Vat 69 Whisky Price in Delhi [2023 Updated List]

Vat 69 is one of the most popular blended Scotch whiskies in India. With its distinctive bold and smooth flavor, Vat 69 has become a staple for whisky lovers across the country. In this article, we will look at the latest Vat 69 whisky prices in Delhi for 2023.

An Overview of Vat 69 Whisky

Vat 69 is a blended Scotch whisky originally produced by William Sanderson & Son Limited. The whisky was inspired by the year the company was founded – 1869. Vat 69 gets its name from the number of the vat in which it was originally blended.

This whisky is a blend of around 40 malts and grains. It offers notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and subtle smokiness. The balanced and smooth taste profile makes Vat 69 an easy-drinking whisky. It’s regarded as an affordable yet premium whisky.

Vat 69 is now owned by Diageo – the global alcohol beverage company. It’s exported to several countries but remains hugely popular in India. The whisky market in India consumes almost half of the total Vat 69 bottles produced worldwide.

Vat 69 Price in Delhi

Here are the latest Vat 69 whisky prices in Delhi for 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (60ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹100
Cost of (90ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹150
Cost of (180ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹280
Cost of (375ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹550
Cost of (750ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹1100
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Vat 69 Whisky ₹1600

The prices can vary slightly across different stores but this gives a good overview. As you can see, Vat 69 is very reasonably priced even for the larger 750ml and 1 litre bottles.

In Delhi, you can easily find Vat 69 at most liquor shops, supermarkets, bars, and pubs. It’s readily available across the city.

Factors Affecting Vat 69 Prices in Delhi

The prices of alcohol in Delhi are influenced by various factors:

  • Taxes – High excise duties, import fees, and GST significantly increase liquor prices. Almost 50-60% of the retail price consists of taxes.
  • State Policies – Delhi follows the state rules and regulations when it comes to alcohol pricing policies. The Delhi government regulates liquor rates.
  • Location – Alcohol prices are usually higher at pubs, restaurants, and hotels compared to liquor stores. Also, prices vary across different neighborhoods.
  • Brand Popularity – Premium and popular brands like Vat 69 are able to command a slightly higher price point.
  • Raw Material Costs – Rising costs of raw materials like barley and fluctuation in currency rates affect production costs.
  • Seasons and Festivals – Prices can see a spike around the festive season due to higher demand.
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Buying Vat 69 Whisky in Delhi

Delhi offers a number of options to buy your favorite Vat 69 whisky bottles:

  • Liquor Shops – The easiest and most affordable option. There are dozens of licensed liquor shops across Delhi selling Vat 69 at good rates.
  • Departmental Stores – Many departmental stores like Spencer’s have liquor sections selling popular brands.
  • Supermarkets – Some supermarkets like HyperCity and Big Bazaar also retail alcohol including Vat 69 whisky.
  • Duty-Free Shops – If you are traveling via Delhi’s IGI Airport, you can find Vat 69 bottles at attractive duty-free rates.
  • Online Liquor Delivery – Apps and websites like Living Liquidz, HipBar, Swiggy Instamart etc. facilitate home delivery of alcohol in Delhi.
  • Pubs and Bars – You can find Vat 69 whisky at most top bars and pubs in Delhi but the rates are higher.
  • Military Canteens – For armed forces personnel, Vat 69 is available at discounted rates at army canteens (CSD).

So choose the option that offers you the best convenience and price. The average market retail price of Vat 69 in Delhi is around ₹1100 for a 750ml bottle which makes it very affordable.

Price Trends in 2023

The prices of liquor including Vat 69 whisky are expected to increase in 2023. Here are some key reasons:

  • A rise in inflation could push raw materials and production costs higher for the manufacturers.
  • A potential increase in excise duties and import costs would lead to higher retail prices.
  • Higher demand post-pandemic may also lead to slight price hikes.
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However, the Delhi government is unlikely to impose a very sharp price increase considering affordability concerns. The price rise for Vat 69 whisky bottles in 2023 is expected to be moderate in the range of 5-10%.

The Popularity of Vat 69 in Delhi

Vat 69 whisky enjoys immense popularity in the Delhi market. It has become a staple brand and a bar classic over the years. Here’s why it resonates well with Delhi’s tastes and preferences:

  • Flavour Profile – The smooth and light blend is appealing to Indian taste preferences. It’s easy to drink even for non-frequent whisky drinkers.
  • Brand Legacy – Vat 69 is a familiar and trusted brand with a long history in India spanning over 50 years.
  • Value for Money – For the quality and blend, Vat 69 is very attractively priced compared to single malts.
  • Easy Availability – Wide availability across the city makes it a convenient choice.
  • Marketing – Aggressive marketing and brand-building over the years has increased affinity.
  • Cocktail Friendly – It mixes well in popular whisky cocktails like whisky soda, old-fashioned, etc.

So Vat 69 whisky is sure to remain a hot-seller in Delhi given its taste, legacy, and affordable price point. For whisky lovers, it’s a must-have bar staple.

Summing Up

  • Vat 69 is a legendary Scotch whisky known for its distinctive bold and smooth taste profile
  • It’s very competitively priced in Delhi with a 750ml bottle costing around ₹1100
  • Taxes, state policies, and raw material costs impact the retail pricing
  • Easily available across liquor shops, department stores, and supermarkets in Delhi
  • Expected to see a moderate 5-10% price rise in 2023
  • Continues to be hugely popular in Delhi owing to its smooth blend, taste, marketing, and value
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So whisky aficionados looking for an affordable yet qualitative blended Scotch in Delhi can rest assured that Vat 69 nicely fits the bill. Its versatile taste and pocket-friendly price make it a staple whisky liquor for all budgets.

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