Singleton Whisky Price in Delhi 2023: Latest Price

Singleton Whisky is a popular single malt Scotch whisky produced by Diageo at the Glendullan distillery in Dufftown, Moray. Known for its smooth, sweet, and creamy taste profile, Singleton has become a favored single malt brand in India, especially in metro cities like Delhi.

In this article, we will compare the latest Singleton whisky prices in Delhi for 2023 so you can find the best deals. We’ll specifically look at the prices for the 12-year-old Singleton of Glendullan, which is their core expression.

Overview of Singleton Whisky

The Singleton of Glendullan was initially released in the 1990s as a single malt aimed at attracting Scotch drinkers looking for a smooth, easy-drinking dram. It is produced at the Glendullan distillery, which was founded in 1897 and acquired by Diageo in 1985.

The 12-year-old Singleton of Glendullan is matured in a high proportion of European oak ex-sherry casks, which gives it a signature sweet, creamy, and fruity flavor profile. It is bottled at 40% ABV.

The brand focuses on accessibility and drinkability rather than complexity. This had made Singleton a popular introductory single malt, especially among new Scotch drinkers in India.

Singleton Whisky Prices in Delhi 2023

Here is a comparison of the latest Singleton of Glendullan 12-year-old single malt Scotch whisky prices in Delhi from major alcohol shops and online stores:

750ml Bottle

Shop Price
Living Liquidz ₹3,330
Hip Bar ₹3,399
Drinks Villa ₹3,490
The Drink Shop ₹3,515
The Whisky World ₹3,525

Living Liquidz has the best price at ₹3,330 for a 750ml bottle of Singleton 12-Year-Old.

1 Litre Bottle

Shop Price
Drinks Villa ₹4,260
The Whisky World ₹4,290
The Drink Shop ₹4,300
Hip Bar ₹4,325
Living Liquidz ₹4,370
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Drinks Villa has the lowest price for a 1-liter bottle at ₹4,260.

So if you’re looking for Singleton Whisky in Delhi, Drinks Villa, and Living Liquidz seem to offer the best rates currently for the 12-year-old expression in 750ml and 1 liter sizes respectively.

Price Trends in 2022

Singleton whisky prices in Delhi have remained largely stable over the past year. There have been no major price hikes or reductions.

In 2022, the average price for a 750ml bottle of Singleton 12-year-old was around ₹3,400-3,500 at most stores. The 1-liter bottle was priced around ₹4,200-4,300 on average.

Some shops offered discounts during festive seasons and clearance sales dropped prices temporarily by 8-12%. But the prices reverted back to their original MRP soon after.

Factors Affecting Singleton Whisky Prices

Several factors impact the retail pricing of Singleton whisky in Delhi:

  • Taxes: Import duties, GST, state taxes, and retail taxes imposed on imported alcohol significantly influence the final consumer price. Tax hikes directly raise whisky prices.
  • Supplier pricing: As a popular brand, Diageo can set the base Singleton whisky price high, which retailers have to follow.
  • Demand and supply: Greater demand during festive seasons may lead to marginal price increases. Low supply also enables retailers to price it higher.
  • Location: Prices are a bit higher in luxury hotels, restaurants, and pubs compared to liquor shops. Airport shops charge the highest.
  • Shop margins: Stores add their own profit margins on top of supplier and MRP, leading to price variations across shops.

Buying Singleton Whisky in Delhi

  • Liquor shops: Visit your nearest wine & beer shops like Living Liquidz, Hip Bar, etc to find Singleton whisky. Ensure the product seal is intact.
  • Online stores: Order conveniently from online alcohol stores like Drinks Villa and The Whisky World which offer home delivery.
  • Duty-free shops: Pick up a bottle at attractive rates when flying internationally from Delhi airport’s duty-free stores.
  • Bars/Pubs: Try a Singleton Whisky by the Glass at higher per-drink prices at bars like Whisky Samba, The Irish House, etc.
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Final Thoughts

The Singleton of Glendullan 12-year-old is a smooth, easy-drinking single malt ideal for new Scotch drinkers. In Delhi, 750ml bottles cost around ₹3,300-3,500 while 1 litre bottles are priced ₹4,200-4,300. Living Liquidz and Drinks Villa currently offer the best deals. Prices have remained largely unchanged in 2022. Remember to always buy Scotch whisky from reputable and authorized shops. Enjoy your dram of Singleton responsibly!

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