Vat 69 Price in Jharkhand 2023- Updated Price List

Jharkhand, the 28th state of India, is situated in the eastern part of the country. Known for its rich mineral reserves, dense forests, and beautiful waterfalls, Jharkhand is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. The state is also home to various indigenous tribal communities such as Santhals, Oraons, Mundas, Kharia, Birhor, and Pahariyas.

In recent years, Jharkhand has seen rapid urbanization and economic development. The state’s bustling capital city Ranchi is a major commercial hub. Other important cities include Jamshedpur, Bokaro, and Dhanbad. Jharkhand has a growing middle class with high disposable incomes. This has led to increasing demand for alcoholic beverages including imported spirits.

Vat 69 Price in Jharkhand

Vat 69 is a popular blended Scotch whisky produced by William Grant & Sons in the Glen Spey distillery located in Moray, Scotland. This golden blend was first introduced in 1882 and is aged in oak casks for over 3 years. Vat 69 gets its distinct flavor from malt and grain whiskies carefully blended together in Vat number 69.

Vat 69 is one of the fastest-growing whisky brands in India including Jharkhand. Its smooth taste and affordable price have made it a preferred whisky brand for the youth and middle-class segments. Here are the latest VAT 69 prices in Jharkhand in 2023.

Vat 69 Price List in Jharkhand

Brand Volume Price
Vat 69 Price in Jharkhand 180 ml ₹310
Vat 69 Price in Jharkhand 375 ml ₹610
Vat 69 Price in Jharkhand 750 ml ₹1220

The above prices are revised as per the latest details available in September 2023. The prices can vary between locations and retail shops in Jharkhand.

Factors Affecting Vat 69 Price in Jharkhand

The price of VAT 69 in Jharkhand depends on several factors:

Taxes and Duties

Vat 69 attracts taxes like inter-state taxes, import duties, central excise, and state excise duties. Around 55-60% of the VAT 69 price constitutes the total tax component. Recently, Jharkhand has seen an increase in additional state excise duties which directly impacts the prices.

Transportation and Warehouse Costs

Jharkhand being located in the eastern region of India entails higher logistics costs for distributors. Transporting the inventory from warehouses to various retail shops incurs costs which are added to the MRP. Warehousing expenses in the state also add to the price.

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Profit Margins

Distributors and retailers in Jharkhand add their profit margins to Vat 69 before selling to consumers. On average, profit margins constitute 15-20% of the MRP. The profit percentage can vary for wholesale or retail sales.

Brand Popularity

Vat 69 is among the top-selling whisky brands in Jharkhand. Its consistent taste and legacy have created strong brand loyalty among consumers. Popular brands allow retailers to command a premium in the market, hence fetching higher prices.

Location within the State

Transportation costs to remote areas in Jharkhand can attract higher premiums at retail shops. Urban areas see higher sales volumes and therefore have lower prices. Tier 1 and 2 cities like Ranchi, Bokaro, and Jamshedpur have lower Vat 69 prices than rural areas.

Price Trends in Past Years

Here are the key trends noticed in Vat 69 price over the last few years in Jharkhand:

  • Gradual increase in MRP due to yearly inflation and higher taxes.
  • Faster increase in prices during 2020-2022 due to pandemic-induced supply chain issues.
  • Introduction of special edition commemorative bottles with collectible packaging at premium prices.
  • Attractive discounts are offered during festive seasons to boost sales.
  • Limited period price cuts to clear excess inventory.

Blended scotch whisky brands have seen consistent demand growth in Jharkhand despite rising prices. Consumers are willing to pay extra for the authentic Scotch taste and smoothness offered by Vat 69.

Difference Between MRP and Retail Price

Consumers must note the distinction between MRP and the retail selling price of Vat 69 in Jharkhand.

  • MRP is the maximum retail price printed on the bottle by the manufacturer.
  • Retail price is the actual selling price charged by the retailer and may differ based on location.

The retail price is generally lower than the MRP. It may be discounted by the retailer during festive season offers or to attract footfall in case of excess stock. Consumers can negotiate or shop at stores selling at lower retail prices than the prescribed MRP. Online platforms also offer VAT 69 at discounted rates owing to savings in overheads.

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How to Buy Vat 69 at the Lowest Price in Jharkhand?

Here are some tips to buy Vat 69 at the lowest possible price in Jharkhand:

  • Compare prices across different stores in your location. Local stores often sell at lower rates than MRP.
  • Look out for special discounts or promotions by retailers during festivals like Diwali or New Year’s Eve.
  • Buying in bulk quantity usually attracts a lower overall rate. Check for savings on cases with 6 or 12 bottles.
  • Online liquor stores sell VAT 69 with added discounts since they save on real estate costs.
  • Opt for store brands that are cheaper. However, ensure the quality meets your expectations.
  • Register with loyalty programs of premium retail chains for member-exclusive prices on your purchases.

Legal Drinking Age and Availability in Jharkhand

  • The legal drinking age in Jharkhand is 21 years. Alcohol sale is prohibited to individuals below this age.
  • Vat 69 is easily available in most liquor retail stores across cities in the state.
  • Restaurants, bars, and pubs also serve Vat 69 and list in their standard spirits menu.
  • Consumers can check online alcohol delivery platforms like Zomato or Swiggy for home delivery options.
  • Availability in remote rural regions may be limited to specific licensed shops only.

Consumers are advised to drink responsibly and avoid underage consumption. Do not drink and drive – arrange for a designated driver when planning to consume any alcoholic beverage.

Difference Between Original and Duplicate Vat 69

Consumers should be cautious of spurious Vat 69 bottles which may be adulterated blends. Some ways to identify the original Vat 69 bottles are:

Original Vat 69 Characteristics

  • Prominent scratched ’69’ emblem on glass bottle
  • Cork sealing under metal cap
  • Matured for a minimum 3 years mentioned on the label
  • Pleasant and smooth taste without a burning sensation
  • Subtle fruity and floral aromas
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Duplicate Vat 69 Characteristics

  • Faint ’69’ marking or completely missing in some cases
  • Loose or plastic seal instead of cork
  • No age-proofing duration mentioned
  • Harsh chemical taste with a burning aftertaste
  • Strong alcohol vapors without complex aromas

Purchase Vat 69 only from authorized retailers and check for any tampering before accepting delivery. The duplicate blends are unsafe for consumption and best avoided.

Why is Vat 69 a Popular Whisky Brand in Jharkhand?

Here are some reasons why Vat 69 sells extensively across Jharkhand:

  • Smooth Taste: Vat 69 has a mellow flavor, without any strong sting, making it suitable even for new drinkers.
  • Versatile Cocktails: The balanced taste profile of Vat 69 adapts well to many classic whiskey cocktails like Old Fashioned or Manhattan.
  • Premium Scotch Heritage: Made from malts of Spey Valley in Scotland and blended for over 3 years.
  • Brand Popularity: Enjoyed by generations since the late 19th century for its quality.
  • Economical Price: Affordably priced compared to single malts making it a value-for-money blend.
  • Easy Availability: Widely available even in rural parts compared to niche imported liquor brands.
  • Attractive Packaging: Classic bottle and label design that makes it ideal for gifting purposes.

Vat 69 continues to hold a strong market share in Jharkhand’s thriving whisky segment buoyed by its enduring Scotch heritage and accessibility to the rising middle class. Its smooth taste and the right balance of quality and value have won over consumers in the state for the long term.

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