Sterling Reserve Whisky Price in Delhi [2023 Updated List]

As a seasoned connoisseur of whisky, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a variety of brands and blends throughout the years. Today, my focus is on the elegant, smooth, and refined character of Sterling Reserve, specifically the Blend 7. More importantly, I will detail the current prices of this fine whisky in Delhi.

Sterling Reserve is an acclaimed product from Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of India’s fastest-growing spirits companies. The brand’s Sterling Reserve Blend 7 is a delight to the senses with its distinct aroma and flavor. Crafted from a blend of imported Scotch malts and grain spirits, the Sterling Reserve Blend 7 offers an inviting experience to both novice and seasoned whisky lovers. But, the question on every whisky enthusiast’s lips is, “What is the cost of this exquisite blend in Delhi?” Let’s explore.

Sterling Reserve Blend 7: Current Prices in Delhi [2023 Updated List]

Below is a detailed breakdown of the Sterling Reserve Blend 7 prices in Delhi, depending on the volume:

Brand & Volume Rate (INR)
180ml Sterling Reserve Blend 7 140₹
375ml Sterling Reserve Blend 7 280₹
750ml Sterling Reserve Blend 7 490₹
1000ml/1Ltr Sterling Reserve Blend 7 670₹

Note that these prices are subject to change, depending on the government’s tax regulations and other unforeseen market factors.

Unpacking the Value in the Prices

The affordability of Sterling Reserve Blend 7 makes it a sought-after whisky in the Indian market. The unique blend of Scotch malts and grain spirits at an accessible price offers tremendous value to consumers, especially those in Delhi.

Consider the 180ml Sterling Reserve Blend 7 bottle; priced at a modest ₹140, it’s perfect for those wanting to taste this refined blend without breaking the bank. Similarly, the 375ml bottle, costing ₹280, offers an intermediate experience for those wanting more without committing to a larger bottle.

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The 750ml Sterling Reserve Blend 7 bottle is priced at ₹490. This is the standard size for most whisky bottles and is an excellent choice for gatherings or personal consumption over a more extended period. Finally, the 1000ml/1Ltr Sterling Reserve Blend 7 bottle, priced at ₹670, is the best choice for larger gatherings or those who appreciate the consistent taste and quality of this blend.

Why Sterling Reserve Blend 7?

Sterling Reserve Blend 7 is not just a beverage; it’s an experience. Its exceptional taste, characterized by smoky notes with a hint of honey, and a smooth, creamy finish, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

The brand has successfully positioned itself in the premium segment of the Indian whisky market, thanks to its superior blend and affordable pricing. The blend’s smooth texture and taste profile offers a fantastic experience to the consumer, ensuring a perfect balance between quality and cost.

Factors Affecting Sterling Reserve Prices in Delhi

Some of the factors that influence the price of Sterling Reserve whisky in Delhi are:

  • Taxes: Delhi has one of the highest liquor taxes in India. This includes VAT, import duties, and retail license fees. Around 60% of the liquor price is taxes.
  • Brand Popularity: As one of the leading whisky brands, Sterling Reserve commands good sales volumes and higher pricing power.
  • Location: Prices are higher at posh hotels, pubs, restaurants, and duty-free shops at the Delhi airport. Government-run liquor stores have lower prices.
  • Volume: Larger bottle sizes (1 liter) offer more value per ml compared to smaller bottles.
  • Raw Material and Ageing Costs: Key raw materials like barley and aging whisky in oak barrels impacts production costs.
  • Supply Chain: Distribution costs across Delhi’s vast geography also affect product pricing.
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Price Comparison With Other Popular Whisky Brands in Delhi

Here is a price comparison of Sterling Reserve versus other popular whisky brands available in Delhi:

Brand Volume Price
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 750ml ₹490
Blenders Pride 750ml ₹615
Royal Stag 750ml ₹310
Imperial Blue 750ml ₹370
100 Pipers 750ml ₹410
Black & White 750ml ₹600
Chivas Regal 12 750ml ₹1850
Glenfiddich 12 750ml ₹4500

Among popular whisky brands, Sterling Reserve is competitively priced in Delhi. It offers better value than premium blended whiskies like Blenders Pride and 100 Pipers. However, it is priced higher than bottom-shelf brands like Royal Stag.

Compared to high-end single malts like Chivas 12 and Glenfiddich 12, Sterling Reserve is priced attractively at under ₹500 for a 750ml bottle.

How to Find the Best Sterling Reserve Prices in Delhi?

Here are some tips to find the lowest Sterling Reserve prices when buying in Delhi:

  • Buy from government-run liquor stores instead of private outlets
  • Check prices across shops before buying. Apps like HipBar show price comparisons.
  • Buy larger 1-liter bottles to get better value. Avoid airport duty-free shops.
  • Look out for special discounts or offers on Sterling Reserve during festivals and holidays.
  • Buying by the case directly from wholesalers/distributors can offer significant savings.
  • Keep an eye on state budget announcements as whisky prices go up after a tax hike.


Sterling Reserve offers a great value-for-money proposition among Indian whiskies given its affordable pricing. In Delhi, a 750ml bottle can be purchased between ₹450 to ₹550 at most liquor shops.

While taxes and brand popularity play a role, Sterling Reserve remains competitively priced against both premium and regular whisky brands in the city. With smooth taste and easy availability, it remains the popular whisky choice for regular and social drinking among Delhiites.

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