White Mischief Vodka Price in Mumbai 2023- Price Overview

White Mischief vodka is one of the most popular imported vodka brands in India. Known for its smooth taste and quality, White Mischief vodka has become the go-to vodka brand for parties and get-togethers in Mumbai and other major cities.

In this detailed article, we will look at the latest White Mischief vodka prices in Mumbai, along with some background information on this iconic brand. We will also provide a price comparison table to give you a clear overview of White Mischief vodka rates across different retail stores and e-commerce platforms.

An Introduction to White Mischief Vodka

White Mischief vodka is manufactured and marketed globally by one of the largest spirits companies in the world – Diageo. First launched in Mumbai in 2006, White Mischief aimed to offer premium and smooth vodka at an affordable price point.

It is a triple-distilled and charcoal-filtered vodka made from French grains. The vodka has no added flavors or colors and derives its name from the famous Happy Valley set or the “White Mischief” social group of wealthy British aristocrats and settlers living in Kenya during the 1940s.

Over the years, White Mischief has become hugely popular in India due to its affordable pricing and smooth taste profile. It is now one of the top-selling imported vodka brands in Mumbai and other metros.

White Mischief Vodka Price in Mumbai 2023

Here are the latest White Mischief vodka prices in Mumbai from both offline retail stores as well as popular online stores:

White Mischief Vodka Rates in Mumbai Retail Stores

Brand Size Price
White Mischief 750 ml ₹680
White Mischief 375 ml ₹400

The standard White Mischief vodka 750 ml bottle is commonly available in Mumbai retail liquor stores for ₹680. The smaller 375 ml bottle is priced at ₹400.

These are the maximum retail prices (MRP) printed on the bottles by Diageo. However, occasionally stores do offer discounts, especially on larger 1 litre bottles. So you may be able to pick up a bottle for ₹100-200 cheaper at some locations.

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Popular retail chains like Living Liquidz, HipBar, Tonique, and Rhythm House stock White Mischief vodka across their various stores in Mumbai. You can also find White Mischief at independent liquor stores in your neighborhood.

Do compare prices between a few shops before purchasing as rates can vary slightly. Also check for any ongoing discounts or deals.

White Mischief Mumbai Rates on Online Stores

Here are the prices of White Mischief vodka on major online alcohol delivery platforms in Mumbai:

Online Store 750 ml 375 ml
HipBar ₹735 ₹415
Living Liquidz ₹725 ₹405
Zepto ₹750 ₹420
Swiggy Instamart ₹770 ₹430

Online platforms like Hipbar, Living Liquidz, Zepto, and Swiggy Instamart home deliver White Mischief vodka across most areas in Mumbai. They procure inventory from local stores and charge a small delivery fee.

Online prices are generally at par or slightly higher than MRP rates. HipBar and Living Liquidz offer the best deals on White Mischief vodka online delivery in Mumbai.

You can place your order on the app or website and get White Mischief vodka delivered within 30-60 minutes depending on your location. Online stores also periodically offer discounts, cashback, and deals that can further lower your order value.

Price Comparison of White Mischief Vodka in Mumbai

Here is a helpful price comparison table summarizing the MRP, retail store rates, and online prices for White Mischief vodka in Mumbai:

750 ml Bottle 375 ml Bottle
MRP ₹680 ₹400
Retail Store Price ₹680 ₹400
HipBar ₹735 ₹415
Living Liquidz ₹725 ₹405
Zepto ₹750 ₹420
Swiggy Instamart ₹770 ₹430

This gives you a clear overview of the price range in 2023 for White Mischief vodka in Mumbai across different source options.

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HipBar and Living Liquidz offer the best deals for online delivery. While retail stores charge MRP rates, you may get lucky with some discounts on select days.

Factors Affecting White Mischief Vodka Prices in Mumbai

The price of White Mischief vodka in Mumbai is dependent on several factors:

Taxes: Special additional excise duties, GST, import duties, etc. contribute to over 60% of the retail price of liquor in Mumbai. Any changes in taxation directly impact the MRP.

Inventory costs: Overheads like warehouse storage, retail shelf space, and logistics add up and impact the final price.

Supplier discounts: Liquor brands offer volume-based discounts to retailers and online platforms. Bigger discounts allow more competitive consumer pricing.

Location: Zonal differences in transport costs and wholesale supplier rates lead to minor location-based price variations.

Seasonal demand: Prices can see a slight uptick during festive seasons or weekends due to higher demand.

Brand promotions: Consumer offers, deals, and marketing campaigns by White Mischief also determine the retail pricing from time to time.

Tips to Buy White Mischief Vodka at Best Price in Mumbai

Here are some tips to help you purchase your favorite White Mischief vodka at the best possible rate in Mumbai:

  • Compare prices online before heading out to your nearest store. Online alcohol delivery shops offer great discounts.
  • Look out for special promotions and deals on White Mischief by checking online and retail stores regularly. Limited-period offers can lower prices.
  • Buying in bulk with friends or on occasion can reduce the overall cost due to volume discounts.
  • Opt for larger pack sizes like 1 litre bottles which usually offer more value for money.
  • Join loyalty programs by retailers and online stores for exclusive deals, cashback, and prices.
  • Source from duty-free stores at the Mumbai Airport when traveling internationally. Duty-free White Mischief vodka works out much cheaper.
  • Keep an eye out for happy hours or ladies’ night promotions at bars to enjoy discounted White Mischief vodka cocktails.
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Price Forecast for White Mischief Vodka in 2023

The price of White Mischief vodka in Mumbai is expected to remain stable in 2023 without any major fluctuations.

Since there have been no recent changes in import duties or taxes related to liquor, the MRP printed on White Mischief vodka bottles will hold steady.

However, improved supplies and distribution by Diageo could lead to more competitive pricing by retailers both offline and online. This could bring down effective consumer prices by Rs. 50 to 100 per bottle as brands offer higher margins and discounts.

Overall White Mischief vodka prices in Mumbai are forecasted to hover close to the current rates with a possibility of marginal decrease thanks to improved retail margin.


This comprehensive guide has provided a detailed analysis of White Mischief vodka prices in Mumbai across different retailer types and sources. While the MRP remains at ₹680 and ₹400 for 750ml and 375ml bottles respectively, online alcohol delivery platforms offer the maximum discounts and best deals today.

Prices are expected to remain largely consistent going forward in 2023 with minor fluctuations in either direction a possibility depending on taxation and brand promotions. Make sure to compare your options and utilize the tips mentioned to buy White Mischief vodka in Mumbai at the lowest possible rates.

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