Teachers Whisky Price in Assam 2023- Latest Prices

Teachers Whisky is one of the most popular Scotch whisky brands in India, known for its smooth, easy-drinking taste profile. Assam, located in Northeast India, is an important market for alcoholic beverages like whisky. In this article, we will look at the latest Teachers Whisky price list in Assam for 2023.

An Overview of Teachers Whisky

Teachers Whisky is a blended Scotch whisky produced by Beam Suntory. It was originally created in the 1830s by Arthur Bell and up until 1980 it was known as “Teacher’s Highland Cream.” The brand is named after the Teacher family who were involved in the whisky business in the 19th century.

Some key facts about Teachers Whisky:

  • Produced at the Glengoyne distillery in the Scottish Highlands since 1974. Glengoyne is one of the few distilleries that still use traditional pot stills for distillation.
  • Uses malt whisky from over 30 single malt distilleries, blended with grain whisky. The core malt whiskies are from Glengoyne, Glendullan, and Glenfiddich distilleries.
  • Aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks before bottling. No artificial colors or flavors are added.
  • Has a smooth, sweet taste with notes of malt, fruit, and oak. The easy drinking style makes it popular for cocktails.
  • One of the top-selling whisky brands in India with a significant market share. Particularly popular in North India.
  • Sold in different bottle sizes including 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1 liter bottles.

Now let’s take a look at Teachers Whisky price in Assam for 2023.

Teachers Whisky Price List in Assam for 2023

Here is a table with the latest Teachers Whisky price list in Assam for all available bottle sizes:

Brand Volume Price
Teachers Whisky price in Assam 1000ml ₹3200
Teachers Whisky price in Assam 750ml ₹2800
Teachers Whisky price in Assam 375ml ₹1300
Teachers Whisky price in Assam 180ml ₹650
Teachers Whisky price in Assam 60ml ₹210

The prices can vary slightly across different shops and locations in Assam but this gives a general idea of the Teachers Whisky price range in the state.

As you can see, a 1-liter Teachers Whisky bottle is priced at around ₹3200 in Assam. The 750 ml pack, which is the usual bottle size, comes for approximately ₹2800. Smaller 375 ml and 180 ml packs are also available at ₹1300 and ₹650 respectively.

The Teachers Whisky 180 ml bottle is a quarter bottle size meant for individual consumption. The 60 ml pack is the miniature size, typically used in bars and pubs to serve a single peg.

Overall, Teachers Whisky prices in Assam are on the higher side compared to some other states due to higher excise duties and transportation costs. However, it continues to be an affordable blended Scotch brand preferred by many whisky drinkers in the state.

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What Influences Liquor Prices in Assam?

The prices of alcoholic beverages like whisky are influenced by several factors in Assam:

1. Taxes: Assam has one of the highest taxes on liquor in India, which impacts the retail prices. This includes high excise duties, VAT, import fees etc. Almost 65-70% of the liquor price is made up of taxes.

2. Transportation Costs: Assam is located far from the major port cities in India. The cost of logistics and transportation adds to the landed price for liquor brands.

3. Wholesaler and Retailer Margins: To account for higher transportation costs and taxes, wholesale and retail margins in Assam are also higher compared to other states. This is passed on to the customer.

4. Brand Popularity: Popular brands like Teachers Whisky can command a small premium due to higher demand and brand value. Less popular brands are usually cheaper.

5. Location Within the State: Prices can vary slightly between the main cities like Guwahati and rural areas. Urban areas normally have higher prices.

6. Government Regulations: Excise policy, rules on pricing, license fees, etc. for liquor businesses also impact the end prices in Assam.

So taxes, logistics costs, brand value, and government policies together determine the retail prices of whisky like Teachers in the Assam market.

How Prices of Teachers Whisky Differ Across India?

Since tax rates and transportation factors differ across states, the prices of Teachers Whisky bottles also vary:

  • Assam: Teachers Whisky 750ml bottle costs ₹2800 approx
  • Haryana: ₹1400 approx due to lower taxes.
  • Karnataka: ₹2200 approx driven by lower excise duties.
  • Rajasthan: ₹1850 approx owing to lower VAT on liquor.
  • West Bengal: ₹2250 approx due to lower taxes and transportation costs.

So we see that Assam has one of the highest prices for Teachers Whisky in India while states like Haryana and Rajasthan have lower rates.

However, do keep in mind that the prices can fluctuate slightly over time within a state depending on changes in taxation rates or supply-demand dynamics.

Teachers Whisky Prices in Major Cities of Assam

Here is an overview of the Teachers Whisky (750ml bottle) price range across some of the major cities and towns in Assam:

  • Guwahati: ₹2700 – ₹2900
  • Jorhat: ₹2750 – ₹2850
  • Dibrugarh: ₹2800 – ₹2950
  • Nagaon: ₹2700 – ₹2800
  • Silchar: ₹2850 – ₹3000
  • Tezpur: ₹2750 – ₹2900
  • Tinsukia: ₹2850 – ₹2950

As you can notice, the prices do not vary significantly across cities, but Silchar, Dibrugarh and Tinsukia tend to have slightly higher rates due to higher transportation costs to these cities.

