White and Blue Whisky Price in Uttarakhand 2023

Uttarakhand, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, is fast emerging as a major market for alcoholic beverages like whisky. The rising disposable incomes and evolving tastes of the younger demographics are spurring the demand for premium whisky brands in the state. One such popular premium whisky brand that has gained traction in Uttarakhand is White and Blue Whisky.

An Overview of White and Blue Whisky

White and Blue Whisky is a brand of Indian whisky, manufactured and marketed by Radico Khaitan Limited. It was launched in 2008 and is currently one of the fastest-growing whisky brands in the country.

White and Blue whisky is blended from selected Indian malts and grains. It has a distinctive crisp, clean and smooth taste profile with subtle fruity notes. The brand is positioned as a youthful and vibrant premium whisky.

The brand name ‘White and Blue’ is inspired by the white bottling and signature blue-colored logo, which renders a classy look and feel. It is marketed as an aspirational drink for young adults looking to upgrade from regular whisky to premium brands.

Pricing of White and Blue Whisky in Uttarakhand

White and Blue whisky is available in 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml pack sizes in Uttarakhand. Here are the latest White and Blue whisky prices in Uttarakhand as of September 2023:

Volume Price
180ml Rs. 200/-
375ml Rs. 390/-
750ml Rs. 780/-

As evident from the price list, White and Blue whisky is competitively priced to appeal to premium whisky consumers in Uttarakhand looking for more value. The smaller 180ml bottle allows first-time buyers to sample the brand without having to buy a full bottle. The 750ml pack is apt for regular consumption.

The prices may vary slightly across different stores and cities of Uttarakhand. The Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed on the bottle cap has to be adhered to uniformly. Any discounts or offers will be over and above the base MRP.

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Factors Affecting Pricing of White and Blue Whisky in Uttarakhand

The pricing strategy for White and Blue whisky in Uttarakhand is influenced by several factors:

  • Raw material costs: The base price is determined by the costs incurred in sourcing high-quality Indian malts and grains used in the blend. Fluctuations in raw material availability and prices directly impact the production costs.
  • Taxes and duties: Heavily taxed by both central and state governments, whisky prices include import duties, excise duties, VAT, transportation taxes, etc. Any changes in the tax rates are reflected in the retail prices.
  • Competition: Other major brands operating in the same premium segment like Blenders Pride, Royal Stag, Imperial Blue, etc. have an impact on White and Blue’s pricing. It has to be competitively priced to attract consumers.
  • Marketing budgets: Major marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsements, and promotions also add to the overall costs and hence the retail pricing.
  • Demand trends: Prices may be tweaked on occasions to align with rising or falling consumer demand, in order to maximize sales. Festive seasons often see promotional pricing.

White and Blue Whisky Availability in Uttarakhand

Despite being a relatively new brand, White and Blue whisky is widely available across most urban centers and towns of Uttarakhand. Here are some of the major retail channels where you can buy White and Blue whisky in Uttarakhand:

  • Wine shops – Both government-run and private licensed wine shops keep stock of all the popular whisky brands including White and Blue. They offer the entire range of pack sizes.
  • Departmental stores – Many organized retail chains like Reliance Retail, Spencer’s, More Megastore, etc. have White and Blue whisky in their liquor section. Discounts are often available.
  • Supermarkets – Big format supermarkets like Big Bazaar also retail alcoholic beverages including a selection of whisky brands.
  • Online stores – Reputable online alcohol delivery platforms like HipBar, Living Liquidz, etc. deliver White and Blue whisky in Uttarakhand’s metro cities.
  • Duty-free shops – White and Blue is stocked at duty-free stores in airport terminals for passengers to purchase before flying out.
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How to Check for Authenticity of White and Blue Whisky in Uttarakhand?

There have been reports of counterfeit and tampered bottles of popular whisky brands being sold in some parts of Uttarakhand. Here are some tips to check for authenticity when buying a bottle of White and Blue whisky:

  • Examine the bottle carefully and look for signs of tampering like loose cap seals etc.
  • Check for the MRP sticker on the cap and match it with the printed retail price.
  • Scan the QR code on the bottle label which redirects to the brand website for authentication.
  • The label design, color scheme, and fonts should match the original. Look out for any blurriness, misspellings, etc.
  • Shake the bottle gently and check for bubbles which indicates possible dilution.
  • Check the manufacturing and expiry dates printed on the label.
  • Break the sealed cap in front of you at the time of purchase.
  • Buy only from authorized retail shops, reputable liquor stores, and online sites.

Best Places to Buy White and Blue Whisky in Major Cities of Uttarakhand

Dehradun – Ellora Wine Shop, Anand Wine Shop, Dragon Wine Shop, 31A Wine Shop

Haridwar – Vinod Wine Shop, R.K. Wine Shop, Ganga Wine Shop

Roorkee – Paramount Wine Shop, Shankar Wine Shop, P.K Wine Shop

Rudrapur – Vasudev Wine Shop, Prince Wine Shop, G.D. Wine Shop

Kashipur – Radhika Wine Shop, Mela Ram Wine Shop, Golden Wine Shop

Pithoragarh – Nathuram Wine Shop, Hill Top Wine Shop, Pahadi Wine Shop

Almora – City Heart Wine Shop, Raj Wine Shop, Maa Wine Shop

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Nainital – Leisure Inn Wine Shop, Lake View Wine Shop, Naina Wine Shop

Future of White and Blue Whisky in Uttarakhand Market

The premium whisky segment in Uttarakhand is poised for strong growth in the coming years buoyed by rising incomes and favorable demographics. White and Blue has already established itself as a popular premium whisky brand in the state.

Radico Khaitan Ltd is expected to adopt an aggressive promotion and distribution strategy to tap the full potential of the Uttarakhand market. Customized product packs like 90ml and 60ml bottles can be introduced for affordability. Collaborations with bars and liquor stores will improve visibility.

With rising competition, the company needs to emphasize its brand story focused on youthfulness and vibrancy. Market experts also forecast the launch of innovative new variants under the White and Blue brand tailored to regional tastes. Judicious pricing supported by celebrity endorsements and events can further elevate brand salience.

Overall, the future looks promising for White and Blue whisky in the Uttarakhand market. It is well-positioned to be one of the top choices for premium whisky drinkers across the state.

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