So while Royal Stag has gotten slightly costlier over the last decade, it still remains an affordable whisky brand compared to most others. Its value positioning has remained unchanged.

How to Buy at Best Price?

Here are some tips to buy Royal Stag whisky at the best price in Hyderabad:

  • Opt for larger pack sizes like 1 litre bottles which offer the best value
  • Check liquor store brochures or newspaper ads for ongoing discounts
  • Register at the brand’s online portal for coupons or special offers
  • Look for shops in military areas like AOC, and CSD where prices are lower
  • Purchase during the off-season period to avoid peak season rates
  • Explore duty-free shops at Hyderabad Airport for savings on 1-litre size
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Avoid paying restaurant markups by purchasing your liquor from retail shops. Also, buy during sales or festive offers to get the maximum savings.

Price Controls and Availability in Hyderabad

In Telangana, liquor sale is regulated by the State Beverages Corporation which determines license fees and outlet density. There are around 2,200 licensed shops in Hyderabad with each municipal zone having 8-10 retail stores on average.

Royal Stag is readily available across all major retail liquor stores as well as in bars, clubs, and restaurants in Hyderabad. It is also easily accessible in wine shops or liquor stores in prime localities like Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, Gachibowli, etc.

Shortage of supply is rare, but prices may be hiked during the peak demand season of April-June. Otherwise, Royal Stag maintains adequate stocks to meet regular demand.


Royal Stag continues to be a popular whisky choice among Hyderabadis given its affordable pricing and easy taste. It is available across the city in all pack sizes through liquor retail outlets as well as in bars and restaurants.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the latest Royal Stag price list in Hyderabad for 2023. While prices may fluctuate moderately, Royal Stag still remains a value-for-money blended whisky option for regular drinking or entertaining guests at home. Refer to this price list whenever you shop for Royal Stag in Hyderabad.

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