Vat 69 Whisky Price in Mumbai [2023 Updated List]

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is a city that loves its alcohol. With a vibrant nightlife and plenty of bars and liquor shops, Mumbaikars have a wide selection of spirits to choose from. One popular whisky brand in Mumbai is Vat 69, a blended Scotch whisky produced by William Grant & Sons.

Vat 69 gets its name from the cask number of the 1869 whisky that was originally used to create the blend. First introduced in 1882, this affordable whisky became popular across the British Empire and today continues to have a strong market presence in India.

In this article, we will look at the latest Vat 69 whisky prices in Mumbai across different bottle sizes. We will also discuss what makes Vat 69 an ideal whisky for whisky lovers in Mumbai.

Vat 69 Whisky Prices In Mumbai

Here are the updated Vat 69 whisky prices in Mumbai across different bottle sizes:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of (90ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹210
Cost of (180ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹420
Cost of (375ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹815
Cost of (750ml) Vat 69 Whisky ₹1,620
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Vat 69 Whisky ₹1,910

As evident from the price list, Vat 69 whisky is very reasonably priced in Mumbai. A 90ml peg of Vat 69 at a bar will cost around ₹210. A 180ml quarter bottle is available for ₹420. The iconic 750ml bottle costs ₹1,620 which makes Vat 69 one of the most value-for-money blended Scotch whiskies in Mumbai.

The prices may vary slightly across different stores and bars in the city. Government taxes and vendor margins also impact the retail price. But you can expect the prices to range within +/- 5% of the rates mentioned above.

Why Is Vat 69 A Popular Whisky In Mumbai?

There are several reasons why Vat 69 is a preferred whisky brand for Mumbai’s whisky lovers:

  • Smooth taste: Vat 69 has a smooth, mellow flavor with hints of honey, fruit, and vanilla. This easy-drinking taste profile appeals to Indian whisky drinkers.
  • Value for money: As evident from the price list above, Vat 69 is very reasonably priced for Scotch whisky. It provides excellent value without compromising on the taste.
  • Brand legacy: Launched in 1882, Vat 69 has a long history and brand recognition globally including in India. Its strong branding and marketing over the decades has helped attract consumers.
  • Mixability: The smooth taste of Vat 69 allows it to be consumed easily with mixers and cocktails. It is a bartender’s favorite whisky to mix in whisky-based cocktails.
  • Association with culture: Over the years, popular Bollywood movies and songs have referenced Vat 69, contributing to its cult status amongst Indian whisky lovers.
  • Easy availability: Vat 69 is readily available across all liquor shops, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants in Mumbai. The supply keeps up efficiently with the demand.
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So if you are looking for an affordable Scotch whisky in Mumbai that gives you a great bang for your buck, go for a bottle or peg of the classic Vat 69. Its taste, legacy, marketing, and attractive pricing make it a hot-seller whisky in Mumbai.

Price Differences Between Brand Outlets And Local Shops

There are some price variations between Vat 69 whisky sold at brand stores and local liquor shops:

  • Brand stores – At official brand stores for Vat 69 whisky in Mumbai, you may find prices slightly higher by 8-10%. This is because brand stores do not offer any discounts.
  • Duty-free shops – At duty-free shops like the one at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Vat 69 prices are lower by 15-20% compared to local liquor shops in the city, thanks to exemptions from local taxes.
  • Bars & pubs – At bars and pubs, a Vat 69 peg could be priced higher by 15-20%, owing to higher operating costs. But many times happy hours and discounts allow you to buy at lower prices.
  • Online delivery – On online alcohol delivery platforms like HipBar, the Vat 69 whisky prices in Mumbai are similar to local liquor store prices after factoring in delivery charges. Discounts are also offered frequently.

So while the brand outlets and duty-free shops may offer minor price variations, your best bet to buy Vat 69 whisky in Mumbai at reasonable rates is from traditional liquor shops. They offer the most competitive prices along with occasional discounts.

Price Trends Over The Years

Vat 69 whisky prices in Mumbai have steadily increased over the years due to factors like inflation, rising costs, and increase in transportation and bottling costs. However, the rate of price increase has generally been in line with the consumer price index (CPI) inflation trends.

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Some key trends:

  • Between 2015-2020, Vat 69’s 750 ml bottle price in Mumbai increased from around ₹1,300 to ₹1,500, indicating an average yearly price hike of approximately 5-6%.
  • Between 2020-2022, the price rose from ₹1,500 to around ₹1,620, pointing to a slower annual price increase of 4-5% in those years.
  • The price hike patterns closely mirror India’s CPI inflation trends in those years, implying pricing is strongly linked to broader macroeconomic factors.
  • Going forward, expect Vat 69 prices in Mumbai to increase at an average of 4-6% yearly, barring unforeseen events. This increase will be driven by inflationary pressures and normal price correction by the manufacturers.
  • Compared to other premium whisky brands, Vat 69’s price growth has been relatively more restrained and steady over the years without any major spikes. This reinforces its positioning as an affordable yet quality whisky brand.

So while prices have undoubtedly risen over time, the good news is Vat 69 whisky continues to offer great value in Mumbai. The price increases have been measured and predictable, without impacting its popularity or aspirational value for Indian whisky lovers in Mumbai.


In Mumbai’s bars, liquor shops, and homes, Vat 69 remains the first choice for many whisky drinkers thanks to its affordable pricing, smooth taste, brand legacy, and easy availability.

This article has provided all the key information required for you to understand the latest Vat 69 whisky prices in Mumbai in 2023 across various bottle sizes. We have also discussed the winning characteristics that make it a top-selling whisky, price variations to watch out for, long-term price trends, and price growth expectations.

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Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently budget your spending and enjoy one of Mumbai’s favorite whisky brands without overpaying. Experience the classic taste of Vat 69 whisky as you soak in the magic of this vibrant, fast-paced city. Cheers!

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