Guwahati, being the largest city and located centrally, normally has the lowest prices in the state. Rural areas could see lower prices compared to urban cities.

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Teachers Highland Cream Variant Price in Assam

Teachers also offer a slightly lower-priced variant called Teachers Highland Cream. This is also a popular blended Scotch whisky in India.

Here are the latest Teachers Highland Cream prices in Assam:

Brand Volume Price
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 1000ml ₹2500
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 750ml ₹2000
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 375ml ₹1000
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 180ml ₹550
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 60ml ₹190

As you can see, the Teachers Highland Cream is around 10-15% cheaper than the regular Teachers variant across all bottle sizes.

This makes it an appealing option for regular whisky drinkers looking for good quality blended Scotch on a budget. The smooth malty flavor profile is similar to the original Teachers taste.

Price Trends for Teachers’ Whisky in Assam

If we analyze the price trends over the past few years, Teachers Whisky prices have gradually increased in Assam:

  • In 2018, the 750ml pack was priced around ₹2600 in Assam on average.
  • By mid-2020, the prices had increased to approximately ₹2750 per 750ml bottle.
  • In 2022, the average cost was around ₹2850 in Assam.
  • Now in 2023, the prices have gone up further to ₹2800 – ₹3000 for a 750ml pack.

The main factors for the gradual price hike have been inflation, rising taxes, and higher supply chain costs. However, Teachers continues to be an affordable blended Scotch brand compared to many premium competitors.

Going forward in 2023, prices may increase marginally but no major fluctuations are expected unless taxation rates are revised significantly.

How to Find Cheaper Prices on Teachers Whisky in Assam?

Here are some tips to help find the best deals on Teachers Whisky in Assam, if you are looking to save some money:

  • Compare prices across local liquor shops in your area. Some stores may run discounts or offers at times.
  • Buying larger 1 liter bottles usually has a lower per ml price compared to small packs. Splitting the large bottle with friends can be economical.
  • Looking for prices in duty-free stores at airports can sometimes give you good deals. However, there are quantity restrictions when traveling.
  • Checking for occasional online sales and promotions by e-commerce platforms can also help find discounts.
  • You may get lower rates in rural areas or smaller towns compared to big cities. However availability may be limited.
  • Stick to the original Teachers instead of the premium Reserve variant to save over 15% on your purchase.

So with some research and price comparisons, you can find better deals on Teachers Whisky in Assam. Make sure to enjoy your drink responsibly!

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Price of Other Popular Whisky Brands in Assam

Let’s also look at the prices of some other leading whisky brands available in Assam for reference:

  • Johnnie Walker Red Label: ₹2200 – ₹2400 (750ml)
  • Jack Daniel’s: ₹3500 – ₹3800 (750ml)
  • Glenlivet 12 Years: ₹4200 – ₹4500 (750ml)
  • Chivas Regal 12 Years: ₹3700 – ₹4000 (750ml)
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey: ₹3000 – ₹3200 (750ml)
  • 100 Pipers: ₹1350 – ₹1450 (750ml)
  • Royal Stag: ₹400 – ₹500 (750ml)
  • Imperial Blue: ₹300 – ₹400 (750ml)

As you can see, there is a wide range of prices depending on the brand’s positioning. Teachers offers good quality at a mid-range price point among global whisky brands in Assam.

Is Teachers Whisky Worth the Price in Assam?

At the end of the day, is Teachers Whisky worth what you pay for it in Assam? Here are some key points to consider:

Pros of Buying Teachers in Assam

  • Globally recognized Scotch blend with rich heritage
  • Smooth and easy-drinking taste preferred by many
  • Better pricing than more premium brands
  • Usually available easily even in smaller towns
  • Lower priced Highland Cream variant also available
  • Prices on par with other states once taxes are discounted

Cons of Buying Teachers in Assam

  • Higher cost compared to Indian whisky brands
  • Attracts very high taxes in Assam adding to price
  • Not as sophisticated as high-end single malts
  • Certain limited editions may be overpriced

So if you are looking for an affordable Scotch with smooth flavor, Teachers represents a good value purchase despite higher nominal pricing in Assam. It is a trusted brand that offers a good introduction to Scotch whisky for drinkers.

However, more hardcore whisky fans may find it unexciting and prefer premium single malts. At the end it is about your individual drinking preferences and budget.


We have provided a detailed overview of Teachers Whisky prices across various bottle sizes in Assam for 2023. While it is one of the more expensive states due to high liquor taxes, Teachers continues to be an accessible blended Scotch option.

Prices vary from ₹2800 – ₹3000 for the 750ml pack and ₹2500 onwards for the 1 liter bottle. The Highland Cream variant is priced around 10% lower as well.

There are small differences in prices across cities, with Guwahati being the cheapest. Rural areas may have slightly lower rates. Prices have been gradually increasing over the past few years, but no major hikes are expected in 2023.

Overall, Teachers offers smooth easy-drinking taste and heritage at an affordable rate. It continues to be one of the top selling whisky brands in Assam. Make sure to drink responsibly and compare prices to find the best deals in your location.

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