Signature Whisky Price in Uttarakhand 2023

Uttarakhand, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, is fast emerging as a hot destination for alcohol tourism in India. With its serene hill stations, mystical temples, and pristine natural beauty, Uttarakhand offers a unique experience for whisky lovers to relax and indulge in their favorite tipple.

The market for imported whiskies is growing steadily in Uttarakhand, especially among urban consumers and tourists. One premium whisky brand that is gaining popularity is Signature Whisky. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, Signature whisky is being preferred by whisky connoisseurs and novices alike in Uttarakhand.

In this article, we will provide the latest Signature Whisky Price List in Uttarakhand for 2023. We will cover prices of different-sized bottles across the key Signature variants available in the state. Read on to find out Signature whisky rates near you in Uttarakhand so you can plan your next whisky-drinking session or stock up on your favorite bottle.

Overview of Signature Whisky

Signature Whisky is an imported Scotch whisky brand produced in Scotland and marketed in India by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD). It is available in two main variants:

  • Signature Rare Aged: A 12-year-old single malt whisky aged in oak casks. It has hints of vanilla, butterscotch, and dried fruits on the palate.
  • Signature Premium Grain: Made from grain whiskies aged for 8 years in bourbon casks. It has a smooth and mellow taste with vanilla and oak flavors.

Both Signature whiskies are meticulously crafted using the finest Scotch malts and grains. They are specially blended to suit the taste preferences of Indian whisky drinkers.

The brand offers its whiskies in 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml bottle sizes. They are affordably priced, making them appealing to a wide range of consumers in Uttarakhand.

Current Signature Whisky Price List in Uttarakhand (2023)

Here are the latest Signature Whisky prices in Uttarakhand for 180ml, 375ml and 750ml bottles:

Whisky Brand 180ml Price 375ml Price 750ml Price
Signature Rare Aged Whisky Rs. 190/- Rs. 385/- Rs. 760/-
Signature Premium Grain Whisky Rs. 215/- Rs. 445/- Rs. 880/-

*Prices are rounded off to the nearest Rs. 5 and may vary slightly across locations.

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The above prices are inclusive of all taxes and the same across Uttarakhand. Larger 1-litre bottles are not available for Signature whisky in the state currently.

As we can see, Signature Rare Aged is priced at a small premium over Signature Premium Grain whisky. The 180 ml packs are useful for sampling or lighter drinking while 375 ml and 750 ml bottles are meant for regular consumption.

Factors Affecting Signature Whisky Price in Uttarakhand

Signature whisky prices in Uttarakhand are impacted by several factors:

Taxes and Duties

Like all other states, Uttarakhand levies state excise duty, VAT/GST on alcohol products which contributes to 40-50% of the retail price. Imported whiskies also attract central customs duty. So taxes are major price determinants.

Raw Material and Production Costs

Malt whisky production involves costs of raw materials like barley, water, yeast, etc. which impact prices. Signature uses quality oak barrels for aging which adds to costs.

Branding and Marketing Costs

Signature invests in marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsements, etc. to promote the brand which results in higher pricing.

Transport, Logistics, and Retail Margins

Moving whisky from Scotland to bottling plants in India and then transporting to Uttarakhand adds to product costs. Retailers also add their margins.

Demand and Supply Factors

Higher demand during festive seasons and from tourists can allow retailers to increase Signature whisky rates. Limited supply also enables price hikes.

So the interplay of the above factors determines the retail pricing set by Signature Whisky in Uttarakhand. Let’s look at the pricing variation across different bottle sizes:

Price Variation Across Bottle Sizes

Signature offers larger discounts on bigger packs as evident from the price list shared earlier.

Let’s take Signature Rare Aged for example:

  • 180 ml Bottle Price = Rs.190
  • 375 ml Bottle Price = Rs. 385
  • 750 ml Bottle Price = Rs. 760

The 180 ml pack is the smallest serving size meant for trial consumption. The 375 ml pack offers much better value with 375% more quantity at just 100% higher price compared to 180 ml.

