White and Blue Whisky Prices in Haryana 2023: Latest Rates

White and Blue is one of the most popular whisky brands in India. Originating from Scotland, this smooth and easy-drinking blend has found a strong foothold in the Indian market. In this article, we will look at the latest White and Blue whisky prices in Haryana state.

An Overview of White and Blue Whisky

White and Blue is a Scotch whisky produced by White and Blue Distillers Ltd, which is owned by global spirits giant Diageo. It is a blend of grain whiskies and single malts from various Diageo-owned Scottish distilleries.

Some of the notable features of White and Blue whisky include:

  • Smooth, easy-drinking taste with hints of honey and vanilla
  • Aged for over 8 years in oak casks
  • No artificial flavors added
  • A versatile whisky that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in cocktails
  • Made from 100% Scotch malts and grains
  • Available in different bottle sizes from 180 ml to 750 ml

In India, White and Blue whisky was launched in the 1960s and has grown to become one of the top-selling whisky brands. While it originated in Scotland, White and Blue is now blended and bottled in India to meet domestic demand.

White and Blue Whisky Prices in Haryana

Here are the latest White and Blue whisky prices in Haryana state:

White and Blue 180 ml

The 180 ml pack is the smallest bottle size available for White and Blue whisky. It is a handy nip size ideal for trial purchases or parties.

  • MRP of White and Blue 180 ml in Haryana: ₹170
  • Consumer Price: ₹145-155

White and Blue 375 ml

The 375 ml pack is a popular small bottle size, equivalent to a quarter bottle. It is convenient for home bars or gifting purposes.

  • MRP of White and Blue 375 ml in Haryana: ₹340
  • Consumer Price: ₹290-310

White and Blue 750 ml

The 750 ml bottle is the standard full-size bottle and the most common pack size purchased. It offers the best value for money.

  • MRP of White and Blue 750 ml in Haryana: ₹670
  • Consumer Price: ₹570-600
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Hence, in Haryana, a 750 ml bottle of White and Blue whisky costs around ₹600 currently, which is an affordable price point for a quality blended Scotch whisky.

State Excise Duties on Liquor in Haryana

The prices of alcoholic beverages in Haryana include excise duties levied by the state government, apart from taxes like VAT. Here are the applicable excise duties on different types of liquor in Haryana:

  • Excise Duty on Imported Foreign Liquor: 150% of manufacturing cost
  • Excise Duty on Indian-Made Foreign Liquor: ₹220 per proof liter
  • Excise Duty on Country Liquor: ₹75 per proof liter

Haryana has among the highest excise rates on liquor in India. The state charges 150% excise duty on imported liquors like Scotch whisky, while Indian-made foreign liquor like rum, gin, and vodka attract ₹220 duty per proof liter.

These state excise rates are revised occasionally in the annual state budget. Any changes in excise duties result in corresponding changes in liquor prices in Haryana.

Factors Affecting White and Blue Whisky Prices

Some of the main factors that influence the retail pricing of White and Blue whisky in Haryana are:

  • State excise duty and VAT/GST – Revision in excise duty and taxes directly impact the prices
  • Supplier prices – A hike in supplier prices by the manufacturer leads to increased MRP
  • Shipping and logistics – Overheads involved in the transportation of liquor from the distillery to warehouses
  • Retailer margins – Retailers charge a margin over the base MRP to cover their costs
  • Location – Prices may vary across districts depending on local demand-supply dynamics
  • Seasons and festivals – Prices may be hiked during peak seasons or occasions like New Year

Apart from this, factors like currency exchange rates, rising inflation, and changes in distillation and packaging costs influence the pricing strategy to some extent.

How White and Blue Whisky Prices Have Changed in Recent Years?

White and Blue whisky prices in Haryana have seen a gradual upward trend in the last 5 years in line with inflation and a rise in input costs. However, the rate of price increase has been moderate.

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For instance, back in 2018, a 750 ml White and Blue bottle cost around ₹550 in the state. The prices have increased at an average rate of 4-5% yearly to reach current levels of ₹600.

Some key reasons for the price hike over the years include:

  • Multiple revisions in Haryana state excise duty on liquor
  • Increase in supplier prices by Diageo to offset rising production costs
  • Higher logistics costs due to fuel price inflation
  • GST implementation leading to increased tax incidence
  • Premiumization by shifting focus to more expensive variants

However, competitive pressures and strategic pricing have ensured that White and Blue whisky continues to be reasonably priced and affordable compared to many other premium liquor brands. The price hikes have been measured to balance profitability and volumes.

Price Comparison with Other States

The prices of alcoholic beverages vary significantly across different states in India based on the respective state tax rates, market dynamics, and transportation costs.

Here is a comparison of 750 ml White and Blue whisky prices across some major states:

State Price
Haryana ₹600
Delhi ₹650
Karnataka ₹620
Maharashtra ₹680
Tamil Nadu ₹690

We can see that White and Blue whisky is cheapest in Haryana among the major states, mainly driven by lower excise duties. The prices are higher in states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu which levy higher excise taxes on liquor.

Delhi, which neighbors Haryana, has slightly higher prices due to value added tax (VAT) on liquor apart from state excise. Karnataka has comparable prices to Haryana.

Price Trends in Major Cities of Haryana

The prices of White and Blue whisky in Haryana can vary slightly across major cities and towns based on factors like:

  • Transportation and warehousing costs
  • Differing market competition and demand patterns
  • Retailer pricing strategies

Here is an overview of 750 ml White and Blue whisky prices in some of the major cities of Haryana:

Gurugram – ₹580-600

Faridabad – ₹590-610

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Hisar – ₹570-590

Panipat – ₹580-600

Rohtak – ₹560-580

Karnal – ₹570-590

Sonipat – ₹580-600

As evident, the prices are moderately higher in cities like Gurugram and Faridabad near Delhi compared to interior districts. But the price variance is not very significant, usually within ₹10-20 across cities.

Outlook on White and Blue Whisky Prices

Going forward, White and Blue whisky prices in Haryana are expected to follow a gradual upward trend in line with past patterns. However, major spikes are unlikely, given the strategic pricing adopted by Diageo for this brand.

Some of the factors that could influence White and Blue prices in the state include:

  • Changes in Haryana excise duty in the 2023 state budget
  • Rising input costs and inflationary pressures
  • Increased focus on premiumization by the manufacturer
  • Competitive dynamics in the mid-priced whisky segment
  • Festive/holiday demand surges leading to temporary price hikes

However, the popularity and high volumes of White and Blue whisky will ensure that prices are kept affordable. Diageo is likely to absorb short-term cost pressures without passing on major price increases to consumers.

In summary, White and Blue whisky will continue to offer good value for money as a quality blended Scotch whisky for regular consumption in Haryana and India. Moderate price hikes in line with inflation can be expected while maintaining its competitive positioning in the market.


White and Blue has carved a niche for itself as an affordable and good-quality blended Scotch whisky in the Indian market. In Haryana, a 750 ml bottle is available for around ₹600 presently, which is cheaper compared to other major states with higher excise duties. While prices have increased gradually over the years, White and Blue still offer an accessible premium whisky experience for regular drinking and cocktails. Going ahead, competitive pricing and strategic brand positioning by Diageo will ensure White and Blue whisky remains reasonably priced even if costs go up. This is positive news for whisky lovers in Haryana looking for good value from their regular tipple.

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