Signature Whisky Price in India 2023 [Updated Price List]

Signature whisky is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, Signature has become the go-to whisky brand for many Indian whiskey drinkers. In this article, we will look at the latest Signature whisky price list across different states and cities of India as of September 2023.

An Overview of Signature Whisky

Signature is an Indian whisky brand owned by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD). It is produced at their distillery located in Punjab. Signature is known for its easy-drinking taste profile and is considered one of the smoothest whiskies available in its price segment.

Some key features of Signature whisky:

  • Made from Indian malted barley and molasses
  • Aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels
  • Smooth, easy-drinking taste with notes of caramel, honey, and spices
  • Affordably priced – cheaper than most imported whisky brands
  • Sold in iconic rectangular green-colored bottles
  • Available in different variants like Signature Rare Aged, Signature Reserve, etc.

Due to its affordable pricing and smooth taste, Signature has become very popular across India. It outsells most other whisky brands in many parts of North, East, and West India.

State-Wise Signature Whisky Price List in India

Here is an overview of the latest Signature whisky price list in different states of India. We have covered the price of the regular Signature variant which is their standard whisky offering.

Signature Whisky Price in Delhi

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹850

As the national capital, Delhi imposes decently high liquor taxes. Hence, a 750ml Signature bottle will cost around Rs. 850 in Delhi. Popular shops like Reliance Retail, Easy Bill, and Capital Liquor sell Signature at this price.

Signature Whisky Price in Mumbai

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1350

Mumbai being a metropolis imposes heavy liquor taxes, making alcohol prices higher than most other cities. In Mumbai, a Signature 750ml bottle will cost approximately ₹1350. You can buy Signature whisky at this rate from stores like Reliance Retail, Elite Retail, and Midtown Liquor.

Signature Whisky Price in UP

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹880

In Uttar Pradesh, Signature whisky 750ml bottle is available for ₹880 on average. Some places like Noida may see slightly higher prices. In Lucknow, Signature can be purchased for around this price from stores like Liquor Chacha.

Signature Whisky Price in Kerala

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1410

Kerala has one of the highest liquor prices in India due to heavy state taxes. Here, a 750ml Signature bottle will cost you ₹1410 or higher at most stores. In Kochi, popular shops like BEVCO sell Signature at this marked-up rate.

Signature Whisky Price in Kolkata

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1050

In Kolkata, the Signature whisky price is around ₹1050 for a 750ml bottle. Being a metro city, the liquor prices are on the higher side. Signature is available at leading liquor shops like Spencer’s Retail and MORE Mega Store.

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Signature Whisky Price in Punjab

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹800

Since Signature is produced in Punjab, its prices are on the affordable side here. A 750ml bottle will cost approximately ₹800 in most places. In Amritsar and Ludhiana, you can easily find Signature at this rate at reputed liquor outlets.

Signature Whisky Price in Assam

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹600

In Assam, Signature is even more affordably priced at around ₹600 for a regular 750ml bottle. In Guwahati, leading wine stores sell Signature at this relatively low rate compared to other states.

Signature Whisky Price In Hyderabad

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1200

Hyderabad being a major city charges higher taxes, making Signature cost around ₹1200 here. Leading liquor sellers like Zoros Wines, and Prem Wines sell Signature at this price throughout the city.

Signature Whisky Price in Haryana

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹780

In the state of Haryana, Signature Whisky 750ml bottle can be bought for about ₹780 on average. In popular retail chains like Easy Bill liquor store and Milestone Liquor, you can find Signature Whisky within this price range.

Signature Whisky Price in Jharkhand

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1050

Jharkhand levies decently high liquor taxes, making Signature whisky prices hover around the ₹1050 mark. In capital city Ranchi, leading alcohol outlets like Sonu Liquor sell Signature at this price.

Signature Whisky Price in Pune

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹980

In Pune, a Signature 750ml bottle will cost you ₹980 or more based on location and store. It is a major city so attracts higher taxes. You can find Signature at leading alcohol sellers like English Wine Shop at this price in Pune.

Signature Whisky Price in Goa

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹550

Goa offers the cheapest liquor rates in India, and Signature Price is no exception. Here, you can easily find a Signature 750ml bottle for just ₹550 or lower at most liquor outlets. The affordable rates make Goa a top destination for alcohol tourism.

Signature Price in Bangalore

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1500

As a major metro city, Bangalore has high liquor rates. Here 750ml Signature bottle typically costs around ₹1500 at leading wine shops and malls. Some premium stores may charge even higher rates.

Signature Price in Karnataka

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1400

The overall liquor rates in Karnataka are on the steeper side. In the capital city of Bengaluru, a Signature 750ml bottle costs approximately ₹1500. In other cities like Mysuru, and Mangaluru, Signature will be priced around ₹1400 at reputed liquor outlets.

Signature Price in Odisha

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1100

In Odisha, Signature bottle costs around ₹1100 or more based on location. Still, the rates are lower than in bigger metro cities. In Bhubaneswar, leading liquor chains like BEVCO, and Spencer’s sell Signature at this price point.

Signature Price in Chandigarh

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹800

As a Union Territory, the liquor rates in Chandigarh are reasonable. Here, a Signature 750ml bottle is available for around ₹800 at many reputed liquor vends. The affordable pricing makes it a popular choice.