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The 750 ml bottle offers a 500% higher quantity than the 180 ml bottle for a 300% higher price. So the 750 ml bottle provides maximum value for money.

This pattern is seen across most alcohol brands where larger packs offer more discounts compared to smaller packs. Consumers who know their regular whisky preference stand to save more by buying bigger bottles.

However, smaller packs allow you to sample a new whisky without committing to a full bottle. So choose pack size wisely based on your drinking requirement.

How to Buy Signature Whisky in Uttarakhand?

Signature Whisky is easily available at most liquor stores, modern retail stores, and bars/restaurants across Uttarakhand.

Here are some tips to buy Signature whisky bottles in Uttarakhand:

  • Visit your nearest liquor store like a Theka which stocks imported alcohol. Search for “wine shop near me” if buying first time.
  • Check the MRP on Signature whisky bottles so you don’t get overcharged.
  • Bigger stores and duty-free shops may offer discounts on Signature whisky.
  • Buying by the case directly from distributors can save you bulk discounts.
  • For home delivery, order Signature whisky online via apps like Living Liquid. Prices are the same as shops.
  • Carry valid photo ID proof like an Aadhar card for address verification as per state laws.
  • Ensure bottles are properly sealed before purchase to avoid tampering.

So visit your favorite retail shop or order online to get your hands on Signature whisky in Uttarakhand at the best rates. Consume responsibly once purchased.

Price Trends and Future Outlook

The overall whisky demand in Uttarakhand has been growing at 15-20% annually. Tourist inflow and rising incomes are driving this trend. As a premium yet affordable brand, Signature has gained good traction.

In 2022, Signature whisky prices remained stable with minor 5-7% MRP increases. Market experts expect this pricing trend to continue in 2023 as well. There are several positive factors at play:

  • Rising urbanization in Uttarakhand along with increasing youth population and disposable incomes.
  • Whisky gaining wider acceptance as a lifestyle drink beyond specific occasions.
  • Women and millennials experimenting more with whisky cocktails and selections.
  • Growth of modern retail and online liquor delivery making top brands easily accessible.
  • The tourism and hospitality industry recovering post-Covid bodes well for overall liquor demand.
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However, the following factors may lead to potential price hikes:

  • Increase in central and state taxes on imported liquor
  • Higher production costs and supply chain constraints globally
  • Currency fluctuations affecting input costs
  • Rising inflation and transport costs

But any price increases are likely to be mild given Signature’s strategic focus on affordability. Overall, the future looks promising for the Signature brand in Uttarakhand given the conducive demand environment.

How to Drink Signature Whisky?

Here are some tips to enjoy Signature whisky’s smooth taste and character optimally:

  • Have Signature Rare Aged neat at room temperature or with a bit of water to unlock its complex malty flavors.
  • Signature Premium Grain can be enjoyed on the rocks or in whisky cocktails like Old Fashioned & Whisky Sour.
  • Add a few drops of water if having Signature whisky at high strength. This mellows down the alcohol kick.
  • Pair aged Signature whiskies with smoked cheese, dark chocolate, or red meat dishes to balance flavors.
  • For cocktails, go for younger Signature whiskies as aged variants will overpower other ingredients.
  • Start with younger Signature whisky if new to this spirit before exploring richer aged expressions.

So enjoy Signature whisky responsibly either on its own or in your favorite cocktails per your tastes and preferences. Sip quality whisky with good company for a great time.


Signature Whisky is carving a niche in Uttarakhand as an affordable premium imported Scotch. Its prices in 2023 continue to offer value across 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml packs. Bigger bottle sizes deliver better savings. Expect prices to remain stable this year with moderate hikes if any. Rising demand from tourists and urban consumers will spur future growth of Signature whisky in Uttarakhand. So enjoy its smooth flavors by buying bottles at the nearest retail shops or ordering online. Relish Signature whisky’s quality and taste at the best prices for a refined drinking experience.

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