Teachers Whisky Price in Goa [2023 Updated List]

Goa, the beach paradise of India, is a haven for alcohol lovers. With its open and relaxed liquor policies, Goa attracts whisky enthusiasts from all over the country. One of the most popular whisky brands available in Goa is Teachers, which is loved by both tourists and locals alike.

Teachers is a blended Scotch whisky produced by Beam Suntory. It was originally made by William Teacher & Sons Ltd in the 19th century. Teacher’s whisky gets its distinct flavor from malt and grain whiskies matured in American oak casks. It is one of the highest-selling whisky brands in the world.

In this article, we will look at the latest Teachers’ whisky price list in Goa for 2023.

Popular Teachers Whisky Variants Available in Goa

Here are some of the most popular Teacher’s whisky variants available in Goa along with their prices:

1. Teachers 50 Years Whisky

Teachers 50 Years is an ultra-premium whisky by Teachers. It is a blend of rare 50 years old malt and grain whiskies. The whisky has notes of dark chocolate, clove, candied orange peel, and smoked wood.

Teachers 50 Years Whisky Price in Goa:

  • 375 ml – ₹850
  • 750 ml – ₹1700

2. Teachers’ Origin Whisky

Teacher’s Origin is inspired by the original Teacher’s Highland Cream recipe using Ardmore legacy casks. It is a no-age-statement blend. This whisky offers flavors of honey, pear, malt and subtle peat smoke.

Teachers’ Origin Whisky Price in Goa:

  • 375 ml – ₹700
  • 750 ml – ₹1400

3. Teachers Highland Cream Whisky

Teacher’s Highland Cream is the standard Teacher’s blend. It is a combination of around 40 malt and grain whiskies aged in oak casks for up to 12 years. It has notes of honey, fruit, and smokiness.

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Teachers Highland Cream Whisky Price in Goa:

  • 375 ml – ₹600
  • 750 ml – ₹1200
  • 1000 ml – ₹1500

Factors Affecting Teacher’s Whisky Price in Goa

The prices of Teachers whisky in Goa depend on various factors:

  • Taxes: Goa has one of the lowest liquor taxes in India, making alcohol more affordable than other states. Only a GST of 18% is applicable on liquor in Goa.
  • Import Costs: As Teachers is imported Scotch whisky, import duties, and international freight charges impact its cost. Fluctuations in import costs affect retail pricing.
  • Supply-Demand Dynamics: Higher demand during peak tourist season leads to a hike in Teachers’ whisky rates in Goa. Off-season prices are lower.
  • Location: Price rates for Teachers’ whisky vary across stores in different parts of Goa. Shops in prime tourist spots charge higher.
  • Shop Type: Premium bars, resorts, and 5-star hotels charge more for Teachers whisky compared to local shops and wine stores.
  • Volume: Larger Teacher’s whisky bottle sizes (1 liter) offer more value for money compared to smaller 375 ml bottles.

Where to Buy Teachers Whisky in Goa at Best Prices?

Here are some of the best places to buy Teachers whisky in Goa without overpaying:

  • Local Wine Shops: Small local wine shops offer the most affordable rates on Teachers whisky in Goa, up to 10-15% cheaper than big stores.
  • MDVins Liquor Shops: MDVins is a liquor store chain with multiple outlets in Goa selling premium imported alcohol at discounted prices.
  • Duty-Free Shops: Pick up Teachers’ whisky bottles at attractive rates from duty-free stores at Goa airport when arriving or leaving the state.
  • Supermarkets: All major supermarkets like Walmart, Magsons, etc stock Teachers whisky and regularly offer discounts.
  • Online: Use online platforms like HipBar to order Teachers’ whisky online in Goa at the lowest prices. Doorstep delivery is available.
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Price Trends for Teachers’ Whisky in Goa

  • The prices of Teachers’ whisky in Goa have remained stable over the past few years. No major fluctuations were observed.
  • 750 ml Teachers Highland Cream price has stayed around ₹1200 at most shops in Goa.
  • Occasional discounts offered by retailers have helped bring down prices by 5-7% during off-peak seasons.
  • Rising inflation and import costs could lead to minor price hikes in the near future. But Goa’s low taxes will cushion the impact.
  • Festive seasons, the New Year period, and tourist season often witness a 10-15% surge in Teachers’ whisky rates.


Goa remains amongst the most economical places in India to buy imported liquor like Teachers Scotch whisky. While prices are cheap year-round, purchasing it from local wine shops, duty-free, and taking advantage of seasonal discounts can help you save even more money. Smart buying allows whisky lovers to enjoy their favorite Teacher’s dram without burning a hole in their pocket.

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