Teachers Whisky Price List in Kerala 2023: Latest Rates

Teachers Whisky is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, especially in the state of Kerala. Originating from Scotland, Teachers Whisky has earned a reputation for its smooth, easy-drinking taste profile that makes it a favored choice for whisky lovers in Kerala.

In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of Teachers Whisky prices across various pack sizes available in Kerala as of 2023. Understanding the latest Teachers Whisky rates can help consumers make an informed purchase decision when buying this iconic Scotch whisky in Kerala.

An Introduction to Teachers’ Whisky

Teachers Whisky traces its origins back to 1830 when the Teacher brothers, William and John Teacher, established the Teacher Whisky distillery in Scotland. The brand quickly gained popularity for its signature style of smooth, easy-drinking blended Scotch whisky.

Over the years, Teachers Whisky has become one of the top five best-selling Scotch whisky brands globally. In India, it ranks among the most popular imported whisky labels preferred by discerning whisky aficionados.

Teachers Whisky gets its distinctly smooth, clean taste from select single malt and grain whiskies matured in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years. The resulting blend is approachable and easy to drink, even for those new to whisky. This explains the brand’s appeal in the Kerala market where blended Scotch whiskies are widely consumed.

Teachers Whisky Price List in Kerala 2023

Here is an overview of the latest Teachers Whisky price list across various pack sizes available in the Kerala market as of 2023:

Brand Volume Price
Teachers’ Whisky Price in Kerala 1000ml ₹3500
Teachers Whisky Price in Kerala 750ml ₹3000
Teachers Whisky Price in Kerala 375ml ₹1500
Teachers Whisky Price in Kerala 180ml ₹750
Teachers Whisky Price in Kerala 60ml ₹250

The above Teachers Whisky rates in Kerala are inclusive of all applicable state taxes and any other local levies. The prices are standard across major cities like Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kozhikode, among others. However, there may be minor variations in prices at different retail shops or online stores.

Among the various pack sizes, the 1-litre Teachers Whisky bottle is the most popularly sold pack in Kerala, retailing at Rs. 3500 approximately. The 750 ml pack comes next at Rs. 3000 followed by the 180 ml and 60 ml miniatures costing Rs. 750 and Rs. 250 respectively.

The Teachers Whisky prices in Kerala tend to be slightly higher than in other parts of India due to the different tax structures and local markups. However, the pricing is competitive compared to other imported Scotch whisky brands available in the state.

What Influences Teachers Whisky Prices in Kerala?

Some of the major factors that determine Teachers Whisky’s base pricing in Kerala include:

  • Import costs – Teachers is imported to India from Scotland, so import duties, freight charges, and INR-GBP currency conversion rate influence the base price.
  • Central and state taxes – Duties like basic customs duty and agriculture infrastructure development cess are levied by the center. Kerala also charges state GST, excise duty, and retail license fees on liquor.
  • Supplier margins and overheads – Distributors, dealers, and retailers also add their margins to the base price, which is passed on to the end consumer.
  • Brand reputation – As a well-known premium Scotch, Teachers Whisky’s brand image allows retailers to command a higher price.
  • Demand v/s supply – Prices may fluctuate periodically based on demand-supply gaps but tend to eventually stabilise.
  • Location – Liquor prices in Kerala can vary based on shop location, with metro cities and premium outlets charging higher.
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Teachers Whisky Prices Across Various Pack Sizes

Let us take a more detailed look at Teachers Whisky rates across popular pack sizes available in the Kerala market:

1. Teachers Whisky 1 Litre Price

The 1 litre or 1000 ml pack is the standard large-size Teachers Whisky bottle available in Kerala. It is priced at approximately Rs. 3500 at most stores.

The 1-litre Teachers Whisky bottle packs excellent value for money for regular drinkers. It offers the lowest per ml price point compared to smaller bottles. Popular among whisky lovers who enjoy Teaching at home or like to stock up on their bar.

2. Teachers Whisky 750 ml Price

The 750 ml bottle is the second most popular pack size for Teachers Whisky in Kerala. It retails for around Rs. 3000 at leading alcohol shops.

The 750ml Teachers Whisky pack is convenient for personal consumption and gifting purposes. Handy to carry around and fits most home bar cabinets or can be placed on countertops. Ideal for those who like Teachers Whisky but may not finish a full liter bottle quickly.

3. Teachers Whisky 375 ml Price

This is a smaller version of the Teachers Whisky bottle, containing 375 ml of the blend. It is affordably priced at approximately Rs. 1500 in Kerala.