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Signature Price in Nagpur

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1350

Nagpur being a large metro imposes higher taxes on alcohol. So expect to pay around ₹1350 or more for a Signature 750ml bottle here. You can buy Signature at this rate from leading sellers like English Liquor House.

Signature Price in West Bengal

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1050

West Bengal charges decently high liquor taxes. Hence, in Kolkata and most parts of the state, Signature 750ml bottle will cost you ₹1050 or more based on exact location. It is cheaper than metros like Mumbai or Bangalore.

Signature Price in Uttarakhand

Volume: 750ml

Price: ₹1200

In Uttarakhand, a Signature 750ml bottle is priced around the ₹1200 mark on average. Being a tourist state, liquor rates are higher to boost revenues. In cities like Dehradun and Rishikesh, expect to pay this much for Signature.

Price Comparison Table

For easier reference, here is a comparison table of Signature whisky prices across major Indian states:

States Price
Delhi ₹850
Mumbai ₹1350
UP ₹880
Kerala ₹1410
Kolkata ₹1050
Punjab ₹800
Assam ₹600
Hyderabad ₹1200
Haryana ₹780
Jharkhand ₹1050
Pune ₹980
Goa ₹550
Bangalore ₹1500
Karnataka ₹1400
Odisha ₹1100
Chandigarh ₹800
Nagpur ₹1350
West Bengal ₹1050
Uttarakhand ₹1200

Factors Affecting Signature Whisky Prices in India

There are several factors that influence the retail price of Signature whisky across different states in India:

  • State excise duties and taxes: The high liquor taxes imposed by state governments are the primary driver of price differences. Metro cities levy the highest duty.
  • Overheads and profit margins: Overheads like retailer licensing fees, storage, retail space, etc. also add to the cost. Profit margins at each point also cause markup.
  • Transportation costs: Transportation expenses add slightly to the final cost, especially for non-producing states.
  • Raw material and production costs: Base costs like raw materials, aging, bottling, etc. contribute to the initial pricing.
  • Brand equity: Popular brands can command a small premium due to higher demand and brand value.
  • Purchase location: Prices vary even within states depending on the locality like city, town, outlet, etc.

Price Trend of Signature Whisky

Over the past few years, the prices of Signature Whisky have gradually increased across most states. However, the rate of increase has been modest. Here are a few reasons for the upward price trend:

  • Taxes and duties on liquor have gone up marginally over the years. This leads to higher retail prices.
  • Input costs related to grain procurement, bottling, and transportation have increased due to inflationary pressures.
  • Brands take periodic price hikes to maintain profitability and margins.
  • Higher demand often leads to slight price increments. Signature has seen demand rise pan-India.

However, the price hike has been marginal at 5-8% annually. Brands tend to absorb some costs to retain sales volumes. Moreover, competition from both Indian whisky and imported spirits puts a cap on the prices.

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How to Find the Best Signature Whisky Price Near You?

Here are some tips to help find the lowest Signature whisky price in your city or locality:

  • Compare prices online between different offline liquor stores or delivery apps. This gives a good indication of the price range.
  • Visit both your neighborhood liquor shops as well as large retailers. Local stores often give competitive rates.
  • Look out for any special discounts, rebates, or coupon codes that bring down the effective price.
  • Buying larger packs like 1-liter bottles has a lower per ml price. It offers savings for regular drinkers.
  • See if buying directly from distributors or wholesale shops reduces the costs. Applicable only for bulk purchases.
  • Travel to border areas with lower tax rates if possible. For example, I bought from Daman & Diu while living in Mumbai.
  • Keep tracking prices periodically. Festive seasons or new stock often attract temporary price cuts.

Must Try Signature Whisky Cocktails & Drinks

While Signature can be enjoyed neat or with ice, it also mixes well into some classic whiskey cocktails. Here are 3 must-try Signature whisky drinks:

Signature Whisky Sour

A simple whiskey sour using Signature as the base spirit. The sweet-sour citrusy flavor pairs excellently with the smooth whisky. Shake the ingredients with ice and strain them into a chilled glass.

  • 60ml Signature
  • 30ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • A few dashes of Angostura Bitters

Signature Old Fashioned

The classic Old Fashioned is highlighted with Signature’s malty, honey-like notes. Build in a rock glass with ice cubes. Garnish with an orange twist.

  • 60ml Signature
  • 1 Sugar Cube
  • 4-5 dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • Orange Twist

Signature Hot Toddy

A comforting hot toddy cocktail ideal for cool evenings. Add honey and lemon to taste. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

  • 60ml Signature
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • 1/2 Lemon Juice
  • 150ml Hot Water
  • Cinnamon Stick


  • Signature is an affordable Indian whisky known for its smooth and easy-drinking taste profile
  • It is produced in Punjab but sold widely across India
  • Retail prices vary across states based on taxes, overheads, profits, and other factors
  • Kerala, Bangalore, and Mumbai see the highest Signature whisky prices due to high liquor tax
  • Goa has the lowest rates due to tourism-friendly excise duties
  • Prices have moved up moderately in recent years but competition has kept hikes slow
  • Consumers can optimize costs by checking prices across both online and offline stores
  • Signature also works very well in classic whiskey cocktails like Whisky Sour or Hot Toddy

So in summary, Signature continues to be an accessible brand appealing to regular whisky drinkers in India. With smart searching, you can find the best Signature whisky price near you and enjoy its signature smoothness. Cheers!

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