Royal Stag Whisky Price in Goa [2023 Updated Price List]

Royal Stag is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. Known for its affordable pricing and smooth taste, Royal Stag has become a staple drink for whisky lovers across the country. In the coastal state of Goa, which is known for its vibrant nightlife and drinking culture, Royal Stag holds a special place among both tourists and locals.

In this article, we will look at the latest Royal Stag whisky prices in Goa in 2023 so you can plan your drinking budget accordingly. We will also provide a price comparison table for easy reference.

An Overview of Royal Stag Whisky

Royal Stag is owned and produced by Pernod Ricard India, which is part of the French alcoholic beverage company Pernod Ricard. It is blended Indian whisky, meaning it is made from a blend of grain spirits and imported Scotch malts.

Some key facts about Royal Stag whisky:

  • Introduced in 1995
  • Available in 4 variants – Royal Stag, Royal Stag Barrel Select, Royal Stag Black, and Royal Stag Mega
  • Aged for over 36 months in oak barrels
  • Smooth, light-bodied blend with hints of spice and chocolate
  • Popular as an affordable whisky for mixing in cocktails

Royal Stag has grown to become one of the highest-selling whisky brands in India due to its easy drinkability and pocket-friendly pricing. It continues to be the go-to whisky for many in India and Goa.

Royal Stag Whisky Prices in Goa (2023)

Here are the latest Royal Stag whisky prices at stores, bars, and restaurants in Goa as of August 2023:

Royal Stag (750ml) – Rs. 380 to Rs. 420

Royal Stag (375ml) – Rs. 190 to Rs. 230

Royal Stag (180ml) – Rs. 90 to Rs. 120

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As you can see, the prices vary slightly across different stores and venues in Goa. In general, Royal Stag 750ml bottles retail for around Rs. 400 at liquor shops in Goa. Bars and restaurants typically charge higher, sometimes going up to Rs. 450 or more.

Among the lower Royal Stag variants, the 375ml format ranges from Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 while the 180ml mini bottle is priced between Rs. 100 and Rs. 140 in most places.

Here are some places where you can expect to find Royal Stag sold at reasonable rates in Goa:

  • Local wine stores like Joel, Jerry’s, and others
  • Large liquor chains like Magsons Wine Shop
  • Major supermarkets like Delfino’s, Star Market, etc.
  • Beach shacks and small restaurants, especially in North Goa
  • Some nightclubs will offer Royal Stag shots and drinks too

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for the best deals, purchasing Royal Stag from local wine shops rather than hotels and resorts will help you save some money. You can also look out for any ongoing discounts or offers.

Price Comparison of Royal Stag Variants in Goa

Here is a handy comparison table that shows the average prices of different Royal Stag variants available in Goa currently:

Royal Stag Variant Average Price in Goa
180ml Rs. 100
375ml Rs. 220
750ml Rs. 400

As you can see, the 180ml mini format is the most affordable if you just want to sample the Royal Stag blend. For enjoying at home or sharing with a group, the 750ml format offers the best value at around Rs. 400.

The 375ml format is good for 2-3 people or if you want to try a smaller quantity before purchasing a full bottle. It typically costs around Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 in Goa.

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Factors Affecting the Price of Royal Stag in Goa

Royal Stag prices in Goa can fluctuate slightly depending on factors like:

  • Location: Pricing at premium hotels, resorts and fine-dining restaurants is higher than local shops.
  • Taxes: Changes in import duties, state taxes etc. impact the retail pricing.
  • Seasonality: During peak tourism season, demand goes up along with prices. Off-season has lower rates.
  • Vendor Margins: Each store adds their own profit margins, causing price variance.
  • Discounts/Deals: Stores offer discounts, rebates, buy-one-get-one etc. which lowers prices.
  • Format: Larger 750ml bottles are more economical than 375ml or 180ml sizes.
  • Source: Duty-free shops at airports and wholesale rates for bulk orders can reduce costs.

So if you are flexible on location and bottle size, you can find better deals on Royal Stag in Goa. Tracking discounts and limited period offers also helps.

Tips for Buying Royal Stag at Best Price in Goa

Here are some tips to help you get your hands on Royal Stag whisky at the best rates in Goa:

  • Compare prices across different stores before purchasing. Local stores generally have lower prices than hotels.
  • Buy larger 750ml bottles to get a better per ml price.
  • Look out for any ongoing discounts, offers, happy hours etc. at restaurants and bars.
  • Head to wine shops in Panjim, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna etc. for good deals.
  • Purchase from duty-free shops at Dabolim airport if traveling externally.
  • Explore wholesale rates if buying in bulk for parties or weddings.
  • Consider purchasing during off-season between June-August for lower tourist rates.
  • Check online sites and apps like Living Liquidz for home delivery options and deals.


With its light, easy-drinking taste profile and budget-friendly price point, Royal Stag continues to be the whisky of choice for many in Goa. While prices can range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 450 approximately, following the tips above will help you find the best deals. So next time you are in Goa and in the mood for some whisky, be sure to keep these Royal Stag price references handy for a great experience without overspending!

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