Teachers Whisky Price in Haryana 2023: Updated Price List

Teachers Whisky is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, known for its smooth taste and affordability. Originating from Scotland, Teachers Whisky has made its mark across the country over the years. In this article, we will look at the latest Teachers Whisky price list in Haryana for 2023.

An Overview of Teachers Whisky

Teachers Whisky traces its origins back to 1830 in Scotland. The founder, Arthur Teacher, began blending various malts to create a smoother and more consistent flavor profile. Over the years, Teachers Whisky grew in popularity and is now exported to over 120 countries worldwide.

Some key aspects of Teachers Whisky include:

  • It is a blended Scotch whisky, meaning it contains both malt and grain whiskies.
  • The blend contains over 40 different whiskies aged up to 12 years in oak casks. This provides a complex yet balanced flavor profile.
  • No artificial colors or flavors are added, retaining the whisky’s natural characteristics.
  • It has a smooth, easy-drinking taste with notes of malt, honey, and fruits. The finish is medium-bodied and lingering.
  • Teachers Whisky has won several awards and accolades for its quality over the years.

In India, Teachers Whisky is marketed and distributed by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD). It is among the top 3 best-selling whisky brands in the country.

Teachers’ Whisky Price in Haryana 2023

Let us look at the latest Teachers Whisky price list in Haryana in 2023 for different pack sizes:

Pack Size Teachers Price in Haryana
1000 ml ₹2,500
750 ml ₹1,800
375 ml ₹1,015
180 ml ₹500
60 ml ₹170

The above prices are indicative only and may vary slightly across different shops and locations in Haryana. Taxes applicable are extra on the base price.

As we can see, the Teachers Whisky price in Haryana ranges from ₹170 for a 60 ml nip to ₹2,500 for a full 1000 ml bottle. The 750 ml pack is the most popular among regular buyers.

Compared to other states, the Teachers Whisky price in Haryana sits in the moderate range. States like Delhi and Punjab tend to have higher pricing due to different local taxes. However, the prices in Haryana make Teachers a very affordable branded whisky option.

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What Influences the Pricing of Teachers Whisky in Haryana?

There are several factors that impact the pricing strategy for a brand like Teachers across different states:

  • Taxes: Alcohol taxation in India is complex, with central and state levies. In Haryana, there is a 27% VAT on liquor along with state excise and import fees. So taxes significantly contribute to the retail price.
  • Logistics: Transportation costs from the distillery or port to the retail location also add to the final price. Haryana has lower logistics costs due to its proximity to production and coastal ports.
  • Supplier Margins: Every intermediary in the supply chain adds their margin, increasing the price. Haryana has a streamlined two-tier model which optimizes the markup.
  • Retailer Margins: Retailers also add their share to the pricing when selling to consumers. The retail margin is lower in Haryana compared to major metro cities.
  • Brand Positioning: Popular brands keep prices higher than lesser-known ones. Teachers position itself as a premium but affordable whisky. This strategy also helps pricing.
  • Demand and Popularity: In states like Haryana where demand is high, brands can keep prices on the lower side. This allows higher sales volumes overall.

So while taxes are the biggest cost driver, these other aspects also help shape the competitive Teachers Whisky price in Haryana.

Teachers Whisky Price List in Haryana for Other Sizes

While we have covered the main pack sizes above, Teachers Whisky is also available in Haryana in other sizes for specific consumption occasions. Here are the indicative price rates:

Pack Size Teachers’ Prices in Haryana
500 ml ₹1,300
200 ml ₹410
90 ml ₹230
50 ml ₹140
30 ml ₹80

The smaller nip sizes allow consumers to sample or enjoy Teachers Whisky without purchasing full bottles. They are priced nominally higher due to lower sales volumes. However, the pricing strategy still aims to drive trial and increase adoption among new consumers.

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Price Comparison With Other Whisky Brands in Haryana

It is also useful to compare the Teachers Whisky price in Haryana with other popular whisky brands available in the state:

Brand 750 ml Price
Teachers ₹1,800
Imperial Blue ₹1,350
Royal Stag ₹1,200
Blender’s Pride Reserve ₹2,050
Johnnie Walker ₹3,500
Glenfiddich ₹5,500

As we can see, Teachers position itself in the mid-premium whisky segment. It is priced higher than lower-end whiskies like Imperial Blue and Royal Stag but remains more affordable than true premium labels like Johnnie Walker and Glenfiddich. This strategic pricing has helped Teachers become the preferred ‘bang for buck’ whisky brand in Haryana and across India.

How Prices of Teachers Whisky Have Changed in Recent Years

Like with all alcoholic beverages, the prices of Teachers Whisky in Haryana have also seen gradual increases over the last few years. Here are some price trends:

  • The 750 ml Teachers pack was priced around ₹1,400 in 2018, rising up to ₹1,600 by 2020.
  • Increased federal and state taxes, higher supplier costs, and inflationary pressures caused the price hike during this period.
  • The current 750 ml price of ₹1,800 came into effect in mid-2022.
  • However, the rate of price increase has been moderate compared to premium brands.
  • This indicates the brand’s pricing strategy is aimed at consumer affordability even amid external cost pressures.
  • Experts predict a 5-8% price increase annually going forward to offset input cost inflation.

So while Teachers Whisky has become slightly more expensive in recent times, the brand has tried to limit price hikes as much as possible compared to competitors. This bodes well for its accessibility and sales growth in the price-sensitive Haryana market.

Availability of Teachers Whisky in Haryana

Coming to where you can actually purchase your favorite Teachers Whisky bottle or can in Haryana, the brand is readily available across most liquor retail outlets in the state. This includes:

  • Government-run retail liquor stores operated by the Haryana State Federation of Consumer Co-operative Societies (CONFCO). There are over 300 of these outlets where you can find Teachers Whisky stocked.
  • Private liquor stores and shops licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in Haryana. There are over 500 licensed private retail shops where Teachers is available.
  • Eligible hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and other hospitality establishments in Haryana.
  • Also sold in certain duty-free shops at airports in the state.
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So whether you are looking to buy a Teacher bottle for home consumption or want to enjoy it outside, you will be able to easily find it in Haryana. Just ensure to carry your valid state government-issued ID proof.

Is Buying Teachers Whisky Online Legal in Haryana?

While many other states allow online sales of alcohol, currently Haryana prohibits the online purchase of liquor including whisky. So buying Teachers Whisky from e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart is illegal in the state.

However, restaurants and bars with valid liquor licenses are allowed to accept orders and deliver alcohol to customers’ homes. So home delivery of Teachers Whisky via Swiggy or Zomato from licensed establishments is permitted subject to certain conditions.

The Haryana government is considering changes in regulations to open up online liquor sales under a controlled structure. When approved, options to conveniently order Teachers Whisky and other brands online will open up for residents.

Final Thoughts on Teachers’ Whisky Prices in Haryana

Teachers Whisky is an iconic blended Scotch with a smooth, easy-drinking taste profile. Its smart pricing strategy has made it the go-to whisky brand for regular consumption in Haryana and other parts of India.

In 2023, a 750 ml bottle is available in Haryana for around ₹1,800 which represents great value. Of course, enjoy your favorite Teacher responsibly and in moderation. I hope this detailed overview for 2023 has been useful to understand Teachers Whisky price rates in Haryana. Let us know if you need any other liquor price information for the state.

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