Royal Stag Price in Kerala 2023- Updated Price List

Royal Stag is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. It is owned by Pernod Ricard India and produced at the Seagram manufacturing facility in Nashik, Maharashtra. Royal Stag whisky was launched in 1995 and has grown to become a leading brand in the regular whisky segment in India.

In Kerala, Royal Stag whisky is widely available and consumed. The prices of Royal Stag whisky in Kerala vary depending on the variant, bottle size, and location. In this article, we will look at the latest Royal Stag price list in Kerala for 2023.

Overview of Royal Stag Whisky

Royal Stag whisky is a blend of grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. It is a smooth whisky with a distinctive taste profile. Royal Stag has a light body and is easy to drink. It has tasting notes of barley, honey, vanilla, and oak.

Royal Stag is an affordable whisky brand catering to a wide range of consumers in India. It is marketed as a whisky that evokes feelings of success, achievement, and celebration. The brand ambassadors for Royal Stag over the years have included leading Bollywood actors like Shah Rukh Khan conveying these brand values.

Some key facts about Royal Stag whisky:

  • Owned by: Pernod Ricard India
  • Manufacturing Facility: Nashik, Maharashtra
  • Key markets: India, Nepal, Middle East
  • Brand ambassadors: Shah Rukh Khan (2001–2007), Saif Ali Khan (2018–present)
  • Product range: Royal Stag, Royal Stag Barrel Select

Royal Stag whisky comes in different bottle sizes ranging from 90 ml to 1 liter. It is also available in a premium variant known as Royal Stag Barrel Select.

Royal Stag Price List in Kerala 2023

Here is an overview of the latest Royal Stag whisky price list in Kerala for 2023:

Royal Stag Regular Prices

Bottle Size Price in Kerala
1000 ml ₹980
750 ml ₹750
375 ml ₹380
180 ml ₹190
90 ml ₹80

Royal Stag Barrel Select Prices

Bottle Size Price in Kerala
1000 ml ₹1,050
750 ml ₹850
375 ml ₹450
180 ml ₹230
90 ml ₹110
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The above prices are indicative prices in Kerala for 2023. There can be minor variations in prices across locations within the state. Taxes are included in the prices.

Factors Affecting Royal Stag Prices in Kerala

The prices of Royal Stag whisky in Kerala are dependent on various factors:

1. Taxes

Alcoholic beverages like whisky are subject to excise duty and sales tax in Kerala. Any changes in the taxation rates are reflected in the retail prices. The taxes on liquor are relatively high in Kerala compared to other states.

2. Location

There is a variation in Royal Stag whisky prices across different cities and districts within Kerala. Prices are usually higher in hotels, bars, and airports compared to regular liquor shops.

3. Bottle Size

As evident from the price list, the per ml price of Royal Stag whisky varies based on the bottle size. Larger-size bottles (750 ml and above) are more economical. Smaller bottles attract a higher per ml price.

4. Age and Variant

Royal Stag Barrel Select is aged for a longer period and is more premium compared to the regular Royal Stag variant. This is reflected in its higher pricing.

5. Seasons and Festivals

During peak seasons and festive periods, prices of liquor tend to be higher due to an increase in demand. Similarly, promotional discounts also lead to temporary price reductions.

Minimum Retail Price of Royal Stag in Kerala

The Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO), which has a monopoly over liquor retail in the state, periodically revises the minimum retail prices of various brands.

The current minimum retail price of Royal Stag whisky variants in Kerala are:

  • Regular Royal Stag: ₹400 for 750 ml bottle
  • Royal Stag Barrel Select: ₹550 for 750 ml bottle

Retailers are not allowed to sell below the minimum retail price set by BEVCO. However, discounts can be offered on the maximum retail price which is higher than the minimum price.

Where to Buy Royal Stag in Kerala

Royal Stag whisky is widely available across Kerala. Here are some of the top places where you can buy Royal Stag whisky:

  • BEVCO outlets – Kerala State Beverages Corporation operates around 270 liquor outlets across the state where you can buy Royal Stag and other liquor brands.
  • Bar – Royal Stag is readily available in most bars in Kerala. You can buy a drink or a full bottle.
  • Clubs – Clubs with liquor licenses like Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, etc. also retail Royal Stag. Members can buy bottles for takeaway.
  • Duty-free shops – Royal Stag whisky is available for purchase at attractive rates from duty-free shops at airports in Kerala like Cochin International Airport.
  • Online – In Thiruvananthapuram, online home delivery of liquor is allowed through the BEVQ app and website. Royal Stag can be ordered online and delivered.
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Price Trends Over the Years

As a popular whisky brand, Royal Stag has witnessed gradual price increases over the past decade in line with overall inflation and a rise in liquor taxes. However, it has still managed to remain affordable and retain its appeal amongst regular whisky drinkers.

Some of the key price trends for Royal Stag in Kerala:

  • A 750 ml bottle of regular Royal Stag priced around ₹320 in 2010 has now crossed ₹750, seeing a 2X price increase.
  • Between 2020 and 2022, Royal Stag prices have risen by around ₹100 – ₹150 across different bottle sizes due to a hike in excise duties.
  • Compared to other liquor categories like beer and imported spirits, the rate of price increase has been moderate for regular whisky brands like Royal Stag.
  • Premium segment whiskies have seen relatively steeper price hikes than regular segments in the last 5 years.
  • Smaller pack sizes of 180 ml and 90 ml have faced bigger price inflation as they have higher taxation.

Overall, Royal Stag whisky has retained its affordability and popularity in Kerala even as prices have gradually increased over the years. Its appeal as a mass-market whisky brand has ensured steady sales and volumes.

Price Comparison With Other Whisky Brands

It is interesting to compare the price of Royal Stag with other leading whisky brands in Kerala such as:

  • Original Choice – Similar pricing as Royal Stag across variants and bottle sizes
  • Signature – Slightly higher than Royal Stag, around 10% premium
  • Imperial Blue – At par or marginally lower prices than Royal Stag
  • Blenders Pride – Significantly more premium, almost 2X the price of Royal Stag
  • Chivas Regal – Over 4X the price of Royal Stag for a comparable bottle
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Among international brands, Royal Stag is priced competitively higher than mainstream blended Scotch whiskies like JW Red Label and lower than premium single malts. Compared to imported liquor, Royal Stag offers better value for money for regular drinkers.

Price Forecast for 2023

The prices of Royal Stag whisky in Kerala are expected to remain stable in 2023 with minor increases of around 5% anticipated.

Some factors that could influence Royal Stag pricing in 2023:

  • Status quo in Kerala liquor taxes – no significant hike expected
  • Stable input costs for Pernod Ricard
  • Steady demand outlook for regular whiskies
  • Possibility of a marginal increase in supplier prices
  • Low to moderate overall inflation environment

Barring any unforeseen taxation changes or input cost shocks, consumers in Kerala can expect Royal Stag to be available in 2023 at pricing similar to 2022 levels. Among popular regular whisky brands, Royal Stag is expected to maintain its competitiveness.


Royal Stag continues to be a widely consumed regular whisky brand in Kerala owing to its affordable pricing, smooth taste, and smart branding. It caters to a large value-conscious consumer base across the state.

The pricing is quite standardized and uniform across the key markets. Considering its mass market positioning, Royal Stag whisky has managed to retain its appeal even as prices have gradually increased over the long term. The future outlook on pricing also remains stable.

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