The 375ml Teachers Whisky pack works well as a trial size to experience the brand’s taste profile. It is compact and travel-friendly. Also makes for an attractive gift choice without going over budget.

4. Teachers Whisky 180 ml Price

The 180 ml Teachers Whisky bottle is categorized as a ‘quarter’ in industry terms. It retails at around Rs. 750 in the state.

The 180ml bottle is a handy and economical option to keep Teachers stocked at home bars on a budget. It is also the preferred teacher whisky size for social drinking occasions with just a handful of friends.

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5. Teachers Whisky 60 ml Price

This miniature 60 ml bottle of Teachers Whisky comes at a very affordable price point of about Rs. 250 in Kerala.

The nip size of Teachers Whisky is meant for tasting or trial purposes. It provides an accessible intro to the brand for first-time drinkers. The 60ml size also works well as a giveaway gift or party favor.

Price Trends for Teachers Whisky in Kerala

Over the past few years, the following Teachers Whisky price trends have been observed in the Kerala market:

  • Prices have remained relatively stable, with minimal fluctuations annually.
  • There has been an overall incremental price increase of 10% – 15% over the last 3 years.
  • Higher taxation under GST compared to older state tax regimes has driven price growth.
  • Currency rate changes also periodically impact pricing due to Teachers’ imported status.
  • Among pack sizes, smaller bottles have seen slightly higher price hikes as taxation on them is higher.
  • Higher demand often leads to better pricing from retailers during festive seasons and special occasions.
  • Online stores offer more competitive rates but may compromise on packaging or delivery.
  • Premium bars and hotels charge higher markups on Teachers versus regular liquor shops.

How to Buy Teachers Whisky at Best Price in Kerala?

Here are some tips to buy Teachers Whisky at the best price in Kerala:

  • Opt for a larger 1-litre bottle to get the lowest per ml pricing on Teachers Whisky.
  • Buy directly from TASMAC liquor outlets rather than bars or hotels to save on markup costs.
  • Check online stores for periodic discounts or lower prices to save money.
  • Avoid airport duty-free purchases as rates tend to be inflated.
  • Buy during festive seasons or special discounts when retailers offer lower prices.
  • Explore lower-tax states like Goa to buy Teachers Whisky when traveling.
  • Purchase from military canteens for slightly lower prices whenever possible.
  • Splitting a full bottle with friends is an option to enjoy Teachers at a better value.

Popular Teachers Whisky Variants in Kerala

In addition to the standard Teachers Whisky blend, some other popular variants available in Kerala are:

  • Teachers 50: This special blended whisky from Teachers is aged for a minimum of 50 years. It offers extra smoothness and a complex aroma. It is priced at a premium.
  • Teachers Highland Cream: A blended Scotch with higher malt content for bolder flavors. Priced lower than regular Teachers Whisky.
  • Teachers Peated: This variant has smoky, peaty Islay malts added to the blend. Targeted at experienced whisky drinkers.
  • Teachers Sherry Cask Finish: Teachers Whisky aged further in oloroso sherry casks for richer fruitiness. Comes at a higher price point.
  • Teachers Cask Strength: Bottled at natural cask strength without chill-filtration or dilution. Bolder profile preferred by connoisseurs.
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Teachers Highland Cream Price in Kerala

In addition to the flagship Teachers blended Scotch, the brand also offers Teachers Highland Cream as a more affordable option targeted at regular whisky drinkers in Kerala. Here are the latest Teachers Highland Cream prices in Kerala:

Brand Volume Price
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 1000ml ₹2600
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 750ml ₹2200
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 375ml ₹1100
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 180ml ₹550
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price 60ml ₹180

As visible from the above price list, Teachers Highland Cream is priced around 15% – 20% lower than standard Teachers whisky bottles in Kerala. It represents a value-for-money option for budget-conscious whisky consumers in the state.


Teachers Whisky is an iconic Scotch whisky brand that enjoys immense popularity in the Indian market, especially in Kerala. This article has provided a comprehensive overview of the latest Teachers Whisky and Teachers Highland Cream prices in Kerala across all commonly available pack sizes.

The prices are inclusive of local taxes and may vary mildly across different retail sources. Discerning consumers in Kerala can use this price list as a reference to know the ideal rates for buying Teachers Whisky in 2023. This can enable purchasing the desired pack size at the best price from a retailer of choice.

With its smooth, easy-drinking taste and blend of select Scottish malts and grains, Teachers Whisky will continue to be a mainstay for whisky lovers in God’s Own Country. Referring to this price guide can help buyers make an informed purchase decision on Teachers Whisky in Kerala that balances quality and value.

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