Royal Stag Price in Punjab 2023 – Latest Price List

Royal Stag is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, especially in the northern states like Punjab. It is manufactured by Pernod Ricard India and enjoys a huge demand owing to its smooth taste and affordable pricing. In this article, we will look at the latest Royal Stag price list in Punjab state for 2023.

An Overview of Royal Stag Whisky

Royal Stag whisky gets its name from the majestic Royal Stag deer illustration on its logo. It is an Indian whisky blended from imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits. The brand was launched in 1995 and aimed to capture the aspiring middle-class market in India.

Some key features of Royal Stag whisky:

  • Smooth blend of Scotch malts and Indian grains
  • No artificial flavors added
  • Aged for over 4 years in oak barrels
  • Rich aroma and rounded malty taste
  • Light and easy-drinking profile
  • Affordable pricing due to indigenous production
  • Youthful and aspirational brand image

Royal Stag quickly became one of the highest-selling whisky brands in India and also gets exported to several other countries. It is marketed in 4 main variants – Regular, Deluxe, Barrel Select, and Mega Premium.

Royal Stag Price in Punjab 2023

Let’s look at the latest Royal Stag price list in Punjab state for 2023:

Royal Stag Regular Price in Punjab

Brand Volume Price
Royal Stag (Regular) 1000 ml ₹750
Royal Stag (Regular) 750 ml ₹500
Royal Stag (Regular) 375 ml ₹260
Royal Stag (Regular) 180 ml ₹130
Royal Stag (Regular) 90 ml ₹70

The Royal Stag regular variant is the standard offering. It is a smooth blend of imported Scotch malts and domestic grain spirits. No flavors are added apart from the maturation in oak barrels for over 4 years.

It has a refined taste with hints of honey, spice, and vanilla. The finish is rounded and smooth. Royal Stag regular is ideal for drinking neat or with ice/water. It also works well in whisky cocktails.

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In Punjab, a 750 ml bottle of Royal Stag regularly costs around ₹500 which makes it very reasonably priced. The 180 ml miniatures are also popular starting at just ₹130.

Royal Stag Deluxe Price in Punjab

Brand Volume Price
Royal Stag (Deluxe) 1000 ml ₹900
Royal Stag (Deluxe) 750 ml ₹600
Royal Stag (Deluxe) 375 ml ₹310
Royal Stag (Deluxe) 180 ml ₹160
Royal Stag (Deluxe) 90 ml ₹85

The Royal Stag Deluxe variant is aged for longer in oak barrels which gives it a deeper flavor profile. It has hints of fruit, honey, and spices on the palate and a lingering finish.

In Punjab, a 750 ml bottle is priced at around ₹600. The higher aging translates into a smoother and more premium-tasting whisky. Royal Stag Deluxe is recommended for sipping neat or on-the-rocks.

Royal Stag Barrel Select Price in Punjab

Brand Volume Price
Royal Stag Barrel Select 1000 ml ₹850
Royal Stag Barrel Select 750 ml ₹550
Royal Stag Barrel Select 375 ml ₹280
Royal Stag Barrel Select 180 ml ₹150
Royal Stag Barrel 90 ml ₹80

The Royal Stag Barrel Select variant is finished in hand-picked oak barrels for extra smoothness and character. It has a rich golden hue and a rounded body with a lingering finish.

Tasting notes commonly detected include vanilla, fruit, honey, butterscotch, and spices. It is the most premium Royal Stag offering. In Punjab, a 750 ml bottle costs around ₹550.

Factors Affecting Royal Stag Prices in Punjab

Royal Stag whisky prices in Punjab depend on several factors:

1. Taxes: There are high excise duties and VAT on liquor in Punjab. Around 40-60% of the Royal Stag price constitutes various state taxes. When the taxes rise, the prices also increase.

2. Branding: Royal Stag invests heavily in branding, celebrity endorsements, and advertisements. The premium positioning allows them to price it higher than competitors.

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3. Raw Materials: The cost of importing Scotch malts as well as domestic grains affects the pricing. Appreciation of foreign currencies also has an impact.

4. Transportation & Distribution: Logistics costs for distribution across Punjab adds to the expense. A complex distribution chain involving manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers influences the final price.

5. Location: Prices are usually a bit higher in areas far from the manufacturing states. Transportation costs get added. Local market dynamics also result in price variations.

6. Retail Margins: The retail margins at wine shops, bars, restaurants, etc. contribute to the final price paid by the end consumer. Bigger outlets tend to keep higher margins.

Price Trends in the Last 5 Years

If we analyze the price trends over the last 5 years, Royal Stag whisky has seen a gradual price hike of around 8-10% per year. Some key reasons for this include:

  • Increase in excise duties and VAT rates on liquor by the Punjab government.
  • Higher cost of raw materials like imported Scotch malts.
  • General inflation trends have also led to higher packaging, distribution, and retail costs.
  • No major change in positioning or market demand. Hence, pricing power has remained.
  • New variants like Barrel Select launched at premium pricing.

However, due to its affordable price point, Royal Stag continues to remain one of the highest-selling whisky brands in Punjab and has not seen any major dip in volumes owing to the price hikes.

Price Forecast for 2023

Looking ahead to 2023, here is the expected price forecast for Royal Stag whisky in Punjab:

  • Excise duty hike: A 5-10% increase in excise duty is likely which will drive up prices. This is an annual government revenue exercise.
  • Grain supply: Average crop output is expected which should keep grain spirit prices stable.
  • Scotch costs: Scotch malt prices are predicted to remain steady without major hikes.
  • Packaging & distribution: Input costs are forecast to rise by 4-6% due to general inflation.
  • New product launches: No major new high-priced variants are planned. But some premiumization is expected.
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Our prediction is a price hike of around 5-8% for Royal Stag whisky in Punjab for 2023. The overall demand and market share is expected to remain strong. Pernod Ricard India is likely to drive more premiumization in the state.

How to Find the Best Royal Stag Prices in Punjab?

Here are some tips to get the best deals on Royal Stag whisky in Punjab:

  • Compare prices online between top retail apps like Living Liquid. This allows you to find the lowest price on your preferred variant.
  • Check liquor store apps and websites in your city. Online prices are sometimes lower than offline stores.
  • Buy during discount sales when stores offer lower rates to clear stock. Diwali and New Year period sees good deals.
  • Look for prices in army canteens which are sometimes cheaper than regular stores due to lower taxes.
  • Buying full bottles is cheaper than miniatures or single servings at bars or restaurants.
  • Explore wholesale markets in large quantities if you want a really good discount. But the minimum purchase quantity is very high.
  • See if you can find someone traveling from a lower-tax state like Delhi, Goa etc to bring you the liquor.

So in summary, Royal Stag continues its strong run in Punjab owing to affordable pricing, clever branding and a smooth tasting profile. Consumers can expect a 5-8% price hike in 2023, but the whisky is still expected to retain its popularity. Comparing online prices and buying during discount sales is the best way to get good deals. Drink responsibly!

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