Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky Prices in Assam 2023

Sterling Reserve is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, known for its smooth taste and affordable pricing. The company behind Sterling Reserve, Allied Blenders, and Distillers, offers this whisky in four convenient sizes – 750ml, 375ml, 180ml, and 90ml. For those living in Assam or visiting the state, Sterling Reserve B10 prices are quite reasonable.

In this article, we will discuss Sterling Reserve B10 prices in Assam for all bottle sizes. We’ll also provide some background on Sterling Reserve whisky and tips for getting the best deals on purchases in Assam. Whether you’re a whisky aficionado or just looking for an occasional drink, read on to learn more about Sterling Reserve B10 prices in Assam.

An Introduction to Sterling Reserve Whisky

Sterling Reserve is part of the whisky portfolio of Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the largest spirit companies in India. ABD was founded in Mumbai in 1992 and produces a wide range of IMFL (Indian-made foreign liquor) products including rum, brandy, vodka, and whisky.

The company launched the Sterling Reserve brand in 2013 as an affordable whisky blended from Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. It is available in two main variants – Sterling Reserve Classic and the more premium Sterling Reserve Blend 10, commonly known as B10.

Sterling Reserve B10 gets its name from the 10-year-old malts used in its blending process. It is aged for over 8 years in oak barrels before bottling. This results in a rich, smooth taste compared to the younger Classic variant.

B10 has notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and oak along with a subtle smoky flavor. It is regarded by many whisky lovers in India as an excellent value-for-money blended whisky. A 750ml bottle typically costs between Rs. 900 to Rs. 1400 in most states, making it very popular especially among youth and college crowds.

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Now let’s specifically look at the Sterling Reserve B10 prices in Assam.

Sterling Reserve B10 Prices in Assam

In Assam, a 750ml bottle of Sterling Reserve B10 whisky typically costs between Rs. 1300 – Rs. 1350 in liquor shops, depending on location. Here is a price breakup for different bottle sizes:

  • 750ml – Rs. 1350
  • 375ml – Rs. 670
  • 180ml – Rs. 335
  • 90ml – Rs. 175

The Assam government levies excise duty, import fees, and other taxes on alcohol which impacts the retail price. However, pricing is still quite reasonable compared to other major metro cities in India.

In fact, Assam offers one of the most affordable prices for B10 in the country, along with states like Rajasthan, Jharkhand, and Bihar. This makes it economical for regular drinkers as well as those who just want to sample this popular whisky.

Buying Sterling Reserve B10 in Assam

Sterling Reserve B10 is easily available in Assam at most liquor stores as well as bars, restaurants, and hotels. Here are some tips for buying it in Assam:

  • Check reputable liquor shops in your neighborhood to find availability and compare prices. Well-known chains like Shopper’s Stop Liquor Shop, Barosia Wine Shop, and Assam Liquors are good options.
  • See if you can find any ongoing discounts or deals. Many liquor stores offer lower rates if you buy full bottles or multiple quantities.
  • Try looking at duty-free stores at Guwahati airport if you want to buy whiskey in bulk for a better rate. However, there are limits on how much you can carry while traveling.
  • Purchase during off-peak times or days when there is less demand, and shops may be willing to negotiate prices. For example, weekday afternoons or Sundays.
  • Register for loyalty programs by retailers like Assam Liquors and Barosia Wine Shop to avail of member-only discounts.
  • Buying online is not an option as Assam has restrictions on the online sale of alcohol. Retail shops are the only legal way to purchase whiskey in the state currently.
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Pairing and Cocktail Suggestions

Sterling Reserve B10’s versatile taste profile allows it to be consumed neat, with ice or water, and as cocktails. Here are some popular ways to enjoy this whisky in Assam:

  • On the rocks – Try sipping B10 slowly over ice to appreciate its smoothness. The ice also opens up the flavors.
  • With soda – For a refreshing summer drink, mix two parts B10 and five parts soda. Finish with a squeeze of lime.
  • Whisky soda – The quintessential Indian aperitif! Mix B10 with soda, fresh lime, and a dash of sugar syrup.
  • Old fashioned – Muddle sugar with bitters and water. Add ice and 50ml B10. Garnish with an orange slice.
  • Manhattan – Stir 45ml B10 with 30ml sweet vermouth and 2-3 dashes of bitters. Strain and garnish with a cherry.
  • Whisky cola – Mix B10 and chilled cola in equal ratio over ice. Squeeze a lemon wedge before drinking.

In terms of food pairings, Sterling Reserve B10 goes well with Indian dishes like tandoori chicken, kebabs, roasted meats, and rich, creamy curries. The smoky, spicy flavors complement the whisky’s smoothness.

Responsible Drinking With Sterling Reserve

While Sterling Reserve B10 is very reasonably priced in Assam, remember to enjoy your drink sensibly and responsibly. Never drink on an empty stomach, and alternate your whisky with glasses of water to stay hydrated. Avoid binge drinking or overindulgence. Do not drink and drive under any circumstances.

For health reasons, abstain or reduce alcohol consumption if you have certain medical conditions or are pregnant. Follow all state laws and legal drinking age requirements when purchasing alcohol.

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Drinking in moderation with awareness lets you enjoy the rich flavors and versatility of Sterling Reserve B10. Sip your whiskey slowly, pay attention to different tasting notes, and share with friends over meaningful conversations.


Sterling Reserve B10 has become a whisky of choice for many in Assam due to its affordable pricing along with its smooth, vibrant taste. A 750ml bottle typically costs around Rs. 1350 in liquor shops across the state, with lower prices for smaller 375ml and 180ml sizes.

Assam offers great deals on this popular blended whisky compared to other parts of India. Look for discounts at retail shops, and duty-free stores, or buy during off-peak times to get the best rates. Enjoy your B10 on the rocks, with sodas and colas or in creative cocktails.

Always drink responsibly, be aware of legal regulations, and avoid over-consumption when buying alcohol at such reasonable prices. Moderation is key to enjoying the nuanced flavors of Sterling Reserve B10 or any fine spirit. So next time you are in Assam, be sure to pick up a bottle and experience a great domestic blended whisky.

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