Singleton Whisky Prices in Goa [2023 Updated]

Goa, the beach paradise of India, is not just famous for its scenic beaches, nightlife, and seafood. It is also known as one of the top destinations in India to buy imported liquor at reasonable prices. With lower taxes compared to other states, Goa offers great deals on premium imported whiskies like Singleton.

The Singleton is a classic Speyside Scotch whisky from the Dufftown distillery owned by Diageo. Known for its smooth, easy-drinking taste profile, The Singleton comes in 3 premium age statement variants – 12 Years, 15 Years, and 18 Years. Let’s take a look at the latest Singleton Whisky prices in Goa in 2023:

Singleton 12 Years Price in Goa

The Singleton 12 Years is the entry-level variant from this distillery. Aged for a minimum of 12 years in American oak ex-bourbon casks, this whisky has a signature smooth, creamy, and fruity taste. The Singleton 12 Years 750ml bottle price in Goa is ₹4,400. Given its premium branding and delightful honey-vanilla notes, this is an excellent deal for a 12-year-old single malt in Goa.

Singleton 15 Years Price in Goa

The Singleton 15-Year-Old is where the magic truly unfolds. With additional 3 years of aging, the whisky attains more maturity while retaining its signature smooth character. The Singleton 15 Years 750ml bottle price in Goa is ₹6,450. For a luxury 15-year-old Scotch, this is an attractive price point that adds to its appeal for both connoisseurs and new drinkers.

Singleton 18 Years Price in Goa

The pinnacle of the core Singleton range is the rich and indulgent 18 Year Old variant. With 50% extra aging compared to the 12 Year Old, the depth of flavors is truly spectacular in this one. The Singleton 18 Years 750ml bottle price in Goa is ₹9,900 making it the most premium variant of the lot. Whisky lovers looking for a truly special single malt can’t go wrong with this complex yet smooth 18 Year Old.

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Below is a summary of the latest Singleton Whisky prices in Goa in 2023:

Brand Volume Price in Goa
Singleton 12 Years 750 ml ₹4,400
Singleton 15 Years 750 ml ₹6,450
Singleton 18 Years 750 ml ₹9,900

Why Singleton Whisky Prices are Lower in Goa?

There are a few reasons why prices of imported alcohol like Singleton are cheaper in Goa compared to other states:

  • Lower Taxes: Goa charges only 22% Import Duty + 28% GST on imported liquor. This is lower compared to 100%+ import duty in some states.
  • Tourism Industry: To boost tourism, Goa keeps alcohol prices affordable to attract tourists and buyers from other states.
  • Premium Retailers: Goa has premium alcohol retail chains that buy directly in bulk from brands at lower prices. This allows them to offer discounts to buyers.
  • No State Levies: Goa does not charge any state excise duty or additional local taxes on liquor.

Popular Places to Buy Singleton Whisky in Goa

Here are some popular retail chains, duty-free shops, and bars where travelers can find the best Singleton whisky prices in Goa:

  • Casa Bacardi: Large store selling a wide range of imported alcohol at reasonable prices.
  • Jimmy’s Liquid Store: Premium liquor store with a big collection of international whiskies.
  • LV Wine & Spirits: Shop near Panjim with exclusive whisky and wine collection.
  • Jack & Jill: Retail chain selling a large variety of beers, wines, and spirits.
  • Hole In The Wall: Quirky bar with artisanal cocktails made with premium liquors.
  • Tales & Spirits: A specialty bar known for its whiskey and rum collection.
  • Duty-Free Shops: At Goa airport, excellent prices on whisky before flying out.
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Best Singleton Whiskies to Try in Goa

While the core range offers great quality, travelers should also explore these limited Singleton whiskies available in Goa:

  • Singleton of Glendullan Select: Tropical fruit notes, for easy drinking.
  • Singleton Tailfire: Rich, smokey whisky matured in heavily charred barrels.
  • Singleton 39-Year-Old: Rare, highly coveted limited edition with complex flavors.

So if you are headed to Goa and love your whiskies, be sure to enjoy the paradise prices on premium Singletons available in the state! Let us know which one is your favorite Singleton expression and where you plan to sip it in Goa!

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