Star Walker Whisky Price in Haryana 2023: Price List

Haryana, the northern Indian state bordering Delhi, is known for its thriving alcohol market due to lower taxes and regulations. This has made Haryana an attractive destination for alcohol tourism from neighboring states. One of the most popular whisky brands in Haryana is Star Walker, known for its smooth taste and affordable prices. In this article, we will look at the latest Star Walker whisky price list in Haryana for 2023.

An Overview of Star Walker Whisky

Star Walker is an Indian whisky brand owned and produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit manufacturers in India. It was launched in 2007 as a premium whisky brand aimed at urban youth looking for a smooth and mild-flavored whisky.

Some key features of Star Walker whisky:

  • Made from Indian grain spirit with imported Scottish malt
  • Aged in oak barrels for a smoother taste
  • No artificial flavors added
  • Lower alcohol content compared to other whiskies (42.8% ABV)
  • Available in multiple variants like Select, Reserve, Deluxe, etc.

Due to its affordable pricing and smooth taste palate, Star Walker has become very popular in north Indian states like Haryana. It’s a regular feature in liquor stores as well as bars and pubs.

Star Walker Whisky Prices in Haryana

Here is an overview of the latest Star Walker whisky prices in Haryana as of January 2023:

Brand Variant Pack Size Approx. Price Range
Star Walker The Select 750 ml ₹900 – ₹1150
Star Walker The Select 375 ml ₹500 – ₹650
Star Walker Reserve 750 ml ₹1300 – ₹1600
Star Walker Reserve 375 ml ₹700 – ₹900
Star Walker Classic Deluxe 750 ml ₹1400 – ₹1800
Star Walker Classic Deluxe 375 ml ₹750 – ₹1050
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The prices can vary across different stores and locations in Haryana. Taxes and local regulations also impact the retail price.

Factors Affecting Star Walker Whisky Prices in Haryana

There are several factors that influence the pricing of Star Walker whisky in Haryana:

1. Taxes and Duties

Alcohol taxation in Haryana is moderate compared to other states. This allows more competitive pricing of popular whisky brands like Star Walker. The duties include:

  • Import fee on foreign liquor
  • Excise duty
  • Additional excise duty
  • Export fee
  • Import permit fee

Any changes in the tax rates directly impact the retail price.

2. Store Location and Type

Whisky prices can vary depending on the location and type of liquor store in Haryana. Urban stores in main interstate highways tend to charge higher compared to smaller stores in interior areas. Also, prices in malls, hotels, and pubs are usually marked up.

3. Raw Material and Production Costs

Increases in costs of raw materials like grains and packaging materials lead to higher production costs for Star Walker whisky. This results in an upward price revision occasionally.

4. Brand Popularity and Demand

Higher demand for popular whisky brands allows retailers to charge a premium. Star Walker, with its rising popularity, can command slightly higher prices compared to lesser-known brands.

5. Festive Seasons and Special Occasions

During peak seasons like Diwali or New Year when alcohol consumption rises, Star Walker prices can be hiked temporarily to capitalize on the spike in demand.

Buying Original Star Walker Whisky in Haryana

With the rising incidence of duplicate and spurious liquor in Haryana, it is essential to purchase Star Walker whisky from authorized stores and outlets. Here are some tips:

  • Always check the bottle cap security and label for authenticity
  • Purchase from reputed liquor stores and avoid suspicious sellers
  • Check the price before buying as very low rates indicate a fake product
  • Scan the QR code on the bottle to verify it’s genuine
  • Break the seal only after leaving the store premises
  • Keep the invoice to track the source later if required
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The Popularity of Star Walker Whisky in Haryana

There are several reasons for Star Walker’s surging demand in the Haryana market:

  • Smooth taste: Star Walker is known for its mellow and smooth taste without a strong alcohol bite. This makes it appealing to regular whisky drinkers.
  • Pocket-friendly price: Compared to premium Scotch whiskies, Star Walker is priced attractively making it affordable for the urban youth.
  • Smart branding: Star Walker has invested heavily in branding, promotions, and collaborations with youth icons. This has elevated it to an aspirational brand.
  • Growing whisky culture: Economic growth and rising disposable incomes have boosted whisky consumption in Haryana’s urban centers.
  • Favorable regulatory climate: Haryana’s licensing norms and taxes favor the growth of liquor brands like Star Walker.

With rising demand from Haryana’s millennial population, Star Walker is poised for strong growth in the coming years. Its market share will continue to expand as it entrenches itself as Haryana’s whisky of choice.


Star Walker offers an excellent value-for-money proposition that aligns with the tastes of the modern Indian whiskey drinker. With Haryana’s favorable regulatory environment and rising incomes, it is not surprising that Star Walker is among the top-selling whisky brands in the state.

For consumers, our price list provides indicative Star Walker whisky rates in Haryana for 2023. However, prices may vary across locations and stores due to factors like taxes and local supply-demand dynamics. We advise checking prices at your preferred retail store before purchasing. Drink responsibly and do not indulge in underage drinking.

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