Signature Whisky Price in Assam 2023 [updated list]

Signature Whisky is one of the most popular whisky brands in Assam and across India. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, Signature has become the go-to whisky brand for many regular drinkers and party-goers in Assam.

In this article, we will look at the latest Signature Whisky price list in Assam as of 2023. We will cover the prices of different bottle sizes of both regular Signature whisky and Signature Rare-Aged whisky.

Overview of Signature Whisky

Signature Whisky is an Indian whisky brand owned by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD). It is produced at their distillery in Assam.

Some key facts about Signature Whisky:

  • Introduced in 1993, Signature is among the earliest homegrown whisky brands in India.
  • It is a blend of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits distilled and matured in Assam.
  • The signature has a smooth taste with notes of honey, vanilla, and subtle smokiness.
  • It is a very popular brand in North East India, especially in Assam.
  • Comes in different bottle sizes – 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1 litre.
  • Also launched a rare-aged version called Signature Rare Aged for premium whisky drinkers.

Current Signature Whisky Price List in Assam (2023)

Here is an updated price list of various bottle sizes of regular Signature whisky available in Assam as of 2023:

Brand Volume Price
Signature Whisky Price in Assam 1000ml/1litre ₹900
Signature Whisky Price in Assam 750ml ₹600
Signature Whisky Price in Assam 375ml ₹350
Signature Whisky Price in Assam 180ml ₹180
Signature Whisky Price in Assam 90ml ₹90

The 1-litre bottle is the most economical option priced at ₹900 followed by a 750ml bottle at ₹600. The 180ml and 90ml sizes are meant for individual consumption and trial.

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The prices can vary slightly across different shops and districts in Assam. However, the prices mentioned above should give you a fair benchmark on Signature whisky rates in Assam as of 2023.

Signature Rare Aged Variant Price in Assam

In addition to the regular Signature blend, Allied Blenders & Distillers also have a premium rare-aged version targeted at more discerning drinkers.

Signature Rare Aged is aged for a longer period in oak barrels to allow richer flavors to develop. It has notes of fruit, honey, and a rounded oak-infused taste.

Here are the current Signature Rare Aged Whisky prices in Assam in 2023:

Brand Volume Price
Signature Rare Aged Whisky Price in Assam 750ml ₹700
Signature Rare Aged Whisky Price in Assam 375ml ₹400
Signature Rare Aged Whisky Price in Assam 180ml ₹220
Signature Rare Aged Whisky Price in Assam 90ml ₹110

As expected, the rare aged variant commands a premium of around 15-20% over the regular Signature whisky. The 750ml bottle is priced at ₹700 compared to ₹600 for regular Signature.

The rare aged whisky allows you to enjoy a more premium experience from Signature’s distillery in Assam.

Factors Affecting Signature Whisky Price in Assam

The price of Signature whisky in Assam depends on several factors:

Taxes: Like all alcohol, whisky is heavily taxed by both central and state governments in India. Any changes in excise duty, VAT, etc. directly impact the retail price.

Input Costs: Rising costs of raw materials like grain, price of imported Scotch malts, packaging, transportation, etc. can push up input costs for ABD, influencing the pricing.

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State Policies: Assam’s state excise policies also impact whisky rates. Changes in import fees, distribution margins, etc. can make the brand cheaper or costlier.

Brand Popularity: As one of the leading whisky brands in North East, Signature enjoys good sales volume and brand equity in Assam. Its pricing power is higher than many new entrants.

Seasons and Festivals: Prices are usually hiked during peak seasons like New Year or festivals when demand sees a spike. Similarly, discounts may be offered during the off-season to attract sales.

Wholesaler Margins: The commission or margin charged by local distributors and wholesalers influences the final retail price for consumers.

Retailer Margins: Retailers also add their own margin to the distributor price to arrive at the MRP printed on the bottles. Their margins vary too.

Location: Prices may differ slightly across urban and rural markets based on demand-supply dynamics and transportation costs.

Price Trends and Future Outlook

After observing stable pricing for almost 3 years, Signature whisky prices saw an uptick of around 8-10% in Assam at the start of 2022. This was driven by rising inflation and input costs.

However, the rate of price hikes has slowed down in 2023 as brands are weary of dampening consumer demand further amidst global economic uncertainty.

Going forward, the pricing trend is expected to remain stable with minor single-digit hikes based on inflation and tax changes. Being an established brand, Signature is well-placed to withstand short-term challenges in the economy.

The premium segment is likely to grow faster driven by rising urban affluence and preference for rare-aged variants like Signature Rare Aged. This bodes well for ABD’s premiumization push.

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Overall, Signature Whisky is expected to retain its competitive price advantage compared to many other brands in Assam.

How to Buy Signature Whisky in Assam at Lowest Price?

Here are some tips to buy Signature whisky at the best price in Assam:

  • Opt for the 1-litre pack for maximum value. It offers the lowest per ml price.
  • Look out for any limited period discounts or offers, especially during festivals and special occasions.
  • Buying directly from distributors or wholesalers can be cheaper than retail shops. But minimum order quantity may apply.
  • Online liquor stores will sometimes have better deals than offline shops on account of lower overheads.
  • Buying in bulk with friends is a good way to save costs through volume discounts.
  • Urban liquor stores are likely to offer competitive pricing due to higher competition.
  • Check prices across different stores before buying as rates can vary.
  • Ensure you always demand bills and check batch details to avoid counterfeits.


Signature Whisky offers one of the best value propositions in Assam with its affordable pricing and consistent quality. As a trusted homegrown brand, it is well-positioned to be the whisky of choice for regular drinkers as well as partygoers.

We hope this detailed price list for 2023 provides helpful guidance on current Signature whisky rates in Assam. Be sure to consume alcohol responsibly and never drink and drive. Cheers!

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