Woodburn’s Whisky Price in Mumbai [2023 Updated List]

Woodburn’s is one of the most popular whisky brands in India, known for its smooth taste and affordable pricing. As a major metropolis and India’s financial capital, Mumbai has a thriving market for imported spirits like Scotch whisky. In this article, we will look at the latest 2023 price list for Woodburn’s whisky in Mumbai.

An Overview of Woodburn’s Whisky

Woodburn’s is an Indian whisky, produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), one of the country’s largest spirit manufacturers. It is made from a blend of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits.

Some of the key highlights of Woodburn’s whisky include:

  • Smooth, easy-drinking taste with notes of honey, vanilla, and nuts
  • Aged for 8 years in oak casks
  • No artificial flavors added
  • Affordable pricing compared to imported Scotch whiskies
  • Available in 750ml and 1000ml bottles

Woodburn’s is marketed as an aspirational brand but at an affordable price point. It is one of ABD’s flagship brands along with Officer’s Choice whisky.

Current Woodburn’s Whisky Prices in Mumbai (2023)

Here are the latest Woodburn’s whisky prices in Mumbai as of August 2023:

Brand & Volume Rate
Cost of (750ml) Woodburns Whisky ₹3000
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Woodburns Whisky ₹3460

The above prices are inclusive of all taxes and for an unopened bottle purchased from a liquor store in Mumbai.

As we can see, a 750ml bottle of Woodburn’s comes for around ₹3000 while a 1000ml bottle is priced at ₹3460 in the city currently. The prices have remained stable over the last few months.

Compared to premium Scotch whisky brands, Woodburn’s is nearly 3 to 4 times cheaper for a similar-sized bottle. This makes it an attractive proposition for regular whisky drinkers and those looking for good quality whisky on a budget.

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Factors Affecting Woodburn’s Prices in Mumbai

The prices of Woodburn’s whisky in Mumbai are dependent on several factors:

Taxes: In Maharashtra, liquor attracts excise duty, VAT, and import fees as applicable which impacts the retail pricing. Any changes in state taxes directly affect the prices.

Input Costs: Rising costs of raw materials like grain needed for Indian whisky production also play a role in price changes.

Supplier Discounts: Discounts or offers given by ABD to distributors and retailers allows them to reduce Woodburn’s prices for consumers occasionally.

Location: Whisky prices can vary slightly across different areas within the city based on demand and supply dynamics.

How Woodburn’s Whisky Prices Have Changed in Mumbai Over the Years

Woodburn’s whisky has seen a steady rise in prices over the last decade in line with inflationary trends and hike in taxes. Back in 2010, a 750ml Woodburn’s bottle cost around ₹900 in Mumbai. The prices have nearly tripled since then.

However, the rate of price increase has been moderate compared to premium whisky brands. For instance, a 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label priced at ₹2200 in 2010 now costs over ₹5000.

The relatively affordable pricing despite inflation has allowed Woodburn’s to remain popular with regular whisky consumers who find premium brands unviable now.

Difference Between Woodburn’s Whisky Prices in Mumbai vs Other Cities

The prices of Woodburn’s whisky in Mumbai are similar to other major metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.

However, in smaller towns and cities of Maharashtra beyond Mumbai and Pune, the prices are generally 10-15% lower. This price difference arises due to:

  • Lower taxes in smaller cities compared to Mumbai
  • Lower real estate costs and overheads for liquor stores
  • Higher competition among retailers in smaller towns
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This allows consumers in tier 2/3 cities to buy Woodburn’s whisky bottles at ₹2700-2800 which is ₹200-300 cheaper than Mumbai.

Price Comparison With Similar Branded Whiskies

Here is a price comparison of 750ml bottles of Woodburn’s with other popular whisky brands in the similar segment:

Brand Price
Woodburn’s ₹3000
Haywards 5000 ₹2800
McDowell’s No.1 ₹2200
Royal Stag ₹1900
Imperial Blue ₹1450

As we can see, Woodburn’s is competitively priced against Haywards 5000 which is also an Indian whisky brand by ABD. It is noticeably more premium than mass-market whisky brands like McDowell’s No.1

Is Woodburn’s Whisky Worth the Price in Mumbai?

At around ₹3000 for a 750ml bottle, Woodburn’s whisky is certainly value for money considering its smooth taste, 8-year aging, and brand pedigree. It makes for an ideal daily drinking whisky for times when you don’t want to splurge too much.

The pricing is justified when you consider the cost of making blended Indian whisky, the expenses involved in maturation, bottling, distribution, and retail margins.

For Scotch whisky lovers, Woodburn’s provides the closest experience and taste profile without being prohibitively expensive. It deserves its popularity among Mumbai’s whisky aficionados based on quality and pricing.


Woodburn’s maintains its niche as a premium yet affordable whisky brand catering to the tastes of India’s whisky drinkers. Given its competitive pricing and widespread availability, Woodburn’s whisky looks set to retain its standing among the top choices for regular whisky consumers in Mumbai.\

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