William Lawson Whisky Price in Kolkata [2023 Updated]

William Lawson’s is one of the most popular blended Scotch whiskies in India. With its smooth taste and affordable pricing, it has become a go-to whisky brand for many drinkers in Kolkata and across the country. In this article, we will look at the latest William Lawson whisky prices in Kolkata as of August 2023.

Overview of William Lawson’s Whisky

William Lawson’s is owned and produced by Bacardi Limited, one of the largest spirits companies in the world. It was created in 1849 by William Lawson, who crafted the blend using malt and grain whiskies from the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland.

Some key features of William Lawson’s whisky include:

  • Smooth, easy-drinking taste with hints of honey and vanilla
  • No age statement
  • Affordable pricing compared to most single malts
  • Aged for around 5 years before bottling
  • Available in different bottle sizes including 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1 liter

The easy drinking taste profile and competitive pricing of William Lawson’s have made it quite popular in India where it outsells many premium single malts.

William Lawson’s Whisky Prices in Kolkata (August 2023)

Here are the latest William Lawson’s whisky prices in Kolkata as of August 2023:

Brand + Volume Rate
Cost of 750ml William Lawson Whisky Rs 2,290
Cost of 180ml William Lawson Whisky Rs 400
Cost of 375ml William Lawson Whisky Rs 800
Cost of 1 liter William Lawson Whisky Rs 3,500

The above prices are inclusive of all taxes and from reputable offline stores and online shops delivering across Kolkata. The prices can vary slightly across different stores or online platforms.

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As you can see, a standard 750ml bottle of William Lawson’s blended whisky costs around Rs 2,290 in Kolkata. This makes it significantly cheaper than most single malt Scotch whiskies which are usually priced above Rs 4,000 or more.

The 180ml and 375ml sizes are handy if you just want to try the whisky without investing in a full bottle. The 1-liter bottle gives you the best value overall.

Price Trends

Overall, William Lawson’s whisky prices in Kolkata have remained fairly stable over the last few years in the range of Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500 for a 750ml bottle. There have been no major price hikes, making it reasonably affordable even with inflation and increased taxation.

Some attractive deals and discounts are often available both offline and on online platforms. For example, 1+1 deals are quite common where you get two bottles for the price of one. This can bring down the effective price to around Rs 1,150 per 750ml bottle.

Compared to other major cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the prices are marginally lower in Kolkata which makes it a bit more affordable if you are based in the city.

Factors Affecting the Price

Some of the main factors that determine William Lawson’s price in Kolkata include:

  • Taxes: Basic customs duty and state excise taxes imposed in West Bengal impact the base price. GST of 18% also adds to the cost.
  • Supplier pricing: There are multiple authorized suppliers that distribute the brand in Kolkata. Their pricing strategies influence retail costs.
  • Store pricing: Retail stores add their margins when selling the product. Bigger stores tend to offer lower prices due to bulk buying discounts.
  • Location: Prices are a bit lower in duty-free shops compared to regular retail stores. Prices in upscale localities can be higher.
  • Discounts & deals: Attractive discounts and bundle deals periodically offered by stores bring down the effective price.
  • Volume size: Larger pack sizes like 1 liter provide more value compared to smaller 180ml or 375ml bottles.
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As long as taxes remain stable, William Lawson’s prices are expected to remain largely affordable in Kolkata for the foreseeable future.

Where to Buy in Kolkata?

Here are some of the best places to buy William Lawson’s whisky in Kolkata:

  • Premium liquor stores: Check stores like Spencer’s Retail and International Wine & Beverage for the best deals.
  • Hypermarkets: Most big hypermarkets like Star Bazaar stock William Lawson’s at competitive pricing.
  • Online sites: Grofers, Living Liquidz, and other online alcohol delivery sites offer convenience.
  • Duty-free shops: If traveling via Kolkata airport, pick up a bottle at attractive duty-free pricing.
  • Official brand stores: Visit William Lawson’s exclusive brand stores to find the entire range.
  • Bars & restaurants: Try William Lawson’s whisky by the glass at premium bars in the city.

So visit your nearest liquor store or order online to get your hands on the affordable William Lawson’s blended scotch whisky! With its easy drinking taste and reasonable pricing, William Lawson’s continues to be a value-for-money whisky choice in Kolkata.

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