Teachers Whisky Price List in Hyderabad 2023- Latest Rates

Teachers Whisky is one of the most popular Scotch whiskies in India, known for its smooth, easy-drinking taste profile. Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is a major market for imported liquors in India. In this article, we will look at the latest Teachers Whisky price list in Hyderabad for 2023.

Introduction to Teachers Whisky

Teachers Highland Cream Whisky is an award-winning blended Scotch whisky produced by Beam Suntory. It is named after the Teachers clan, who were involved in the whisky business in 19th-century Scotland. The brand was originally established in 1830 by the Teachers brothers.

Teachers Whisky has a signature smooth, clean taste with hints of smoked oak, pear, and vanilla notes. It is a blend of around 40 highland and Speyside malts along with some grain whiskies. The malts are matured in oak casks for up to 12 years while the grains are matured in re-charged American oak barrels.

This easy-drinking and affordable Scotch has gained popularity in India due to its easy smooth taste. It has a medium body and does not have very strong smoky or peaty flavors like some Single malts. This makes it suitable for whisky drinkers looking for a smooth blended scotch experience.

Current Teachers Whisky Price List in Hyderabad (2023)

Here are the latest Teachers Whisky prices in Hyderabad as of 2023:

Brand Volume Price
Teachers Whisky 1000 ml ₹3800
Teachers Whisky 750 ml ₹3200
Teachers Whisky 375 ml ₹1600
Teachers Whisky 180 ml ₹800
Teachers Whisky 60 ml ₹280

The above prices are inclusive of all taxes and from reputed liquor shops in Hyderabad. The prices can vary slightly across different stores.

As we can see, a 1-litre Teachers Whisky bottle costs around ₹3800 in Hyderabad. The 750 ml pack is priced at ₹3200. There are also smaller packs of 375 ml and 180 ml available for prices of ₹1600 and ₹800 respectively.

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The 60 ml Teachers Whisky mini bottle is useful for tasting and costs ₹280 in Hyderabad.

What are the Factors Affecting Teacher’s Whisky Prices in Hyderabad?

The major factors that influence the pricing of Teachers Whisky in Hyderabad are:

  • Import Duty: This is the main component of any imported liquor price in India. For imported Scotch whiskies, it is approximately 150% of the import price.
  • State Excise Duty: The Telangana state charges excise duty on liquors, which also adds to the retail price.
  • Supplier Margins: The distributors and retailers also add their profit margins, which is included in the MRP.
  • Taxes: GST at 18% and other applicable taxes also contribute to the final consumer price.
  • Location: The whisky prices can vary slightly across different areas in the city.

The rising import duty and taxes on imported liquors in recent years have led to a gradual increase in Teachers Whisky’s prices across India including Hyderabad. However, it remains one of the most competitively priced imported Scotch brands in the market.

Price Comparison with Other Cities

Let’s compare the Teachers Whisky price in Hyderabad with some other major cities in India:

City Price of Teachers 750ml
Mumbai ₹3400
Delhi ₹3300
Bangalore ₹3250
Chennai ₹3000
Kolkata ₹2900
Hyderabad ₹3200

As we can see, the Teachers Whisky 750 ml bottle price in Hyderabad is lower than in Mumbai and Delhi, where it retails at ₹3400 and ₹3300 respectively.

However, it is marginally higher than Bangalore (₹3250), Chennai (₹3000) and Kolkata (₹2900).

Overall, the pricing in Hyderabad is quite reasonable and at par with most major metro cities. For Scotch lovers, it is good value for an easy-drinking 12-year-old blend.

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Teachers Highland Cream Price in Hyderabad

Teachers Highland Cream is a no-age-statement blended scotch whisky from the Teachers range. It is also popular in India as an affordable Scotch option.

Here is the latest Teachers Highland Cream price list in Hyderabad:

Brand Volume Price
Teachers Highland Cream 1000 ml ₹2870
Teachers Highland Cream 750 ml ₹2300
Teachers Highland Cream 375 ml ₹1160
Teachers Highland Cream 180 ml ₹580
Teachers Highland Cream 60 ml ₹210

As we can see, Teachers Highland Cream is priced at around ₹900 less than the regular Teachers Whisky for a 750 ml pack in Hyderabad.

It provides an opportunity to enjoy the Teacher’s blend profile at a more affordable price point for regular consumption.

Factors Influencing Teacher’s Whisky Availability in Hyderabad

Some of the factors that determine Teachers Whisky’s availability in Hyderabad are:

  • Demand and Popularity: As one of the leading Scotch brands in India, Teachers has good demand in Hyderabad, which ensures availability.
  • Import Quantities: The amount of Teachers’ stock imported by Beam Suntory into India also affects supply.
  • Route to Market: Teacher’s has a well-established route to market via distribution networks across Telangana.
  • Regulatory Restrictions: Any state restrictions or bans can affect availability. However, no current restrictions exist in Telangana.
  • Festive Seasons: During the Christmas and New Year period, demand surges, and some temporary shortages may be seen.

However, overall Teachers maintain good all-round availability in Hyderabad due to smart inventory management by the company. It can be found comfortably at most reputed liquor stores as well as on apps like Living Liquid.

Must Try Teachers Whisky Cocktails in Hyderabad

Here are some classic and modern cocktails you must try with Teachers Whisky in Hyderabad:

  • Teachers Old Fashioned – Teachers, Orange Bitters, Sugar Syrup, Water
  • Teachers Sour – Teachers, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup
  • Teachers Manhattan – Teachers, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters
  • Teachers Penicillin – Teachers, Ginger, Honey, Lemon Juice
  • Teachers Highball – Teachers, Ginger Ale
  • Teachers Hot Toddy – Teachers, Honey, Lemon, Hot Water
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The easy drinking smoothness of Teachers Whisky makes it an excellent base spirit for cocktails. It mixes well with sweet and citrusy flavors.


Teachers Whisky is an iconic blended scotch brand that has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market due to competitive pricing and consistent quality. In 2023, a 750ml Teachers Whisky bottle retails for around ₹3200 in Hyderabad, which is very reasonable for a 12-year-old import. Its smooth signature taste with oak and fruity notes makes it a versatile choice to drink neat, with water, or in whisky cocktails. Teachers Highland Cream also provides a more affordable option at just ₹2300 for 750ml in the city. For whisky lovers in Hyderabad, Teachers Whisky is surely a value-for-money choice to enjoy quality Scotch from a legendary brand.

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